Zosi C190 PRO WiFi Bullet IP Security Camera – Unbox & Review by Securitybros

This is a Zosi C190 Pro wifi bullet IP security camera review video from the Youtube channel “Securitybros” (the original video link is posted at the end). Also thank Chris reviewed.

The product to review is ZOSI C190 Pro.

Smart 3MP Super HD WiFi Security Camera - C190

  • 2.4/5 GHz WiFi
  • Light & Siren Alarm
  • Color Night Vision
  • AI Human Detection
  • 2-Way Audio

C190 with box

What’s up, guys? Chris here from security bros back with another video. And today we are taking a closer look at the Zosi C190 Pro, a 5-megapixel wifi bullet IP camera. Is it any good? Let’s find out.


C190 front view

So what we got here is another affordable standalone wi-fi bullet IP camera. That is really easy to use. And I’ve actually reviewed the 2-megapixel version of this camera in the past which is called c190. But in this video, I will test the c190 pro which is their latest 5-megapixel version. And I think the image quality daytime was decent.

It’s for sure a big improvement from 1080p. But since the camera can only record in 15 frames per second. It does look a bit choppy when there is movement. But I think you should be able to identify people and read license plates as long as it’s not too far away from the camera.

C190 light siren

The camera sells for 45.99 dollars on Zosi’s website and on Amazon. And for full transparency to you guys, Zosi did send me this camera over for review.

However, any opinions in this video are strictly my own based on my experiences testing this camera out.


5MP sensor

So the camera uses a 5-megapixel sensor that records in 2592 by 1944 with a four-millimeter lens. And you can have the camera record 24/7 or only when motion is detected.

AI human detection

And to reduce false alarms, you can use something called AI human detection. Which means it will only trigger when something is shaped like a human. And I think it worked okay.

Push Notifications

And the camera is made to be used with an app called Zosi Smart. Which will send you an instant push notification when motion is detected.

Free Cloud & Optional SD Card Storage

And you can have the camera record directly to the built-in sd card. You then can view from playbacks in the app. And if you want you can also use their cloud service. And it supports up to 128 GB MicroSD cards.

Supporting an Open Network Video Interface Protocol

The camera is compatible with an open network video interface protocol, even though it may not be explicitly stated on Amazon. I successfully connected the camera to iSpy using this protocol without encountering any issues. Additionally, I tested the real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) using the VLC player, demonstrating that the camera should be able to connect seamlessly to most brands of video recording software that support this open protocol.

2.4/5 GHz Dual Band

The camera can use 2.4 and 5 GHz wi-fi.

Listen & Speak in Real Time

And it supports two-way audio. And you can also set an alarm with a siren and light.

Vivid Color Night Vision

For night vision the camera uses 12 infrared lights as well as 12 white LEDs for full-color night vision. So if you have the camera set on smart night vision, it will turn on the white LEDs when it detects motion. And they will stay on for a minute or so and then it goes back to normal infrared night vision.

IP66 Weatherproof

And the camera is made for outdoor, use with an IP66 rating which means the camera is weatherproof. And I think the build quality seems to be decent. the whole housing and the bracket are made of metal.


C190 unboxing

So what we get in the box is the camera, power adapter, quick start guide, weatherproof connector cover, and a bag with screws.

C190 on the front of the camera

On the front of the camera, we got the lens 12 infrared lights, and 12 white LEDs, indicating the light and the light sensor. On the back is the microphone and under the camera, we will find the speaker. And if we open up this cover we got the sd card slot under here.

Settings in The APP

C190 setting in the app

So to connect to the camera using the ZOSI smart app is really easy. Download the app from either the Google play store or App store depending on what device you’re using. When you have the app open, click on the plus icon to add a new device, then select c190 pro and scan the QR code on the camera. After that, add your wifi and then hold the QR code in front of the camera lens. And that’s it.

C190 sd card slot

Here we can watch the live view, turn on and off audio, change the image quality, and view full screen. And here we can talk through the camera, take a snapshot record video and turn on the alarm. And down here we got the playbacks. Where you can choose between cloud and sd card.

To access the camera settings we tap up here in the top right corner. If we go into smart detection we can turn on and off push notifications. Set how often we want them. Turn on the alarm and adjust the volume. Set a detection area, and motion sensitivity, and switch between AI human detection, and normal motion detection. In night vision mode we can select color night vision, black and white, and smart night vision.

In recording mode, we can turn it off record 24/7, or only when motion is detected.

Okay, that’s about all the settings we got. so let’s have a look at some recordings.

Video Quality Daytime

C190 video quality daytime

This is daytime recorded with the highest image quality in 2592 by 1944 at 15 frames per second, and with the audio turned on. Here I am at around 15 meters from the camera.

C190 video quality daytime car

And here is a short recording showing when a car drives by.

Night Time Quality

C190 video quality night

This is nighttime with normal infrared lights.

C190 video quality night smart night vision

And here I test the smart night vision.

C190 video quality night car

And when a car drives by at night as well.

The original video

Smart 3MP Super HD WiFi Security Camera - C190

  • 2.4/5 GHz WiFi
  • Light & Siren Alarm
  • Color Night Vision
  • AI Human Detection
  • 2-Way Audio

Zosi WiFi Bullet IP Security Camera, C190 PRO is currently on sale on its official website sale $45.99 per unit.

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