Best Ideas to Hide Security Cameras: Outdoor & Indoor

Are you looking for the best idea to hide security cameras?

Installing an outdoor security camera visible is a great way to deter crime before it happens. However, if you’re worried someone will steal or damage your camera, you may want to hide it.

This can help make your home less conspicuous and keep your privacy protected. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Hide Security Cameras Reasons: Top 3

If you’re looking to install hidden security camera’s here are three reasons to consider:

  • Hidden security cameras are less likely to be spotted and disabled by burglars. This is because many people don’t know what they look like or if there is one in the room. When a camera can’t see someone, it goes into “night mode,” so the screen turns black and white. This makes it difficult for anyone to notice when their actions are recorded.
  • Wireless hidden outdoor security cameras will never destroy the aesthetics of your house, and the guests will be more comfortable.
  • WiFi hidden security cameras for home are more effective in finding out what your nanny is doing and gathering clues to confirm your suspicions.

And many households are using both obvious and hidden security cameras: The security cameras in plain sight are used as a deterrent, and the spy security cameras are hidden nearby to capture the whole thing if the obvious ones are spotted and disabled.

Moreover, you will have no legal issues with hidden security cameras in the neighborhood.

Top 8 Creative Ways to Hiding Security Cameras for Home Outdoors & Indoors:

There are some ideas someone can consider when hiding surveillance cameras. Here are eight ways to hide your security cameras:

1. Get a Hidden Security Camera or Mini Camera

There are several ways that you can hide your security cameras. One of the best options is to get a hidden security camera or mini camera. These cameras are small and discreet, and you can hide them in different places. Some of the best places to hide a security camera include a smoke detector, a bookcase, or a potted plant.

For example, a user of ZOSI battery security cameras shows us how to hide the camera with a PVC pipe to watch the front door for him. This tiny wireless hidden camera with audio and night vision just blends in with the material seamlessly.

Some are inspired and creatively build a wireless hidden security camera for outdoors with the C1 and solar panel:

Extra tip: Whatever you do, try not to waste your best positioning for good images. In my opinion, hiding a security camera isn’t worth having to give up the resolution of your car/front door/etc.

You may find many hidden security cameras out there designed into exterior lamps, alarm clocks or charge adapters, which need you no extra effort to hide them. But attention, those CCTV cameras may disappoint you in their images and features.

For example, the outdoor light with a motion-activated camera mostly provides blurry 720p images with limited night vision, which is impossible to figure out the facial details or plate number when needed.

So if you are expecting hidden security cameras with higher resolution (1080p and above) night vision, Wi-Fi connection, audio, app, etc., a battery-powered security camera is the way to go.

C1 - Wire-Free Spotlight Camera - IPC-696

  • Wifi Connection
  • Motion Activated Light & Siren Alarm
  • Rechargeable Battery Powered
  • AI Human Detection
  • Two Way AudioAI Human Detection
  • Proactive Sound & Siren Alarm
  • 100ft Color Night Vision

2. Under Eaves/Ceiling/Soffits

One of the easiest and most effective methods to hide security cameras is disguising them as part of the building. When designing your system, try to plan a strategy that will require a minimum of hardware and wiring, especially if you want to conceal it quickly. One of the best ways is to run the wiring through the wall, ceiling, or floor. There are many systems on the market that make this easy to accomplish.

3. Disguise Outdoor Cameras in Birdhouse

Another way to hide your security cameras is to disguise them as birdhouses. This will make them less noticeable and problematic for potential intruders to spot. You can buy pre-made birdhouses specifically designed to hold security cameras, or you can create your own using a basic birdhouse form and security camera.

Using shingles or shims, you can mount the birdhouse to flush against the roof of the house. Then, cut a hole in the front and place the camera inside. If you want to see what is happening with your cameras, you can use a clear plastic dome to cover the hole. Doing this will also make the birdhouse more weatherproof.

4. Near Trees/Bushes

There are other best ways to hide security cameras by placing them near trees or bushes. This will help to camouflage the camera and make it less noticeable. Be sure to choose a well-concealed spot and will not get easily seen by passersby. If the camera is too visible, it will receive less attention from those attempting to vandalize or steal it.

Extra tip: If you find the wiring difficult for you, just turn to the battery wireless hidden camera instead, with no wires and camouflage skins to make it hidden easily.

5. Put Hidden Security Cameras Behind Glass Window

A popular way to hide security cameras is to place them behind a glass window. This will help to deter theft and keep your property safe. If a thief sees a camera behind the glass, they may decide to move on to your neighbor’s house with a security camera that is not hidden.

Extra tip: Attention that using a hidden security camera for a home to record through windows may affect the night vision and motion detection. I will explain how to correctly hide security cameras in a window in detail.

6. Disguise Security Cameras Within Everyday Objects

One way to disguise a security camera is to place it in an unexpected location. You can do this by hiding the camera within an ordinary household object or putting it in an unusual spot. For example, you can hide a camera within a potted plant or inside a smoke detector.

You can also place the camera in a high-traffic area, such as a hallway or near the front door. This will help ensure that the camera is not detectable and that it captures footage of anyone entering your home, which may help identify a potential intruder.

Other options:

  • Bookshelves
  • Smoke detectors
  • Desk plants
  • Tissue boxes
  • Stuffed teddy bears
  • Fake rocks
  • Fake hanging potted plant

Extra tip: It is advised to have more than one camera in place and set up a hidden security camera system.

7. Put The Camera Inside of Your Mailbox

The other clear strategy to hide your security camera is to put it inside your mailbox. This way, it will be out of sight and out of mind. Also, your neighbors won’t think that you are spying on them or acting weird by putting cameras all over the place. This is a simple way to hide your camera.

8. With Camouflage Skins

Most people think of security cameras as a gimmick. But more than just function, manufacturers also designed them to blend in with the existing environment.

There are many ways to conceal security cameras, and one of the most popular methods is using camouflage skins. Camouflage skins get designed to perfectly match the surrounding environment and make the camera virtually invisible.

Bonus Tips for Hidden Security Cameras

Have more questions about how to creatively make your own hidden security camera? Read the FAQs to get more insights into hiding your security cameras.

1. Where to place your home hidden security camera?

The statistic shows that over 34% of burglars enter through the front door, and other notable locations include first-floor window (23%), back doors (22%), and garages (9%). And therefore, it should be your priority to place hidden security cameras on those spots.

Read this to get more ideas about where to place home security cameras.

2. How to hide a security camera wires outside?

The best way for hidden security camera wires arrangement is to get a wire-free hidden camera, which has no cables at all. And that will save you time. If your spy security camera does have wires, follow this detailed guide for running camera wires (BNC/power/Ethernet cables).

3. How to hide a security camera in a window?

As I mentioned above, if you place the security camera behind a window, you will have to compromise in its motion detection (for cameras with PIR motion sensor) and night vision function.

To solve these problems, you need to get a security camera with software-based motion detection for accurate alerts and install external infrared illuminators or visible light for night vision.


4. How to hide the DVR/NVR of your hidden camera?

There are several sneaky places to hide a security camera DVR/NVR including the attic, inside the walls, the closet, the bookshelf, the possible crawlspace, etc. You may also use a DVR/NVR locker if necessary.

And remember, most of the NVRs or DVRs on the market are not waterproof so you need to avoid the rain or other pouring water when you hide them outside.

Find more tips to prevent DVR/NVR from being stolen here.

Generally speaking, you can record videos with a hidden camera for both home and outdoors. But do not record in areas where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy, like the bathroom.

Before you hide a security camera, it’s advised to speak to an attorney about the specific ways you plan to use the camera and the locations you’d like it to be installed.

Best Outdoor/Indoor WiFi Hidden Security Cameras

The right security camera will save you tons of trouble when you want to hide it.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following two points:

  • Purchase a wireless security camera. Using a wireless camera will prevent you from having to hide the wires that come with a wired camera and will be much easier to hide.
  • Buy a camera that uploads to cloud storage. Purchasing a camera that automatically uploads video to cloud storage will ensure that you won’t lose important footage if your camera is tampered with or destroyed.

The ZOSI C1 is an excellent camera if you look for something to monitor your home or business. This camera has many features, making it the best CCTV camera of now and future. It is a wireless security camera that is suitable for a variety of scenes with no exposed wires. The ZOSI C1 will automatically detect any motion and record footage for up to 10 hours before overwriting the oldest file.

Besides its wireless links and various colors, it also has night vision. So, you can see everything happening during nighttime and daylight. They use IP66 waterproof housing, which protects against rain, snow, dust, and sand particles penetrating the device’s interior. There are many benefits of using this camera, but one of my favorite parts is how easy it is to install!

Installation & setup 100% wire-free, no wires needed
Night vision Starlight night vision
Resolution 1080p high definition
Motion detection Accurate PIR motion sensor
Weatherproof IP65 weatherproof
Viewing angle 130° Wide Viewing Angle
Battery life 4-6 months per charge
Remote viewing Live view via phone & PC

Tired of traveling a long way to find a quality hidden security camera at Walmart? The C1 is available in the security camera online store.