5MP Security Cameras: All You Need to Know

Are you considering purchasing a 5MP security camera?

Wondering if there’s any visible difference in image quality between 4MP, 5MP, and 1080p security cameras?

Additionally, what’s the cost of a 5MP security camera system?

Take a few minutes to learn about 5MP security cameras, including their advantages, potential issues, and the best budget-friendly consumer-level genuine 5MP IP cameras available on the market.

5MP Security Camera Definition

5MP (1920p) security cameras are high definition cameras that produce class-leading 5-megapixel images with superior camera sensors.

Generally, 5MP CCTV cameras have a resolution of 3072 x 1728 or 2560 x 1920, depending on the camera brand and type.

Each additional pixel captured through a 5-megapixel camera enhances image clarity, making it well-suited for outdoor use when clear recognition of human faces and license plate numbers is important.

Alternatively, you can mount 5MP security cameras in high positions to capture detailed images of objects far away.

1080p(2MP) vs. 3MP vs. 4MP vs. 5MP Security Cameras

Perhaps you’re using analog or 1080p cameras and considering an upgrade, or maybe you want a high definition camera to capture clear recordings and are interested in 5MP CCTV cameras.

The question is whether a 5MP security camera is worth your investment? The answer is a resounding yes, and the good news is that 5MP IP cameras are highly affordable.

A comparison chart shows the resolution differences between 1080p, 3MP, 4MP, and 5MP security cameras.

Security Camera Resolution Pixels Video samples (More>>)
Analog Security camera 720×480 0.4MP
720p HD Security Camera 1280*720 0.9MP
1080p Full HD Security Camera 1920*1080 2MP 2MP video
1440p Super HD Security Camera 2560*1440 4MP 4MP video
5MP Security Camera 2560*1920 5MP 5MP video

It’s important to note that the video samples you view with your naked eye may not show significant distinctions between 4MP and 5MP security cameras. However, 5MP IP cameras have a higher chance of providing better details when capturing shots of distant objects up to 30ft away.

If you want to examine the image quality differences, be sure to check it out Compared the image quality among 4K, 1440p, and 1080p cameras.

What Defines a Real 5MP IP Camera

A genuine 5MP security camera should produce better images in both clarity and image quality from an aesthetic point of view.

1. Improved Clarity

5MP security cameras utilize an increased resolution, resulting in greater clarity compared to low-megapixel cameras. For instance, the 5MP IP camera provides at least twice the clarity of 2MP (1080p) cameras.

2. Better Image Quality

Not all 5MP security cameras offer genuine 5MP quality images. A real 5MP IP camera should not only possess better clarity but also exhibit better color purity and balance from an aesthetic perspective.

The 5MP security camera’s image sensor and lens contribute significantly to its performance.

Unfortunately, some 5MP security cameras enhance their resolution without upgrading the sensor and lens, resulting in poor image quality, as some users have experienced in CCTV forums.

In general, a 5MP IP camera should have a larger image sensor and a better lens to capture real 5MP pictures while also providing improved clarity and color performance.

ZOSI 5MP security cameras upgraded their image sensor to a larger 1/2.9” size and matching lens to deliver high-quality genuine 5MP images.

Why Buy a 5MP Security Camera

You may have heard of the fantastic benefits of megapixel security cameras. 5MP security cameras, in particular, offer exceptional advantages, and here are the top three reasons why you should buy a 5MP CCTV camera:

1. 5MP Security Camera Captures Much Clearer Images

You may assume that the 5MP security camera is overkill, particularly for home security.

However, human face and license plate recognition require incredibly high resolution and a good camera angle to capture the details accurately. 5MP security cameras provide you with the optimal possibility of obtaining the necessary details.

For instance, if your house suffers from burglaries, break-ins, or theft, it’s unfortunate that the camera footage would be useless without clear images.

Believe it or not, 5MP security cameras have become affordable for consumers, with attractive price tags (Check the best budget picks).

Typically, a resolution of at least 1080p is required to identify people and license plate numbers during the day and night.

2. 5MP Security Camera Has Flexibility in Placement

5MP security cameras produce super-clear images, rendering them impervious to distance challenges that impact image quality.

You may mistakenly install security cameras in high positions to cover a broader surveillance area, only to end up with a low-quality, blurry picture.

However, with a 5MP security camera, you can mount it in high positions, like the second-floor level, to overlook a 150ft driveway or monitor the entire lawn, without concern about resolution degradation.

Better still, some 5MP IP cameras, such as the Zosi 1NC-296, are PTZ enabled, ensuring that no blind spots are left behind.

3. 5MP Security Camera Can Zoom in for Details

Higher megapixels enable you to zoom in for rich details, even under digital zoom.

While digital zooming has been criticized as a phony feature that results in blurry images, 5MP security cameras can be digitally zoomed in to some extent.

In reality, a 5MP image will still appear clearer than a 2MP (1080p) camera, even while magnifying up to 2X.


Best 5MP Security Cameras

Today, using 4MP and 5MP security cameras is common, and customers are constantly asking for high-resolution cameras.

ZOSI has responded to this demand by upgrading its most popular 4MP models to 5MP ones, making high-quality 5MP security cameras more affordable for everyone. As a result, ZOSI is ranked as one of the top brands for the most popular outdoor 5MP security cameras.

Whether you’re seeking 5MP Wi-Fi security cameras, motion detection outdoor 5MP security cameras, or 5-megapixel CCTV dome/bullet security cameras, you can find them at affordable prices.

Here are the top three best 5MP security cameras from ZOSI:

Best PoE 5MP IP Bullet Camera – ZOSI IPC-182

If you’re looking for easy installation with TRUE 5MP high resolution and a security camera that can be easily mounted on ceilings, then the ZOSI C182 is the right choice for you.

This 5MP IP camera works equally well indoors and outdoors and is made of metal to endure diverse weather conditions.

4K Starlight PoE IP Camera - IPC-182

  • 4K Ultra HD/5MP Super HD
  • Person/Vehicle Detection
  • PoE Plug and Play
  • Live View & Smart Playback
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Motion Activated Light & Siren Alarm
  • 100ft Color Night Vision

Best Wireless 5MP PTZ IP Camera – Zosi 1NC-296

This 5MP PTZ IP camera is the perfect choice if you want a WiFi-based camera with an affordable price tag.

It features 360° horizontal and 90° vertical rotation and delivers 190ft of extremely long-distance night vision.

C296 - Pan Tilt IP Security Cameras

  • 4K Ultra HD/5MP Super HD
  • Starlight Color Night Vision
  • Pan & Tilt
  • PoE/WiFi Connection
  • Light & Siren Alarm
  • Upgraded AI-Powered Detection
  • 2-Way Audio

Best 5MP POE Security Camera System – Zosi 8SN-2255A

If you require a high definition 5MP security camera system with simple setup (plug and play), the ZOSI 8SN-2255A is the ideal solution for you.

Additionally, this 5MP PoE security camera system can connect with both ZOSI 5MP cameras and 4MP ones, offering added flexibility in terms of camera types and the best security solution.

C225 - 5MP POE Surveillance Cameras Security Monitor Systems

  • 5MP Super HD
  • Smart Person/Vehicle Detection
  • Customize Detection Zone
  • Starlight Night Vision
  • 24/7 Video & Audio Recording
  • Access Remotely & Flexibly
  • Two Way Audio

Common Problems & Fixes

5MP security cameras may raise some concerns with bandwidth and stream limit issues. However, there are some easy fixes to overcome these concerns.

1. 5MP CCTV Camera Bandwidth Problem

“5MP security cameras are bandwidth hogs.” One solution is to purchase a reputable 5MP security camera with advanced configurations to adapt to any network conditions.

Zosi 5-megapixel CCTV cameras, for example, offer different recording modes based on your home’s available bandwidth. The Clear mode delivers 5MP live streams for the best clarity but consumes more bandwidth. On the other hand, the Balanced mode records in a lower 1080p resolution, saving more bandwidth.

2. Stream Limit Problem

Some 5MP security camera users may experience issues with high-resolution burdens that exceed the bit stream limit.

In such cases, try to lower the FPS (frames per second) settings. Typically, 15 FPS or greater delivers a fluent 5MP resolution video, and this can be quickly performed on common home networks, even with an 8 or 16 channel 5MP security camera system.

Extra tip: There’s a simple IP camera bandwidth calculation you can perform to calculate the exact bandwidth that your 5MP security camera consumes.