How to Deal with Your Crazy and Abusive Ex: Concrete Steps for Self-Protection

Imagine this scenario. You’re returning home from a long, tiring day at work and your exhaustion levels are touching the sky. Suddenly, a loud, unexpected knock on your door gets the better of you. As you open the door, your aggressive ex-partner barges into your living space, initiating a rough encounter before leaving abruptly.

In real-life contexts, the Huffington Post reports that females tend to become larger targets of such unruly behavior after the fallout with their previous spouses or partners, as compared to their male counterparts. It is deeply disheartening to realize that numerous individuals must endure distress caused by their current partner’s ex, or their ex-spouse.

Today, we endeavor to arm you with essential advice on tackling such distressing interactions with ex-partners effectively. If you happen to have cultivated helpful insights on this subject through your experience, we warmly invite you to participate in the discussion using the comments below. Your contribution can certainly add value to this conversation.

Avoid Any Contact with Your Ex-Partner

Following the termination of a relationship with your ex-spouse, submerging yourself in the aftermath of the break-up should be avoided at all costs.

Do not find yourself sliding back into the arms of your ex-partner out of pity for them. Once the decision of separation has been made, it’s beneficial for both parties to embrace the change, allowing yourself to progress and kickstart a fresh journey in life.

Disregard All Communication Attempts from an Obsessive Ex-partner

One typical trait of an overly attached and obsessive ex-partner is their incessant attempts to establish contact after a breakup, seeking approval for possible reconciliation.

During such instances, the most effective way to handle the situation is to stay resolute and dismiss all their attempts to communicate, be it through texts, calls, emails, or even unsolicited gifts. This will send a clear message to them, showing not only your serious intent about the break-up but also your progress towards moving on.

If your ex continues to pester you despite your clear stand, consider blocking their phone number and removing them from your contact and friends lists on social media platforms.

Equip Your Home with Security Cameras for Protection Against Unstable Exes

Are you subjected to intentional character defamation, disturbing stalking, or the negative impact on new relationships or family by an enraged ex-partner or abusive ex-spouse?

Or are you working towards collecting proof against your erratic ex-spouse intentionally inflicting damage to your new residence?

Quite often, the relentless ex opts to sneak around, targeting the ex-partner after a hard day’s work—a horrifying tale of severe assault reported by Live Mug UK testifies to this.

A practical approach to handle an unruly ex is to install home security cameras from top-rated CCTV brands. Whenever your ex-partner pays unexpected or unwelcome visits to your home, you can be instantly alerted by your surveillance system.

Pan Tilt Smart Detection Camera
- ZOSI C296

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  • Starlight Color Night Vision
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Moreover, should the malicious or vengeful ex attempt to violate your security by attempting to break into your home or vandalize your property, the video footage from the security camera will serve as irrefutable evidence for law enforcement officers.

Garner Support from Your Friends

It’s entirely reasonable if you are hesitant to share details about your emotional journey with your parents. However, your close friends can empathize deeply with your feelings as they’ve likely walked in your shoes.

Your friends can provide not only emotional assistance to help ease you through this challenging period but also ensure your safety in several ways, such as escorting you home to avoid any encounters with a persistent ex-partner.

Contact the Authorities

Emergency and urgency, dialing 911 on smartphone screen
“What should I do if my ex-partner visits my home uninvited late at night, intoxicated, and behaves disruptively?”

One effective measure to handle a troublesome ex-partner or spouse who shows up at your residence without permission is to inform the police and procure a police report. This strategy can prove useful later when you’re seeking a restraining order.

Apply for a Restraining Order

If your girlfriend’s unstable ex-partner or your aggressive ex-spouse resorts to violent threats, consider reaching out to local law enforcement or legal counsel to procure an anti-harassment order or a restraining order.

These orders can effectively deter a disruptive ex-partner from encroaching on your personal space and help curb any form of harassment.

Additional Precautionary Measures

Besides employing robust outdoor security cameras or camera systems to deal with an unstable, abusive, or manipulative former partner, you can also consider other safeguards such as peephole cameras, Tasers, or personal firearms.

If you don’t feel imminently threatened but perceive an impending risk, remember to not hesitate to reach out to family, friends, or the authorities. They can provide the necessary assistance to manage potential threats or hostility from a resentful ex-partner.

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