Zosi C182 4K IP PoE Security Camera System – Unbox & Review by Tech ET

This is a review of Zosi C182 4K PoE Security Camera System. This camera system includes 4 cameras and an NVR with a 2 TB hard drive.

The review video by the Youtube channel “Tech ET” (the original video link is posted at the end). Also, thank Tech ET reviewed.

This POE camera system has 4K High Definition and Color Night Vision with Human Motion Detection, Smart Light Alarm, and Continuous 24/7 Recording with 2TB Hard Drive. It can be used in many places, such as warehouses, homes, stores, offices, etc. It can protect personal and property double safety, monitor the dynamics of the house in real-time, chat with your family members or friends in real-time and receive notifications of information and screenshots in a timely manner when someone breaks in.

C182 - 4K POE Surveillance Cameras Security Monitor Systems

  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Smart Person/Vehicle Detection
  • Customize Detection Zone
  • Starlight Night Vision
  • 24/7 Video & Audio Recording
  • Access Remotely & Flexibly
  • Two Way Audio


Today, I’ll review this Zosi security surveillance camera system for you. It comes in this drift case-looking box. This one does have eight channels and four cameras. So why don’t we open up this box, and see what all we have inside?

This is all we have in the box. Here on the left, you can see that we have the ethernet cord, and these are to connect your cameras to the NVR. These are 100 feet long cables.

In the middle, we have our PoE NVR box. Here we have some drill hole stickers which will make it easy for you to drill your holes and then hang up your cameras.

And then over here we have the ethernet cord, which will connect your NVR box to the router. And then we also have our HDMI cord that they provide units that are pretty decent size HDMI cords here. We have our power cord. And Zosi also provides you with a mouse from the box so you can switch between cameras or channels. And then we have four bags of screws and anchors to hang up all of our cameras.

And then here on the back, we have our 4k cameras.

On the NVR box here in the front, you can see that we have some light indicators and then we have our USB and which can be also used for a mouse.

and then on the back, there we have the VGA port. we have the audio out, HDMI, and then your internet cable would go in here from your router. You have two more USB slots, these can also be used for your mouse. And then these are your PoEs and you have eight different ones, and this is where your camera would be connected through the wire. And then over here, we have a dc port, and then we also have our on and off switch.

And for the camera, you can see that we have our led lights, here’s our camera lens, we have the sensor, and then we also have a microphone, and then over here we have the speaker. And this is nice and you know sturdy you can move this around tightening it as much as you need to, so this is quite adjustable. And then over here we have the two ports.


We have 4k ultra clarity during the day and night time. and these colors are very nice.

We also have AI human motion detection.

And we also have the smart spotlight siren. and the detection works great.

Two-way communication helps you stay connected with the people outside of your door.

And this also has round-the-clock surveillance and it will do 24/7 surveillance.

And you have the 2 terabyte storage to support all of that live recording.

So now that we have everything unboxed and looked at on our devices.

Settings in The APP

Let’s go ahead and show you guys how to download the app.

On the user manual, you will see that we have the IOS app or the Android app. and you can just go ahead and scan it with your camera on your phone. And this will bring you to the Zosi Smart App. Over here so go ahead and download it.

Once you download the app go ahead and do a login. After you do registration for your account.

So now I have the whole setup here.

I have the NVR box here, then I also have the mouse, and I have only one camera that I am going to review. And then I also have the camera connected with the ethernet cord that Zosi sent you and then I also have the box connected to my wi-fi router. So I’m gonna go ahead and turn it on and show you guys what it looks like on the tv.

So there’s an “On button” on the back of NVR. as soon as you turn it on, it will make that “beep”. and you will have your power light that comes on. you guys can see that it detects on the tv right away.

In order for you to add the device to your phone. Let’s go ahead and click on add device then click the wireless router. And it will ask you to go ahead and scan the QR code that is on the actual box. or you can also scan the QR code that’s right over here, to get this connected to your phone.

And then just go ahead and follow the process. Click next and it will try to add the device for you.

And then you see that our device is already added all we have to do is click done.

And then we already have our channels. on our app, we have channels one, two, three, and four.

And there are a lot of things that you can do here. You have all of your messages. all of your media, and then you have your shop and then you can click on each camera, or each channel to see what you have going on. So, if you look right here, now the camera is looking right at me.

And in total, we have eight channels. and then you can also get them from a different view, just like the one that I’m showing you. and then you can add photos here. play your channel videos. So there are a bunch of other different options and settings that you can go through. but let’s go ahead and see what the camera quality is like, and how it works on our tv.

So I’m gonna use my mouse to go ahead and click finish on here. And as soon as I hit finish you can see that we have 8 different channels, and you can see that I only have one camera connected .so if you look here, I have the camera and I can move the camera around.

If You have all of your cameras connected to the NVR box, all of your images will be popping up on this tv. And you can also see them directly from your phone.

And I also like the fact that on the top left. Right here, you have the date and the time. So when it’s recording that way you know when it was actually recorded and the time of it.

if you go to the settings. And then you go under sound and light, we will pick our first camera.

And then we go under our sound and light alert, we will pick channel 1 because that’s where our camera is connected to.

And if we do one key alarm, you can see that the lights are going off, and then it’s also sounding the alarm. And I can just go ahead and turn that off. This alarm will sound when the camera can detect that something is going on outside. And then you also have these lights over here.

These are the night sensor lights, so these two red lights that you see at the bottom. And these will come on at night time because it is sensing something.

And we also have our sound and light alert. And you can also change the sound. And I can also turn it off from my phone. And you can also change the volume depending on what you would like.

You can also change your detection mode.

And then you can also change your night vision mode. And your night vision can be a color night vision. Night vision can be black and white, or night vision can be smart night vision as well. So these are all different modes that you can go through.

Now let’s go ahead and check out how well it can detect me on the video here.

Around my body, you can probably see a green border. And when you see that green border that means that the camera can actually detect something. So if I’m walking around, you can see I can go far back and it will actually detect me. If I also move to the side, it will keep detecting me if there is nothing that’s blocking the way of the camera. And then as I move forward it will continue to detect me. So I think the detection of this camera works fantastic.

So if there’s someone who’s trying to come into your backyard, or walk it in front of your house. I think it will do a great job detecting it, and also given the fact that we have the bright led lights. You will be able to see their face and what they are wearing and everything.

Video Quality Daytime

So now you guys can see me outside with nice and bright colors within 4k. And you can also see a repository on my body and let it show that the camera is perfect. The two-way audio also sounds fantastic.

Night Time Quality

Now I also have the same camera turned on at nighttime. And you can see that we have nice colors here. My neighbors have the lights outside, so you can actually see the color at night time. You won’t be able to see the grass or the wood much because at night time you don’t really see any colors for that. So I’m going to go outside and show you guys what it looks like when somebody is in my backyard at nighttime trying to break in or some things like that.

So at night time what I noticed is the colors will work. And sometimes it might have an issue depending on exactly how it’s detecting the person in the backyard and the lighting. And you can see that I have that green border around me, so that means that it’s actually detecting me even when it’s really really dark outside, which is nice to have.

Settings in The NVR

You can also access all of your menu settings and some of the other things from the menu, that you have in the NVR. So you can have a single camera multi, start scan, color, zoom, audio, snap, stop record, playback (to watch all of the playbacks), intelligent alarm, and configuration. You can go to the main menu.

You can also come to this menu to do different setups. And then depending on exactly what you would like you schedule, your alarm, setup, your recording, your live, basic. And then also you can back up your files.

And then if you go under your disk management, and then the size and how much you have left on here. So we have almost two terabytes of storage here, and then we have 1859 that are left. So I can go ahead and remove some of this data to clean up all of mine.

So if you look we can do a format so all days will be deleted formatting continues and you can just go ahead and select okay and it will clean up all of your data for you. So that if you are starting to run out of space you can just go ahead and clear the things that you need to. And save some more room.

Final Thoughts

So let’s go over some of the features of this security system. And with the cameras, you have the starlight sensors, that actually help you get better image quality or video quality.

This is also built indoors and outdoors, so it can be outside with you know negative 10 degrees celsius weather, or it can also be in rain without having any issues. You can use this at your home, office, store, or warehouse.

This camera also does have dual detection against intruders so it will sound the alarm. And then it has AI human detection. And it also has spotlights.

And you can also see and talk to the camera if you have connected through your app.

You also have round-the-clock surveillance, so it will continue to record 24/7, and save them all under your playback. So you can go back on your app. and look at all the playback recordings.

We also have 4k HDR camera that gives you a really good definition. At night time you can have everything in black and white mode, or you can also have things in full-color mode.

You can remotely access the cameras and the channels from anywhere that you want to as long as it’s connected to the internet. The AI detection that we have avoids annoying false alerts with intelligence AI person detection.

You’ll be notified via app push notification, and emails upon detection of humans. You can also personalize your detection. Even though this system came with only four cameras, you can add up to eight cameras. So you can purchase four more if you want to.

So, if you’re in the market looking for a security system? You definitely want to go check out Zosi 4k spotlight PoE security camera system.

The original video

ZOSI 4K PoE security camera system, C182 is currently on sale on its official website sale from $439.99 to $1199.99 per unit. And C182 Add-on camera sold for $67.99 per unit.

C182 - 4K POE Surveillance Cameras Security Monitor Systems

  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Smart Person/Vehicle Detection
  • Customize Detection Zone
  • Starlight Night Vision
  • 24/7 Video & Audio Recording
  • Access Remotely & Flexibly
  • Two Way Audio

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