Wide-Angle Security Cameras – Ultimate guide

Wide angle cameras are easier to achieve total property surveillance coverage. Typically, the larger the area, the more security cameras are needed.

ZOSI advanced camera features a sophisticated super wide angle lens that allows you to monitor a huge area with a single camera. It also has long-range IR night vision capabilities and is fully weatherproof. View more and protect your home or business with this powerful security camera from ZOSI.

Today we offer some helpful tips to choose the best wide-angle security cameras for outdoor and indoor use.

How to Choose Wide-Angle Security Cameras

Security cameras that are capable of capturing up to 80 degrees field of view (FOV) are commonly regarded as wide-angle security cameras. Super wide-angle security cameras could cover up to 180 degrees or higher.

Ultra wide-angle surveillance cameras (CCTV or IP) could boast 360 degrees.

The angle of IP or CCTV cameras or the field of view largely depends on the security cameras’ focal length of the lens and the size of the image sensor.

Focal Length (mm) Diagonal (°) Vertical (°) Horizontal (°)
0 180.0 180.0 180.0
2 169.4 161.1 166.9
12 122.0 90.0 111.1
14 114.2 81.2 102.7
16 107.1 73.9 95.1
20 94.5 61.9 82.4
24 84.1 53.1 73.7
35 63.4 37.8 54.4

Meanwhile, the size of the image sensor and type of image sensor also plays a role in the security camera field of view, for example, a 1/3″ image sensor produces wider viewing angle than that of 1/4″ sensor image sensor.

For example, a surveillance camera with a 1/3″ CMOS sensor and the 4.0mm focal length like ZOSI C306 is capable of capturing 90 degrees field of view horizontally, shown below.

This wide-angle CCTV camera is adequate to monitor the front porch, entryway, hallway, side of the door, alley, side door, driveway, and relatively small areas.

Wide-angle IP cameras with 2mm focal length, in general, cover 166.9 degrees wide areas, like fisheye cameras (panoramic video cameras) with 180/360 degrees wide angle.

Wide-angle surveillance cameras like PTZ IP cameras are commonly seen in large areas like a crossroads, warehouses, parking lots, stadiums, museums, concert halls and etc.

Wide-Angle Security Cameras – What You Don’t Know

Like many other surveillance cameras, a wide-angle IP or CCTV camera has its flaws and benefits, and it always takes a little effort to fully understand them.

1. Wide-Angle Security Cameras: Pros & Cons

It’s true that having a wide-angle security camera helps cover large areas at once, which not only reduces needs to install multiple cameras at one spot but also cuts down installation, maintenance and troubles.

However, among super wide-angle security cameras (IP or CCTV) especially, fisheye or 360 degrees wide-angle cameras, image distortion is a common problem.

Meanwhile, super wide-angle outdoor cameras could sacrifice some details to get wider viewing angles, which makes it harder to identify faces or other small details.

2. Fixed Lens VS Varifocal Lens Security Cameras

Varifocal lens security cameras can adjust the focal length, the angle of view and level of zoom while fixed lens security cameras instead can’t do those.

Therefore, wide-angle surveillance cameras (CCTV or IP) with varifocal lenses do better to zoom out to cover large areas and zoom in to capture small details, for example, this wide-angle outdoor security camera  ZOSI C289.

3. Wide-Angle Security Camera VS Long-Range Security Camera

There is a strong correlation between security cameras’ focal length and viewing range, which is in turn directly linked to the viewing angle of CCTV surveillance cameras.

The longer the camera’s focal lens is, the longer distance it could cover, and vice verse.

Simply put, wide-angle IP cameras are more suitable to monitor objects of shorter distance. For example, IP cameras with 4mm focal length & 1/3″ CMOS sensor (90 degrees viewing angle) like ZOSI C1 are better to monitor areas within 26 feet radius.

Of course, with optical zooming capability, users could zoom in to see small details without compromising video quality.

4. Viewing Angle & Camera Resolution

Interestingly, there is a parameter called PPF (pixels per foot) that has a huge impact on how well your outdoor IP cameras can clearly identify faces or plate numbers.

It’s calculated by camera’s resolution dividing its field of view. And for proper identification of facial and license plate recognition, the minimum measurement should be no less than 40 PPF.

In such sense, the higher resolution your wide-angle IP/CCTV outdoor cameras get, the better identification you could get.

Best IP/CCTV Wide-Angle Security Cameras (Systems) Recommendations

Let’s find out some of the most popular wide-angle security cameras available on the market.

Wide-Angle Outdoor Security Cameras – ZOSI C1

ZOSI C1 Wide-angle wireless security camera is one of the most popular battery-powered wireless outdoor security cameras on the market.

Thanks to the 1/2.8″ CMOS sensor, ZOSI C1 boasts a 90-degree ultra-wide viewing angle and 1080p HD video, making it perfect for front door, backyard, parking areas monitoring.

With built-in siren alarm, microphone & speaker (2-way audio), ZOSI C1 could also act as great front door intercom, a video doorbell, and front door camera.

It’s convenient to run a wide-angle WiFi camera outdoor for monitoring your driveway, front porch, detached garage, etc. However, make sure your WiFi security camera is well within your WiFi network coverage and make sure your wide-angle wireless camera is mounted with a secure mount.

Wire-Free Spotlight Camera - C1

  • Motion Activated Light & Siren Alarm
  • Rechargeable Battery Powered
  • AI Human Detection
  • Two Way AudioAI Human Detection
  • Proactive Sound & Siren Alarm
  • 100ft Color Night Vision
  • 1TB Hard Drive

Wide-Angle PTZ Security Camera – ZOSI C289

ZOSI C289 PT camera can rotate 275° horizontally and 90° vertically , covering a lot more areas and leaving no blind spot. Get an ultra-wide viewing angle with easy direction control via ZOSI Smart App on phone. You can monitor your porch, driveway or store with just one C289 PT camera.

Surprisingly, wide-angle IP camera ZOSI C289 even packs some nice punches. It supports up to 100 ft IR night vision, smart light and siren alarm. Featuring advanced AI human detection technology, C289 WiFi camera can distinguish human from other moving object. You will receive instant App push notification once human is detected, effectively avoiding “false positives” caused by pets, vehicles etc.

This wide-angle IP surveillance video camera could be better used to monitor backyard, driveway, parking areas and anywhere you desire to monitor.

Pan Tilt Wireless Camera Cameras
- ZOSI C289

  • Pan & Tilt
  • WiFi Connection
  • Light & Siren Alarm
  • AI Human Detection
  • 2-Way Audio

Wide-Angle Indoor Security Cameras – ZOSI C190 Pro

This wide-angle WiFi security camera with audio – C190 Pro offers accurate detection with AI human-form detection technology, and thus highly reduces “false positives” on movements of flying bugs or tree branch.

More importantly, the wide-angle wireless monitor can easily cover large areas right on the apps.

And it also comes with smart person detection and 5MP HD resolution, which enables users to zoom in to see more small details, for example, faces of strangers in the front door, plate number of unknown vehicles and other small details.

Get fast access to your security camera with your voice control. Just use simple voice commands to activate camera features with Amazon Alexa.

Smart 5MP Super HD WiFi Security Camera - C190 Pro

  • 2.4/5 GHz WiFi
  • Light & Siren Alarm
  • Color Night Vision
  • AI Human Detection
  • 2-Way Audio


There are many benefits of installing wide-angle security cameras including monitoring larger areas of interest with one camera and reducing troubles in setup and maintenance.

However, if without consideration of the resolution, the potential pitfall of such a wide-angle surveillance camera is that image quality will be compromised substantially.