Best Security Cameras for Watching Your Car

We’ve heard many car owners who were frustrated about their cars being broken in, keyed, vandalized (egged or scratched), or having car tires slashed or destroyed while parking on garage, driveway, street curbside, parking lots or carport areas.

To avoid being a victim of vehicle theft and vandalism, car surveillance cameras, in-car security cameras, and car security systems are the ideal security solutions to help keep an eye on your parked cars, especially overnight parking.

So you will be alerted in real-time if in the unfortunate case, your car is vandalized or broken in when parking overnight in front of the house, carports, street, road, garage, apartment parking lot, underground parking garage.

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What Kinds of Car Security Cameras Work for You

Assuming many readers of this post are new to auto security cameras or searching for a good vehicle security camera.

Finding the car surveillance cameras or systems that can meet your demand or fit your budget is not always easy. Make sure you have taken these factors into account.

1. Power Supply of Car Security Cameras

There is not always a power outlet available near the parking lot or underground parking garage. True.

Or running wires is next to impossible to the spot where your car is parked overnight.

Well? There are a few alternatives.

You could consider a parked car security camera like motion sensor battery-powered car security cameras. ZOSI C1, for example, is a good-value wire-free car surveillance camera that requires no power source and no wirings.

Or the in-car security cameras like car spy/hidden cameras, nanny cams, parked car dash cams are also the idea options.

2. Footage Storage of Car Surveillance Cameras

If you not only need the parked car security camera to catch car burglars in the acts, but also to get necessary video evidence to identify suspects and substantiate claims, a footage copy is paramount.

Therefore, a car security camera with cloud storage like ZOSI C1, a car security camera system with DVR, or security camera system NVR that records 24/7 to a hard drive, or an interior car security camera that records motion events to a micro SD card, cloud server, or FTP, is proven helpful.

3. Must-Have Features for Car Security Cameras

There are some not-to-miss features that come in handy for car monitoring video cameras.

  • Sharp video quality: The resolution of car security cameras should be at least 1080p for better identification.
  • Decent night vision: You’ll be able to see more details even in total darkness (starlight or color night vision is awesome).
  • Motion detection and alerts: Be alerted in real-time once the car camera system detects any human movement so that you’ll miss any important events.
  • Live view via phone: keep tabs on your vehicles anytime and anywhere with a single tap on your phone.

C1 - Wire-Free Spotlight Camera - IPC-696

  • Wifi Connection
  • Motion Activated Light & Siren Alarm
  • Rechargeable Battery Powered
  • AI Human Detection
  • Two Way AudioAI Human Detection
  • Proactive Sound & Siren Alarm
  • 100ft Color Night Vision

4. Placement of Car Security Camera Systems

To better watch your parked car overnight, placement of outdoor car surveillance cameras, in-car video cameras, car spy camera matters.

For outdoor cameras to monitor cars parked in the driveway, garage, on the side of the street, curbside, or apartment parking space, consider installing them in well-lit areas and close to the parked car.

Best Car Security Camera & System Recommendations

After reading hundreds of users’ needs from Reddit and other discussion websites and forums, the following car surveillance security cameras and systems are widely favored and preferred.

1. Best Value Car Security Camera – ZOSI C1

ZOSI C1 is an awesome wireless surveillance camera for a car parked in the front door, driveway, garage, on the side of the street, or apartment parking lot.

This parked car security camera is a battery-powered and motion-activated video camera with color night vision, which makes a great alternative to monitor cars and trucks in places with no power.

It features 1080p HD videos, PIR motion sensor, rechargeable battery (optional solar powering), starlight night vision, 2-way audio, motion alerts, motion recordings and live view on apps.

It also acts as a car alarm with a camera or car break-in camera for underground overnight parking as it sounds a loud siren in case of car break-in or car theft.

The most recommended way of installation is to have it up on the wall, soffit, the overhang of the roof, or under the eave while pointing at the parked cars.

Below is a video captured by the WiFi version of the car security camera ZOSI C1 — a car crashed into another car of the user’s front yard.

2. Best Outdoor Driveway/Parking Lot HD Security Camera for Your Cars – ZOSI C289

For those who are looking for CCTV car security cameras to keep an eye on their vehicles parked on the driveway/two-car garage that is relatively distant from where they live, say, 10 meters, ZOSI C289 works extraordinarily well.

It shoots 2MP high-resolution images and captures up to 100 feet at night, which is sharp and clear enough to recognize faces and license plate numbers during the daytime.

Besides, this car surveillance camera can also pan 355°, tilt 90° and zoom 4 times optically to take a sweep on the premise and auto-patrol 24/7 non-stop.

It’s one of the best surveillance cameras out there to monitor vehicles, front door, large parking area, underground parking garage, driveway, detached garage or apartment parking lot.

For example, this user installs ZOSI outdoor car security camera C289 in the front door to keep an eye on the parked car in front of the house.


C296 - Pan Tilt IP Security Cameras

  • 4K Ultra HD/5MP Super HD
  • Starlight Color Night Vision
  • Pan & Tilt
  • PoE/WiFi Connection
  • Light & Siren Alarm
  • Upgraded AI-Powered Detection
  • 2-Way Audio

3. Best Driveway/Garage Wireless Security Camera for Cars – ZOSI C190 Pro

ZOSI C190 is a solid-built wireless outdoor automobile security camera so that you don’t have to run a network cable to hook it up for remote viewing or motion alerts.

It works great to keep an eye on cars parked near detached garage doors, parking garage, or fenced gate where you had trouble securing.

This car CCTV camera features 5MP HD videos, dual-band WiFi, up to 85ft night vision, smart motion detection, intelligent alerts and viewing on mobile phones.

To get a good shot of the faces of thieves or burglars trying to break into, vandalize, or steal your cars parked about 20 to 30 feet from the house, mount the vehicle security camera to the soffit or second-story eave or window.

Smart 3MP Super HD WiFi Security Camera - C190

  • 2.4/5 GHz WiFi
  • Light & Siren Alarm
  • Color Night Vision
  • AI Human Detection
  • 2-Way Audio

5. Best Car Spy/Hidden Cameras

Many car owners turn to a covert spy camera for car surveillance. For example, a motion-activated hidden camera functions as a mirror, power charger, a book, Smartphone holder, black box, key fob or small fixtures.

Some put a spy camera in car rear mirror, car windshield or roof to help record activities for overnight parking.

Bear in mind that in some states, hidden or spy cam is illegal, especially spy cams with audio recording. Make sure you have understood relevant laws and regulations in question.

6. Dash Cams & Other Webcam Solutions

Other dash cams, such as 360? car camera systems, parked car security cameras, or webcams are popular for keeping tabs on your car after parking it on street, curbside or parking areas, for example, BlackVue dashcam kit.

Effective Tips for Preventing Car Theft & Break-in

It is reported that 773,139 vehicles were stolen in 2017, increased by 0.8 percent from 767,290 vehicles in 2016. One motor vehicle theft was reported every 40.9 seconds in the United States.

For those whose cars have been on an incredible lucky streak and have never been burglarized over the years, it’s essential to keep an extra pair of eyes on your parked car starting from now.

Besides installing car security cameras, there are also other easy and inexpensive ways for you to protect your vehicles against theft and vandalism.

  • Lock your car at all times even you’re driving or just leave for a few minutes.
  • Park your car in well-lit areas and close all the windows.
  • Install a car anti-theft system or a car alarm.
  • Insure your car.
  • Never leave valuables in your car.

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