Installing a Security Camera – How to determine the Position

It is very common that there are blind spots that the security camera cannot fully cover. To solve this problem, you should consider the camera position when designing the surveillance system.

So, how to plan the camera position in a completed monitoring system?

Let’s get going!

Choice of Position When Considering Environmental Factors

1. In principle, the distance between each pole point is not less than 984ft (300m).

2. In principle, the position of the pole should be no less than 16ft (5m) from the target monitoring zone, and the longest distance should not be more than 164ft (50m), so as to ensure that the surveillance image can contain more valuable information.

3. Where there is light nearby, you shall give priority to the use of light sources. However, be aware that the camera should be installed in the same direction of the light.


4. Try to avoid installing cameras in places with high contrast. If you need to install it, please consider:

① Turn on the exposure compensation;

② Using a fill-in light;

③ Set the camera of the underpass at the outside of the entrance and exit;

④ Set the camera by the inside of the channel.

ZOSI Outdoor Wireless IP Camera with WDR Technology is an ideal option for installing in areas with high-contrast.

Advanced WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology automatically adjust the picture’s brightness to let you see and capture a lot more details in a wide range of light conditions, from bright highlights to dark shadows. No longer worry about any over-exposed and under-exposed images captured if the cameras are exposed in less than ideal light conditions.

What’s more, DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) technology filters out digital noise from low-light scenes, as well as any noise caused by motion. By eliminating graininess, you can see more fluent image in better clarity, sharpness and get improved motion detection.

ZOSI 8 Channel 1080P H.265+ Wireless NVR Security System with 1080P Wireless Weatherproof IP Camera

5. The position of the pole should be as far as possible to avoid trees or other obstructed objects. If it is necessary to install, you should consider avoiding trees or other obstructions, and leave growing space for the trees.

6. The bullet camera mounted on the side of the road, you shall pay attention to the reverse shooting of pedestrians, to capture images of pedestrians’ faces at the bicycle lane.

Choice of Height for Different Cameras

To avoid the camera being blocked, choosing poles or mounting height according to the category of camera. The height between 11.5 feet to 18 feet can achieve the best monitoring effect.

1. Bullet Camera

For the choice of bullet camera poles or mounting height, try to select the type of rods or location with relatively low height, it is usual to go with a height of 11.5-14.8ft (3.5-4.5m).

2. PTZ Camera

PTZ Setup

PTZ camera can be rotated horizontally and vertically, and the focal length is adjustable. For cameras like ZOSI 2MP PTZ Camera features 355° horizontal and 90° vertical rotation, greatly level up the surveillance scope.

Plus, 4X digital zoom enables zooming in on objects in the distance, to see and grasp the finest key details in clarity.

By being able to pan left and right, tile up and down and zoom in close, this PTZ camera has cleared up all the blind spots you met before, offering a solid monitoring and protection for your home and business.

Pan Tilt Zoom Camera 1080P with Two Way Audio Auto Motion Tracking

The position of all PTZ cameras should be as high as possible. It is recommended to set the camera at a height between 14.8 feet to 18 feet (4.5-5.5m).

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