Zosi 720P Wire-Free Camera Review Report

This Zosi 720P wire-free camera review report  will be divided into four parts. They are “Setting Up & Installing Zosi”, “How Good Is The Image Quality?”, “Using Zosi To Enhance Your Home Security” and “Zosi Battery-Powered Camera FAQs”.

Setting Up & Installing Zosi

Zosi’s battery-powered camera is designed to work cordlessly, both indoors and outdoors. The idea is to have a camera that doesn’t need to be constantly plugged into a power source. Instead, you will take it down every few months to recharge it.

To set it up, all I had to do was turn on the camera (it shipped pre-charged), Zosi C281 is a cloudedge camera, download the CloudEdge app, and connect Zosi to my Wi-Fi network.  I entered my Wi-Fi’s SSID and password, scanned the QR code that flashed on the screen using the camera itself, and waited for the pairing process to complete. Once done, the camera appeared on the app, and I was able to view it remotely. One thing to note is that it only works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. If you have a dual-band router, be sure to enter the SSID and password for the 2.4GHz band.

As for camera placement, Zosi ships with a magnetic swivel base. You can mount the base on a wall using the included double-sided adhesive. If you prefer a more secure installation, you can use the included screws. Once the base is mounted, simply attach the camera to the base and adjust the angle.

Zosi is IP65 rated, waterproof, and has a working temperature range of -4°F to 122°F. Keep in mind that cold environments could cause the battery to drain faster.

How Good Is The Image Quality of ZOSI Wire-Free Camera?

The Image Quality of ZOSI Wire-Free Camera - light areas

The Image Quality of ZOSI Wire-Free Camera - dark areas


When compared to other 720p cameras I’ve tested, Zosi offers one of the best image qualities. The colors are crisp and clear, the videos are smooth, and Zosi can clearly capture both dark and light areas simultaneously.

Zosi also offers a decent viewing angle. Their website claims that the camera’s viewing angle is 120°, but the packaging says the angle is 130°. Regardless of which fact is true, it’s clear that Zosi offers a wide-angle field of view. Zosi’s night vision abilities are also impressive. It uses three IR LEDs to illuminate a distance of up to 32 feet.

Using Zosi Wire-Free Camera To Enhance Your Home Security

Stream Videos Anytime, Anywhere

Adding a camera to your home allows you to monitor it anytime and anywhere using the live stream feature. Zosi offers this ability, but I recommend you limit using the live stream feature as much as possible. Using it strains the camera’s battery life.

While live streaming from the camera, you have the option to take a screenshot or record a short video, both of which will be saved to your phone’s memory. You can also use the “two-way talk” feature, which is executed as push-to-talk, meaning you press to talk to the person on the camera’s end and release the button to listen. Speaking of the audio, Zosi’s audio quality is quite good. It’s loud and clear even if you’re standing several feet away.

Motion Detection

Motion Detection Image of ZOSI Wire-Free Camera


Zosi uses a PIR motion sensor to detect movement. A PIR motion sensor is ideal for outdoor cameras as it’s able to ignore most false alarms caused by moving shadows, falling leaves, and even small pets. It only detects movement caused by moving heat signatures, usually emitted by humans. You can set the PIR motion sensor’s sensitivity to Low, Medium, or High to false alarms.

Motion Activated Recording

Besides notifying you when movement is detected, Zosi records motion event videos. However, to activate motion-triggered recordings, you must add a microSD card to the camera. It supports microSD cards up to 128GB.

Motion Activated Recording Image of ZOSI Wire-Free Camera


A common issue with battery-powered cameras in relation to motion-activated recording is the slow wakeup time. Battery-powered cameras flip to standby mode when there’s no motion in order to save battery power and wake up after they’ve detected motion. The problem with this is some battery-powered cameras are slow to wake up, causing them to miss important events. I tested it’s “wake up speed” several times. The fastest time I recorded was three seconds for Zosi Camera.

And the length of motion event videos is great. The camera records for around 30 seconds and then stops if it can no longer detect motion. However, if motion is in motion, Zosi will continue recording. During testing, the longest motion event it recorded was over two minutes.

Zosi Battery-Powered Wire-Free Camera FAQs

Q: Is the camera waterproof?

A: To some extent, yes. Its IP65 rating indicates that it’s protected against water jets from any direction. However, you must always remember to cover the SD card slot, power button, and reset button using the included rubber gasket.

Q: How long is the battery life?

A: I haven’t tested the camera long enough to drain its battery, but Zosi’s website claims it can last for up to four months under normal use, which they define as ten motion events per day. However, external factors such as the temperature could affect the actual battery life.

Q: How do I know when to recharge the camera?

A: The app shows the camera’s remaining battery power.

Q: How do I recharge the camera?

A: Zosi’s battery isn’t retractable, so you’ll have to remove the camera from the mount and recharge it indoors. A microUSB power cable is provided, but a power adapter is not included. You can use any 1A or 2A USB power adapter.

Q: Is there a cloud storage option?

A: No.

Q: What happens if I remove the microSD card?

A: Zosi will still detect motion and notify you. However, it won’t record motion events. If motion is detected, the camera will capture two snapshots, but nothing more.

Q: Can Zosi record continuously?

A: Continuous recording is not an option.

Q: Is Zosi worth buying?

A: The image quality is impressive and so is the camera’s sound quality. It offers security features that will enhance your home security. Overall, it’s a solid yet low-cost camera. 

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