Solar Powered Wireless Security Cameras: Pro Selection Guide

If there is no power in the monitoring location, only good WiFi coverage? Then a solar-power wireless security camera will be the best choice.

That way, you know your security camera is always running at its best. As long as there is sunshine, you can rely on your security camera to operate. This benefit gives many people the peace of mind that they deserve.

If you want a simple solar WiFi security camera to monitor your remote beehives, construction sites, RVs, farms, boats, barns, campgrounds, warehouses or anywhere not far from the grid. Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar-powered security cameras available.

Our Picks of the Best Solar Powered Wireless Security Cameras

Our Picks #1 #2 #3
Product Name ZOSI C1 ZOSI C306 ZOSI C309
Product Image C1 battery-powered security camera 456*456 pixel C306 wire free security camera C309
Resolution 1080p 2MP 3MP
Night Vision Up to 80ft Up to 80ft Up to 80ft
Push Notifications & Email Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Indoors & Outdoors Yes Yes Yes

If you want to buy a solar wireless security camera and want to install it easily, you can directly buy a small solar WiFi security camera, which is the best choice.

Or you may buy an additional solar panel to work with the camera. If you already have a non-solar-powered WiFi security camera in place or want 24/7 continuous recording, this DIY solar-powered wireless security camera solution is the way to go.

Let’s take a deeper look at how wireless security cameras work.

#1. Solar Powered WiFi Security Camera Bundle – C1

The best part of this solar wireless security camera is that it is very simple to install, saving you the trouble of burying cables and calculating the right size of solar panels.

To set up this solar wireless security camera system, basically, you only need to insert the battery, and then connect the camera to the solar panel with a USB cable.

Then, when you connect the solar wireless security camera to the WiFi network, you may receive an instant alert, access the real-time view anytime, anywhere, and pay attention to things at any time. Some more advanced ones even allow you to listen and talk back with two-way audio functions.

Well, please remember that this mini camera is specially designed for motion detection, which means this solar-powered surveillance camera with a motion sensor (only) will record motion events when animals or people pass by.

C1 - Wire-Free Spotlight Camera - IPC-696

  • Wifi Connection
  • Motion Activated Light & Siren Alarm
  • Rechargeable Battery Powered
  • AI Human Detection
  • Two Way AudioAI Human Detection
  • Proactive Sound & Siren Alarm
  • 100ft Color Night Vision

Editor’s Note: This type of solar panel usually needs to be purchased separately and costs about $30. If you decide to buy a solar wireless security camera bundle, don’t forget to put it in your shopping cart.

#2. Solar Power with Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery Wireless Security Cameras – C306

The best part of this solar long-lasting rechargeable battery wireless security camera is that it has very low energy consumption, eliminating the need for power outages without light and the camera can’t work.

C306 uses a large-capacity lithium-ion battery to work for a long time. When motion is detected, it wakes up quickly-greatly extending battery life, it can last up to 6 months (10 triggers/day) and one year of standby time.

The setup of this solar wireless security camera system is also very simple, just like the previous one, you only need to insert the battery, and then connect the camera to the solar panel with a USB cable.

Then, when the battery power is lower than 20%, you may receive an instant alert, the camera also supports the real-time view, a two-way audio function to listen and talk.

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#3. Solar Battery Powered Security Camera with Base Station – C309AH

The C309AH comes with a sturdy base and includes a WiFi antenna, which provides you with a more reliable wireless connection.

Get the whole system plugged in, all cameras will pair with the base station (connect up to 4 cameras to one base station) automatically via 2.4GHz WiFi. Real plug & play Wireless security camera system enables you to enjoy seamless protection in every way.

ZOSI 4-channel base station provides long-range connectivity and improves battery life for your C309AH wire-free cameras. Simply plug in the base station and connect it to the internet via your home router, and enjoy the added security benefits.

Wire-free Home Security Camera System - C309 + Base Station

  • 3MP Super HD
  • Battery/Solar Powered
  • Light Alarm
  • PIR Motion Detection
  • 2-Way Audio

Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera: Top Things to Consider

You will want to look out for many different features if you plan on buying a solar power security camera. We are covering all of them below. You will want to check that the product has:

Solar Panel Capacity: The capacity refers to the amount that the panel can generate. It will likely be measured in the form of watts. Your model should have a high capacity, so the camera can stay running for longer periods of time.

Battery Capacity: The battery capacity will be marked with an “aH” at the end. This number shows you what current can be drawn from the battery and how much power it can supply at one time until its amount of power is depleted.

You can read it as a watt/per hour voltage. Solar panels tend to need batteries with a very high capacity, so make sure you check before buying.

Data Transmission: This factor determines how quickly your camera records and transfers data. You want it to be fast so that you can react to potential break ins or other emergency situations.

Image Resolution: We recommend that you get an image resolution of 1080p. This factor determines how clear your video comes through to your phone screen. If it’s lower than that, it will not translate as well, making the details much harder to see. While 1080 p is technically an HD resolution, you may notice it’s not as clear as it could be. If you go any lower than that, you will not be able to see anything!

Design: There are two different designs when it comes to these sorts of cameras. They are the Bullet and Dome.

  • Bullet: The bullet is known to have a farther viewing range.
  • Dome: The dome is for viewing wider angles.

You will want to consider which type of camera will suit your property the best.

Smart: Part of having a smart camera means that it can connect to your phone. There are plenty of benefits to this. First, you can easily access the data from anywhere and view what you need to easily. Second, you can receive alerts on your devices and react accordingly.

Wifi: The camera will need to connect to your Wifi. In most cases, they will run on a 2.4 G Wifi- not a 5G one. While this can be bothersome to those who have higher quality internet, most people still are using 2.4 G anyway at home. The wifi will need to be on if you want to record and transfer your data.

PIR Motion Detect: Solar CCTV CameraPIR refers to passive infrared, which can be used to capture motion. Many modern cameras work with a special human detection software, which uses the PIR to locate the person.

SD Card Storage: Many cameras will use an SD card to save their data. They need to encrypt it to ensure it’s safe. However, you will be able to access the footage whenever you need to. The larger the GB available in the card, the more information it will be able to store. We recommend going higher with an SD card for a camera since they tend to save very large files.

Weatherproof Rating: You want a weatherproof rating of IP66 or higher. This rating is the minimum needed for your new security camera to sit out in the rain. It should protect all of the electronic parts from damage when you use this level of weatherproofing. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of ice and snow, you should try to go higher when you can.

Ease of Installation: All solar panel security cameras are very easy to install, since they don’t have very many wires. You will want to connect it with a compatible device, but that should not take too long to accomplish.

Top 3 Tips to Get Most Use of Outdoor Solar WiFi Cameras

Although the solar power input depends on many factors and it is uncontrollable to an extent, there are still some tricks you could use to make the most of your solar-powered wireless security cameras at home and in business.

  • Choose a place that could get the most sunlight during the day, like the roof, wall, fence, etc.
  • Mount the solar panel facing true south (in the northern hemisphere) or true north (in the southern hemisphere) to get optimal sun exposure.
  • Clean the solar panel regularly to make sure the dust and debris would not affect solar power collecting.

Using Solar Security Cameras Benefits

What Are the Benefits of Solar Security Cameras? When it comes to a solar camera, you are getting all the benefits of a security camera- plus more. For example, you get:

  • Accurately recorded data of your property
  • Two-way audio systems to send warnings or invite loved ones inside
  • Better peace of mind when away from the home

On top of those security camera benefits, you also receive the benefit of not having to deal with wires. Solar panels allow the system to be completely wireless. You can access the footage online when needed, so there should be no reason to remove the camera from its place. This feature saves you plenty of time and energy, especially if you want to put the camera high up.

Solar Powered Wireless Security Cameras Hottest FAQ

Q1: Will I save money by using a solar security camera?

A1: Because home security cameras need to be on the job 24/7, they can use up a good chunk of electricity. You’ll definitely keep your power bill from taking an extra hit with solar-powered cameras, but the amount of savings will vary from home to home.

Q2: What happens if the battery dies or the Wi-Fi goes out?

A2: Most of the solar-powered security cameras we recommend include rechargeable battery backup that can keep your camera working for anywhere from 12 hours to three days.