Wire-Free Battery Security Camera ZOSI A3 – Unbox & Review

This is a review video from a Youtube channel “Britec09” (the original video link is posted at the end).

The product to review is ZOSI 720P Wire-Free Two-Way Audio Rechargeable IP Camera.

In this review, it show us the details of the product and installation process and give us a glimpse of the image quality.

What’s included?

First of all, a full picture of the whole set of this product, it contains parts as below:

Package Content

The camera comes with a free end sticky pad and a mounting screw bag. So you may choose to stick the magnet base on this or use the screws to install the camera on wall or ceiling as you want.

Reviewer claims the magnet is very strong and you can feel free to set the installing position wherever you want.

Sticky Pad

Screw bag


Or, if you want to place it on a surface. The camera has a mounting source on the bottom which means you can use some sort of tripod to prop up the camera, and then you may use it on any flat surface easily.

Mounting source

There is a little hidden compartment for sd card, charging power button and reset button. Remenber push it nice and tight for waterproof.

Hidden compartment

How to Set Up?

This Wirefree IP camera is easy to set up. The reviewer show 4 steps process to us.

1# Download the App

Just go to the Google play /App store and download the cloudEdge App. Or you can also scan the QR code on the start guide to take you the location to download it, it’s very quick and simple.

App store

Open up the App, then put in your email address and register.


2# Power on the Camera

Plug in the camera, once powering you will see the little red light flashing here on the camera, it’s telling you the camera is ready to go.


3# Connect to the Camera

Follow the guide in the App to add the camera. Reset the device, you will hear a beep sound.

Reset the device 1

Reset the device 2

Connect to your WiFi network

Connect to WiFi

And then a QR code will pop up, point the camera lens toward the QR code, you will get a sound that telling the camera is recognized.

Scan the QR Code

This IP camera is successfully connected!

Connected Successfully

The Image Quality?

The camera was mounted at the front door by the viewer.

Camera mounted at the front door

Viewer show us the monitoring image at daytime and nighttime. It captures clearer images in vividness both day and night.

Daytime image

Nighttime image

The original video

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