7 Ways to Successfully Keep Trespassing Kids Off Your Property

Are unruly neighbor kids trespassing in your yard causing frustration? Street kids riding bikes over your pristine lawn? Teens damaging your lovingly nurtured flowers and meddling with your stuff while you’re away?

You’re not alone. Thousands share your annoyance with the frequent disruptions and unwelcome trespassing caused by unsupervised teenagers and inconsiderate neighbors.

We acknowledged your concerns and decided to compile a list of useful approaches to help protect your property—including yards and driveways—from intruding kids, neighbors, and other trespassers.

You may wonder how to legally deter people from trespassing. Prevent neighbors from using your driveway? Safeguard your yard from meddling kids? Click here, and you’ll find the answers you need!

Keepsakes of Boundaries: “No Trespassing” & Warning Signs

It might seem trivial to post a “NO TRESPASSING” or “PRIVATE PROPERTY” sign as a solution for wayward kids making a playground in your yard. The occasional indifferent neighborhood child or teenager might still misuse your space.

However, displaying a notice beats not having any!

A robust “Keep Out” or “No Trespassing” sign professionally identifies your haven as private property. Unauthorized entry or usage of your space is lawfully called ‘trespassing.’ It’s a punishable misdemeanor, civil wrongdoing (aka ‘tort’), or even both in certain jurisdictions.

No trespassing private property sign on a fence

The trespassing law dictates that any person cannot invade, stay, or conduct activities on properties with a clear sign, as stated in the renowned Black’s Law Dictionary.

From a neighborly perspective, the “No Trespassing” sign can ironically function as a friendly reminder to keep children and teens aware of the extents of their playground.

Enhance Security with a Motion-Detection Camera

Think about installing an advanced outdoor surveillance camera, like the siren & 2-way audio-equipped ZOSI 1NC-291. This can help keep unwanted visitors like neighborhood kids away.

This savvy little camera can guard your yard, porch, driveway, and home against intruders, including those mischievous kids.

4MP Wireless Battery Powered PT Secrity Camera - 1NC-291

  • 4MP Super HD
  • Long Battery Life
  • Customize PIR Alert
  • 360° HD View
  • Flexible Mounting
  • Enhanced Night Vision

The ZOSI motion-sensor camera sends instant alerts when it detects people in areas like your yard or porch.

Some helpful tips:

Ensure your “No Trespassing” signs are visible in the camera’s view. This helps when reporting trespassing or claiming damages.

Consider adding a surveillance warning sign on your property. It reminds passersby, kids, and neighbors that your property is monitored.

In New York, the law states that private property video surveillance is allowed if a clear notice is put up or if the cameras are highly visible. This way, people know that they are being watched.

Communicate with Parents Proactively

Moving to a new area brings new challenges. You might be worried about neighboring kids playing near your home or running about in your yard when you are not there.

Before things get heated or you feel the need to call the police, try speaking to your neighbor first.

Visit them, express your concerns, and be straightforward about the need for privacy on your property. This is a simple yet effective way to prevent any issues from escalating.

Make it clear that you won’t tolerate disruptions or trespassing from anyone, including kids. Establish boundaries and clear out any misunderstandings.

You may appear strict, but your privacy is not up for debate. If they don’t respond to your concerns, remember that you can always seek legal help.

A Strong Fence, A Sound Solution

Many deal with problems such as intrusive neighbors, petty thieves, unwanted visitors, or playful kids. The continuous disruptions or invasions into their private property can pose a real concern.

As the saying goes, “A good fence makes a good neighbor.” Setting up a reasonably tall fence can effectively discourage mischievous kids and trespassers from encroaching on your yard.

White wooden fence at detached house backyard

Rendering a fence around your residence, near the sidewalk, in the backyard, or around your driveway serves as a boundary marker. It clearly defines the private property and the communal areas.

One Reddit user suggested:

“Install a waist-high fence. Economical decorative options are available and are easy to set up. I have a split-rail fence surrounding my front yard. It keeps out kids and bonus, it deters dogs too.”

Fencing your front or backyard, whether with a decorative or steel fence, is an effective strategy to ward off kids from cycling in your yard, picking garden flowers, or keeping trespassing neighbors at bay.

However, ensure your fence construction complies with local fencing laws, which specify the height and rules related to fence building. An excessively tall fence can be legally classified as a ‘spite fence‘ – an illegal structure that could face compulsory takedown.

Grow a Green Guard

Plant around your property to create a natural barrier. Use bushes or prickly plants like roses and blackberries. This will help deter unwelcome visitors and keep kids out of your yard.

Before buying fences or planting, talk to local government agencies for more information.

Use Dogs for Security

Guard dogs can protect your property. Their loud barks can scare off intruders. Their big size and teeth can also stop people from entering your space – this includes children, teenagers, and adults.

Good dog guarding a house

One dog owner said: “When my German shepherd barks, people run away.”

Breeds like the Doberman pinscher, German shepherd, Rottweiler, or Scottish terrier are good at keeping unwanted visitors away from your home.

Consider Using Motion-Sensing Sprinklers

Motion-sensing sprinklers do more than just water your lawn. They can also serve as a deterrent for unwanted visitors, including children or teenagers who may be tempted to trespass.

garden sprinkler spraying water, watering lawn grass, flowers

You can position these sprinklers around your lawn’s border or any particular area that seems to be a popular spot for troublesome youngsters. To reinforce the message, add warning signs.

As soon as someone steps onto the sensor’s range, they’ll receive an unexpected shower, which is often enough to send them scampering away.

Before implementing these actions, if feasible, communicate with their parents. Assure them that your intentions are not to harm their children, but to make sure your property is respected.

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