#ZOSIcaptures Contest – Share Captured Videos and Win Prizes!

What did you use ZOSI security cameras for? To capture precious moments with your families? To prevent intruders from breaking in your house? To watch over your property while you’re away? Now here is a chance for you to share some interesting moments of #ZOSIcaptures and win FREE ZOSI battery-powered security camera and $30 coupon!

1. $30 Coupon: for every valid entry.
2. Free A3 battery camera: for the most interesting #ZOSIcaptures.

1. Submit videos captured by ZOSI cameras. Video must be at least 6 seconds.
2. Submit your videos via Facebook Messenger (@ ZosiTechnology) or by emailing dolores@zositech.com.
3. The expiry date of this contest is March 15th, 2019 PST.

1. This is a worldwide contest.
2. Submitted content might be used by ZOSI Technology but will not be shared with any third party.
3. The $30 coupon is only applicable to products sold on zositech.com (valid on orders over $129) and cannot be combined with other discounts.

Tip: For downloading videos from the DVR/NVR, please refer to this article.

See the previous #ZOSIcaptures videos here.

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