Security Light with Camera: Enhance Your Outdoor Security

A security light with a camera, featuring lightning and activity tracking features, allows you to clearly see far-away objects, such as a license plate number visible from 70ft away, in enhanced color night vision, providing an extended field of view covering your whole backyard, garage, or front entry.

However, simply because a floodlight with a security camera can illuminate the entire area does not necessarily mean you can see everything clearly on your phone. Moreover, a security light camera does not always guarantee better night vision.

Read on to discover the best security light with an IP camera solution that can genuinely meet your needs, enabling you to sleep soundly at night while saving money. It’s worth noting that a security light with a camera may cost almost twice the price of a quality outdoor security camera from a leading CCTV camera brand.

The Best Home Depot Security Light with Camera Solution

Based on the above evaluation, it’s clear that a professional security camera offers better security and video quality than a security light with a built-in camera.

However, thorough research and reading of security light with camera reviews show that motion-activated security lights with cameras (such as Ring, Kuna, Nightwatcher, Guardian, Halogen, Lightstar, XEPA, Nighthawk, Home Zone, Home Protector, and others) can provide decent home protection.

Having the ability to trigger the light when other cameras sense motion serves as a great deterrent, and the device’s unobtrusive design adds to its appeal.

Ideal Security Light with Camera Alternative to Save Your Money

If you don’t need to illuminate the area and hope that intruders will be intimidated and deterred away promptly, the 1NC-306 offers a more cost-effective solution for securing your front door, backyard and garage with higher-level security.

Battery Powered Spotlight Security Camera - 1NC-306

  • Wifi Connection
  • Motion Activated Light & Siren Alarm
  • Rechargeable Battery Powered
  • AI Human Detection
  • Two Way AudioAI Human Detection
  • Proactive Sound & Siren Alarm
  • 100ft Color Night Vision

It’s worth mentioning that the 1NC-306 also supports solar power, making it an excellent alternative to the solar security light with camera combo, which is not yet widespread in the market.

What you may want from exterior security light with camera What 1NC-306 can bring
Excellent night vision Starlight night vision
Wide viewing angle Diagonal Viewing Angle: 130°
Easy installation Wire-free set up in 5 minutes
High video clarity 1080p HD resolution
Affordable price $69.99 with free shipping worldwide (US, UK, CA, AU, etc)
Wireless floodlight security camera Wireless, literally, with high-level security
Exterior security light with sound & buzzer Loud siren and two-way audio enabled

Of course, you may add security lights with motion sensors in addition to the 1NC-306 at extra cost if you desire a larger field of view and long-range night vision.

Want a larger field of view and also long-range night vision?

The C296 is a great option.

C296 - Pan Tilt IP Security Cameras

  • 4K Ultra HD/5MP Super HD
  • Starlight Color Night Vision
  • Pan & Tilt
  • PoE/WiFi Connection
  • Light & Siren Alarm
  • Upgraded AI-Powered Detection
  • 2-Way Audio

It offers 360° horizontal and 90° vertical rotation, allowing for 190ft of extremely long-distance night vision and a vast monitoring area that a security light with a camera motion sensor cannot compete with.

You may position it near an outdoor light to improve or use color night vision for outdoor security camera with light.


To make points simple for you, just get going by adhering to the inquiries listed below.

Q1: Does Outdoor Security Light with Camera Have Good Night Vision?

The reason you consider a security light with a camera is to prevent burglars, including car-keyers, who would be more comfortable in breaking into your house if they find it to be an easy target. By capturing the crime in the act with a recognizable image to hand over to the authorities, you can help prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

However, as previously mentioned, LED security lights with cameras may not guarantee excellent night vision. This is mainly due to the limited resolution of the built-in security camera.
Most brands of home security lights with cameras only offer 720p blurry resolution, which is far from sufficient to capture crucial details such as facial features and license plate numbers.

Fortunately, affordable 1080p security cameras, including C306, are available that offer starlight IR night vision, enabling you to see details even in the dark without additional lighting.
If excellent night vision is what you desire in a security light with a camera, a starlight PIR security camera is the best option to protect your home during complete darkness.

The 1NC-306 is an excellent example of such a camera. With its advanced starlight sensor, it produces infrared light that is invisible to the human eye, resulting in images that are clear as day and night. Additionally, it automatically switches between black and white and color night vision to ensure the best possible identifiable images.

Battery Powered Spotlight Security Camera - 1NC-306

  • Wifi Connection
  • Motion Activated Light & Siren Alarm
  • Rechargeable Battery Powered
  • AI Human Detection
  • Two Way AudioAI Human Detection
  • Proactive Sound & Siren Alarm
  • 100ft Color Night Vision

Q2: Does Security Light with Camera Have Wide Field of View?

Some outdoor security lights with cameras have two floodlights, covering up to a 270° area with a 140° camera field of view, and 70 feet spotting range.

However, as previously mentioned, the actual area you can view on your phone for live playback and motion detection is limited to the 140° camera field of view. A motion security light with a camera may not be the best option if you require a larger effective tracking area during the night. Several wide-angle security cameras with long-range night vision capabilities are available at affordable prices.

Note that while some security lights with PIR or sensors may use wide-angle exterior PIR motion sensors, such as 270° for example, activating only the light without triggering the camera in such instances means that footage is not recorded.

Alternatives: PTZ Security Cameras with Long Range Night Vision

PTZ security cameras, such as the 1NC-296, are equipped with a pan and tilt function, allowing for a 360° horizontal rotation and a 90° vertical rotation with a long-range night vision of 190ft, eliminating all blind spots.

If you’re considering a security light with a camera primarily due to its wide viewing area, consider exploring PTZ security cameras before making your decision.

Q3: Does Security Light with IP Camera Have WDR?

WDR (wide dynamic range) technology is vital in CCTV/IP cameras when a part of the image is very dark, and another part is bright. Without WDR, it may not be possible to see any details in the dark area.

WDR is particularly important for motion sensor security lights with cameras, especially those installed outdoors to monitor a porch. If your porch is shaded, while your pathway is sunny, the camera may get confused, reducing your ability to see details in both areas.

Unfortunately, most security cameras with lights for outdoor use do not come with the WDR function. Therefore, during hot summer months, your images may be blurry if you choose to install a motion security light with a camera.

Alternatives: Security Cameras with WDR

By contrast, most professional security cameras, such as the 1NC-306 and 1NC-296 mentioned earlier, come with WDR enabled to provide clear images in both bright and dark areas.


Q4: Is Security Light with Camera Easy to Install?

Outside security lights with WiFi cameras are easy to install if you have a clear understanding of how to connect the ground wires, white, and black wires in the junction box. Keep in mind that wireless security lights with cameras still require cords.

Occasionally, outside security lights with cameras may have wires that need to be connected together but come in different colors. In such cases, it’s advisable to consult an electrician to ensure installation is safe and appropriate, especially if you lack technical knowledge.

Alternatives: Wire-Free Security Cameras

Wire-free security cameras, including the C306, do not require cords or complex tools to install. You can mount them on the wall with a simple screwing process in under five minutes. No junction box is necessary.

Q5: Is External Security Light with Camera Weatherproof?

If you plan to install a security light with CCTV camera/system outside your home or business, remember to check its IP rating. The rating indicates whether the device can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and humidity.

Most security lights with built-in CCTV recorders and cameras offer IP43/IP44 weatherproof rating, which can protect the device from sprays of water and cables.

However, for areas expected to have severe rain or snow, you may want to consider an IP65/IP66 security camera instead. These cameras are built to be more durable and rugged for outdoor use. You can learn more about IP ratings here.


If you want standard home or garden protection including a loud alarm, small SD card storage, and notifications but don’t mind potentially fuzzy photos (720p resolution is common among these products), then LED or PIR security lights with built-in cameras should suffice.

However, if you desire 1080p or higher-quality images, starlight night vision, easy installation, IP66 weatherproofing, larger monitoring areas, and most importantly, lower cost, consider getting a professional security camera.

These cameras have no added wires or visible components and offer peace of mind at night. With the right product and proper use, security cameras can meet all of your needs, including remote wireless PIR motion sensors, SD/memory card, timers, remote wireless feeds to PC/TV, wireless CCTV video recording, wireless chime alarms/buzzers, and more.