NVR Security Camera System: What You Want to Know

NVR security camera systems mark a huge leap forward in terms of reliability and flexibility when compared to traditional DVR counterparts.

As thieves and burglars become more sophisticated in their methods, it’s crucial to upgrade your home security system’s capabilities to better prevent intrusions and safeguard your property.

Whether you require a future-proof surveillance system that’s easy to install, or you plan to upgrade your existing CCTV analog security system, the NVR IP security camera systems offer the best return on your investment.

What Is an NVR Security Camera System

NVR security camera systems consist of multiple IP cameras and a network video recorder that allows you to monitor various sites simultaneously from your phone or PC 24/7.

Based on the way HD NVR security camera systems transmit data, they can be divided into two groups: wireless NVR security camera systems, where the IP cameras connect to the NVR wirelessly, or PoE systems where they connect via a network cable.

Choosing between NVR PoE security camera systems and their wireless counterparts depends on what you expect from an NVR video security camera system. (For additional details, see our post on the differences between wired and wireless security systems.)

NVR IP security camera systems are classified by the number of channels available. 4-channel, 8-channel, and 16-channel NVR security camera systems are among the most popular models available for purchase at this time.

The number of channels an NVR home security camera system has determines how many cameras you can connect to the surveillance system.

Here’s an example to clarify: even if you only require four cameras now, it is recommended that you purchase an 8-channel or 16-channel NVR security camera system to accommodate potential expansion for future use.

Different Types of NVR Security System

1. Wifi NVR Security System – ZOSI W4 Pro

One of the best wifi NVR security systems with security cameras 4 pack (four 3MP wireless IP cameras) and 8-channel NVR with built-in 2TB HDD for 24/7 recording, ZOSI W4 is popular with users looking for a reliable and complete NVR security system.

3MP Home Wi-Fi Mesh Security Camera System - W4 PRO

  • AI Human Detection
  • Light & Siren Alarm
  • Mesh Wi-Fi
  • 2 Way Audio

ZOSI W4 Pro security camera system is the best bang for the buck IP 4 camera system. Its exceptional video quality and solid-built cameras and NVR make your investment worthwhile.

It’s a do-it-yourself (DIY) home security system and plug-and-play home security system; homeowners can install all the security cameras and the NVR all by themselves, even though you are a beginner.

2. PoE NVR Security System – ZOSI 8SN-182

This PoE NVR security system can get your security cameras recording all the time, not only the video but also the voice, ZOSI C182, a PoE security camera NVR system, for example.

C182 - 4K POE Surveillance Cameras Security Monitor Systems

  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Smart Person/Vehicle Detection
  • Customize Detection Zone
  • Starlight Night Vision
  • 24/7 Video & Audio Recording
  • Access Remotely & Flexibly
  • Two Way Audio

And the recording won’t mess up with your network, because they have their proprietary network to transmit the video, which means the video recording won’t ”eat up” your bandwidths. Only when you need remote viewing on your mobile phone or you want to get live streaming via a computer, will the security camera system access the Internet.

img Compare with the Non PoE System

The most important thing you need to consider when recording security cameras is to select a suitable NVR. Many standalone NVRs only work for the cameras from the same brand, and other brands’ products may have incompatible issues.

Therefore, the best solution is to buy the cameras and an NVR from the same brand, or you can select a whole set.

NVR Surveillance System: Pros & cons

Pros Cons
Can record video and audio; DVR only records video Cost, typically NVR systems are more expensive
Better image quality Software can be harder to use
More system flexibility
Better coverage, 1 camera has multiple lenses
Can be wired or wireless; DVR cannot be wireless
Only needs 1 cable for video, audio and power
Can be used to identify faces, license plates, etc. due to higher image quality

How to choose NVR security systems

Struggling to choose the right NVR security camera system for your home?

Based on feedback received from online forums, most individuals seek an NVR security camera system that incorporates the following features:

  • Easy self-installation at a reasonable cost
  • Extended recording time
  • Clear video footage during the day and night
  • Simple and easy remote access through mobile devices

If you need a system that incorporates the features listed above, skip to the appropriate section provided below to gain valuable insights that will help you choose the most suitable NVR security camera system for your home.

1. NVR Security Camera Systems That Are Easy to Set Up and Use

Many individuals wonder about the best options for NVR security camera systems that are easy to self-install and not overly expensive.

In reality, most of the top NVR security camera systems are easy to set up and use without professional assistance. Here are some tips to help you choose the best budget-friendly options:

  • Review the product page to determine if “plug and play” is listed as a selling feature for the PoE/WiFi NVR security camera system.
  • Check NVR security camera system reviews to ensure that the installation is as advertised and straightforward.
  • Confirm that the NVR security system kit includes all necessary security camera installation accessories.
  • Keep an eye out for any concealed expenses associated with wireless and PoE NVR HD security camera systems that might impact your security system price. (To learn more, consult our guide, which details what could impact your security system price.)

2. NVR PoE and Wireless Security Camera Systems with Extended Recording Time

Many users seek the best PoE NVR security camera system that can provide 30+ days of recording.

The recording time of PoE and wireless NVR security camera systems is influenced by several factors. To ensure that you select an IP NVR security camera system capable of recording over extended periods before older files are replaced, consider the following:

  • Check whether the NVR security camera system comes equipped with a built-in hard disk drive (HDD), and if so, what is its storage capacity.
  • Determine if the NVR PoE or wireless security camera system allows external HDD connections to boost storage capacity.
  • Verify if the security camera systems with NVR offer adjustable resolution settings to optimize storage usage.
  • Check if the NVR security camera systems come with audio, as voice recording can consume considerable storage space. If yes, disabling audio recording in the camera settings is advisable.

3. IP NVR Security Camera Systems with Clear Video Footage

Are you in search of an NVR security camera system that delivers crystal-clear video footage to detect faces and license plate numbers effortlessly?

Investing in an NVR PoE or wireless security camera system that doesn’t provide sharp images would defeat the purpose.

To address this issue, HD NVR security camera systems are the way to go. Consider the following tips to find the best NVR security system that will deliver crystal-clear images:

  • Choose PoE or wireless IP security camera NVR systems with resolutions of at least 1080p.
  • Check video samples shared by actual users to verify if the HD NVR security camera systems deliver sharp images with clear and usable details.
  • Examine the IR range of WiFi and PoE NVR HD security camera systems to determine their viewing distance at night.
  • Inspect the view angle of NVR HD security camera systems to ascertain the number of cameras required at a particular site to prevent blind spots that could go unnoticed.

4. NVR Security Camera Systems with Easy Remote Access on Your Phone

Viewing Videos of NVR Security Camera Systems on Your Mobile Phone
Do you want to access videos of your NVR security camera system from your mobile phone?

One significant advantage of NVR wireless and PoE security camera systems is that you can access and manage multiple IP cameras from the NVR on your phone or PC.

To ensure the optimum user experience, consider the following factors while selecting your system:

  • Does the IP NVR security camera system manufacturer provide free software such as the Reolink app and client for Android phones, iPhones, Mac, and Windows?
  • Consult NVR security camera system reviews to determine if the software is comprehensive, intuitive, powerful, and user-friendly.
  • Check if any NVR security system users have reported any issues of lag while watching the live feed.

How to install the NVR Surveillance System

The NVR offers versatile support for external hard disks connected via the SATA interface. Additionally, the built-in gateway strategically separates the network camera connection and the data network connection, preventing network congestion.

Functional four digital inputs and one digital output interfaces enable seamless integration with security sensors and alarms, further enhancing the NVR’s capabilities. This NVR offers superior performance and exceptional video recording quality, establishing it as an ideal solution for network video recording needs.
To connect your Standalone NVR to your network, you must connect it to Ethernet Port 1, provided you are using a network router/DHCP server in your system. The Standalone NVR will attempt to obtain an IP address from the router via DHCP. In situations where no IP address is automatically assigned, Ethernet Port 1 will adopt the static IP address after 30 seconds.
On the back panel of your Standalone NVR, the Ethernet port on the right is Ethernet Port 2, while the left port is Ethernet Port 1. Moreover, the added P2P network protocol enables greater compatibility with various network service companies. Once online, the NVR boasts strong network penetration, allowing for easy remote access after completing the initial QR-Code scan setup.

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