Celebrate the 11th Anniversary of ZOSI: Discover Exciting Sales & Promotions

Celebrating 11 years of ZOSI! As a global provider of smart home devices and solutions, ZOSI prides itself in 11 years of security & monitoring industry experience, a dedicated team of over 100 global R&D and production employees, and an annual R&D investment of 13% directed by over 100 R&D engineers. With an annual capacity of over 3 million security cameras and NVRs, we serve over 120 countries and regions worldwide.

zosi 11th anniversary about zosi

Zosi motto, “Security Made Easy” motivates us to design user-friendly, innovative, and progressive technology products such as WiFi/PoE IP Cameras & NVRs, Wireless Security Cameras, and Security Camera Systems, specifically tailored to enrich your lifestyle.

We are excited to announce a series of exciting promotions to celebrate ZOSI’s 11th-anniversary from June 17th on. Click here to join us.

Mystery Boxes

Zosi 11th anniversary “Mystery Boxes” Promotion is sure to surprise you. With just $59.99, you stand a chance to win premium surprises valued up to $299.99. You could also pay $19.99 to unraveled hidden treasures worth up to $59.99.

zosi 11th anniversary Mystery Boxes

Security Camera Name Price Type
C298 MAX $109.99 2.4GHz WiFi PT Camera with Dual Lens + 8X Hybrid Zoom
C296 4K $109.99 4K 2.4GHz Humanoid Tracking Camera + Max 128GB Local Storage
C528M $89.99 6MP 2.4GHz 5GHz WiFi Camera with Dual Lens(3MP + 3MP) + 360° Views
84U2-1864W $299.99 4MP 8-Channel Wireless WiFi Security System + Up to 8 Cameras + 2TB Hard Drive
C611 $30 2K WiFi Indoor Security Camera with 2-Way Audio, Cloud & SD Card Storage
C516 $55.99 4MP PTZ 2.4GHz/5GHz Baby Security Camera + AI Human/Sound/Motion Detect
C289 3MP $38.99 3MP Humanoid Tracking Camera + 128GB Local Storage/30 Days Free Trial Cloud Storage
C518 $40 3MP PTZ 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi Security Camera + Max 128GB Local Storage
C5286D $59.99 6MP Wi-Fi Dual-Lens Security Camera with Full-Color Night Vision

Group Buying

Zosi are introducing a “Group Buying” initiative. Shopping in itself is a pleasure, and so, we invite all ZOSI fans to join us for group buying where you can make purchases alongside other fans and benefit from discounted prices at checkout.

zosi 11th anniversary Group Buying

Security Camera Name Group Price Price Type
84U2-1864W $196 $269 4MP 8-Channel Wireless WiFi Security System + Up to 8 Cameras + 2TB Hard Drive
16SK-2258A $575 $799 4K 16 Channel Camera System + Up to 16 Cameras + 4TB Hard Drive
84U2-2894M $219 $479 4MP PTZ Wireless WiFi Security System + 2TB Hard Drive
84U2-1884M $200 $299 4MP Wireless WiFi Security Camera System + Up to 8 Cameras + 2TB Hard Drive

Share & Win

Lastly, we have the “Share & Win” contest. If you have intriguing photos or videos using our products, share them with us, and let’s spread the love together. Besides, we have astonishing prizes waiting for the best entries! Don’t hesitate, Share Now!

  1. Five first-place winners will win a C186WIFI 8-channel 4-camera kits.
  2. Ten second-place winners will each receive a C298 MAX.
  3. Twenty third-placers winners will each get a C516.
  4. Fifty fourth-place winners will each get a 15% discount coupon.

zosi 11th anniversary Share Win

Join ZOSI in celebrating the 11th anniversary, and may everyone discover surprises in our celebration.

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