Connecting Security Cameras to Phones: Get Started Here

Top 5 things you care about connecting security cameras to phones: The easiest way to connect cameras to phone (Android phone & iPhone) and the best security camera connects to phone. And additionally, we’ll talk about the basic lines to pick out the best security cameras that connect to the phone and answer the hottest questions about the CCTV camera linked to phones.

It’s true; surveillance camera technology has made some strides. Now, you can be alerted directly on your phone when the security surveillance camera notices movement in your door, stockroom, or storefront. Such alerts can pop up instantly on your smartphone when you are at your workplace or even when you’re not around your home, and what you need to do next is to open your surveillance app and check out the occurrence in your home. That is how important surveillance viewing has become just on your phone.

Keeping vigil on your home or property is very important. All you need is a smart security camera system. And if you are looking for an easy step on how you can connect a security camera to your smartphone, this guide is going to detail just that for you.

Editor’s Note: If you want to turn your old phones into security cameras, read our detailed step-by-step guidance in our previous post for both Android phones and iPhones.

Security Camera Linked to Phone: How to Connect (Easiest Way to Go)

To make your business or home security cameras connected to your phone and see the happening while you’re away, you need to get a quality surveillance camera or system with both surveillance cameras and apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android systems. The good news is that almost all surveillance cameras in the market, particularly IP security cameras, can be linked easily to smartphones. However, the surveillance apps have great differences.

The best option is to go for the hardware made for easy to use and practical such as the CCTV security pro camera mobile app. The self-developed smartphone apps offered by the security camera companies are the best choice.

We will explain how you can connect security cameras to phones with or without Wi-Fi and network. Let’s take you through the two options:

1. How to Connect Security Camera to Phone with WiFi

So how do I connect a CCTV camera to a mobile phone?

Basically, 3 simple steps if the WiFi is available. I’ll take ZOSI cameras as an example.

  1. Install and start ZOSI Smart App on your phone
  2. Include your security camera in the app via the QR Code or the model code
  3. Tap on the surveillance camera connected to the smartphone to check out a live view
  4. (Optional) Set settings like option detection, alert frequency, etc. to match your monitoring needs

Note: Some of these steps may vary because of the particular surveillance camera app; as such, you need to check the app system to set up a step for more info.

This video demonstrates how to connect a home security camera to cell phone taking ZOSI 1NC-528M as an example:

Side note: This is by far the easiest and best way to connect CCTV to phone (with the manufacturer customized app like ZOSI app at hand).

2. How to Connect CCTV Camera to Mobile Without Internet

Is it even possible have CCTV camera linked to phone without Internet?

Short answer: Yes, but in a limited way.

Here is how it works: Connect the security camera to a router (no need for an active Internet connection), then you can access the camera on your phone without Internet, as long as the camera and phone are on the same local network.

In this article, we will list and explain more details about the no wifi security camera solution.

That’s to say, you can connect CCTV camera to cell phone without Internet within the range of your router network. When you are away, the camera will not connect.

So if you want to have your security camera linked to phone and access it from anywhere (for example, when you are away from home which is the most typical case), the above two methods is the way to go.

Security Camera Connected to Phone: Best Picks

Security cameras from many brands can be connected to mobile phone and their difference lies in the apps and features coming with them.

With the manufacturer customized ZOSI app, ZOSI offers you a wide selection of security cameras linked phone with top user experience for home and business.

Actually, ZOSI cameras have already covered users from over 200 countries, with proven smooth and clear videos in both iPhone and Android phones like the Lenovo K4 note, Samsung Galaxy S7, Huawei Mate 10 Pro, HTC One M8, Motorola Droid Bionic, and etc.

1. Home Security Cameras Connected to Phone – ZOSI 1NC-528M

If you are looking for a wireless security camera linked to phone, then you can’t go wrong with the ZOSI 1NC-528M.

6MP Dual Lens WiFi Secrity Camera - 1NC-528M

  • Dual Lens (3MP + 3MP)
  • Cover Every Angle
  • AI Person Detection and Auto Tracking
  • Dual Band WiFi Connection
  • Smart Motion Alerts Push
  • Two-way Audio & Customize Voice Alerts
  • SD Card Storage & Cloud Storage

If you need a smart 6MP super HD Wi-Fi security camera, this should be your first choice to think about. This unit offers correct detection using AI human-form detection technology. As such, it lowers many false-positive movements that others cameras usually detect for tree branches and flying bugs. The built-in microphone and speaker enable you to speak and hear everything from where you are in real-time. Better still, this powerful camera works seamlessly with Alexa. The App Push allows you to follow everything from wherever you are.

2. Wireless Security Camera That Links to Your Phone – ZOSI C296

Secondly, we have this powerful and functional surveillance camera with advanced features. Essentially this camera is a 5MP pan and tilts wireless security device. It can rotate 275 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically, which enables it to cover a very wide area leaving on the dark spot. You’ll get every viewing detail with very easy direction control through ZOSI Smart App from your mobile phone. Imagine having the ability to have to follow your driveaway, porch, or even store using one single camera.

C296 - Pan Tilt IP Security Cameras

  • 4K Ultra HD/5MP Super HD
  • Starlight Color Night Vision
  • Pan & Tilt
  • PoE/WiFi Connection
  • Light & Siren Alarm
  • Upgraded AI-Powered Detection
  • 2-Way Audio

Here is an unboxing video of the ZOSI 1NC-296 5MP security camera for your reference.

3. Security Camera System Linked to Phone: ZOSI W4 Pro

When it comes to security camera system linked to phone, it’s important to make sure all the security cameras could be easily added to your phone and accessed remotely without slowing your network down.

ZOSI security kit W4 Pro makes the whole process easy for you. Just connect the cameras to the NVR, link the NVR to your phone (by scanning the QR code) and it will deliver the live stream to your screen immediately.

3MP Home Wi-Fi Mesh Security Camera System - W4 PRO

  • AI Human Detection
  • Light & Siren Alarm
  • Mesh Wi-Fi
  • 2 Way Audio

You can view the following video about the wireless security system connected to the phone.

More importantly, this security camera system linked to phone allows you to choose different live view mode (clear, balanced or fluent) to best suit your network condition.

Top Security Cameras Linked to Phone: 5 Features to Consider

What you can achieve with your security cameras linked to your cell phone will be determined by their features. For instance, maybe you want to clearly see a burglar’s face, see license plates at a distance, or even listen to what’s going on in your workplace and talk to your loved ones at home. You can only experience such capabilities if you choose the right features for your security cameras that connect to your phone.

Here are the top features you need for superior remote viewing on the phone:

1. High Resolution for High-Quality Images Security Cameras Connected to Phone

The quality of the security camera’s image connected to your phone is a great factor that influences your experience when you’re watching live. HD of surveillance cameras linked to your smartphone gives you an excellent user experience in remote monitoring. If possible, settle with the camera with at least 1080P and up.

To protect your property, you need cameras that could at least identify the human face and plate number, which means 1080p and above resolution.

ZOSI has been offering all types of 1080p, 3MP and 5MP cameras linked to phone, providing you a much clearer and sharper view of the objects. You may learn more details at the security camera store.

2. Security Cameras Linked to Mobile Phone with Two-Way Audio

Unlike the earliest cameras that only offered footage of the occurrence without any sound, now things are different; security cameras can do a two-way audio communication. Which means you can warn intruders right on your phone.

3. Excellent Night Vision Security Cameras to Your Phone

If you want to monitor what is going on in your premises even when the dark approaches or when there is a power outage at night, having a camera with excellent night vision should be a priority.

With IR security cameras connected to your phone, you can check all the monitoring places even in the dark. But make sure you get the real night vision-enabled camera. Before purchasing, do compare the number of LED lights that determine the night vision distance and its viewing angle.

4. Security Camera Phone App with Easy Navigation

An easy-to-follow surveillance camera mobile phone can save you time and stress because you can open with just a tap and monitor your home with ease.

5. Security Cameras Connected to Phone That Is Network Friendly

This is usually the major concern for most security cameras. Since live viewing is fully dependent on the network connection, ensure you get a camera that accepts most networks.

Top 4 Benefits of Connecting Security Cameras to Cell Phone

1. It will allow 24/7 surveillance

Can you see or have a view of what is going on in your house and the environment if you are not there or if you don’t have something to view what is happening? Of course, no! 24/7 surveillance is one of the biggest benefits of connecting security cameras to a cell phone. With the cutting-edge hidden security camera app for Android phones and iPhones, you can view the live footage of what is going on in your home directly on your phone. Additionally, there are some best USB spy cameras that allow surveillance of your properties throughout the year. Also, you will be able to manage motion detection alerts, zoom cameras, record videos, search through the footage you have recorded in the past, and more.

2. Reduces false alarm and provides greater peace of mind

Connecting your security camera to a cell phone can help reduce false alarms and also offer greater peace of mind. How is this possible? As a homeowner or business owner, you can combine the remote viewing with your alarm systems. This will help you prevent and detect threats that could result in injury at home or in the office and also loss of valuable items in your home. When you have your USB wall charger spy camera connected to your phone, you can deal with fewer false alarms and worry less about your home and properties security.

3. Multiple camera monitoring

When your surveillance security cameras are connected to a cell phone, you will be able to monitor all of them at once. This means you won’t have to worry about complex remote monitoring. You can keep an eye on what is going on in the rooms, the balcony, backyard, front door and more at the same time and on the same cell phone.

4. Helps in prosecution

Connecting a security camera to a cell phone can help capture a clearer image of an intruder, and also identify the face of the person breaking into your home. Also, you will be able to identify the plate number of the vehicle he or she comes with. Additionally, you will be able to find a clue to who is dumping on your lawn illegally. All the pictures and videos can be presented to the jury when a prosecution is needed. Apart from prosecution, connecting your USB surveillance camera with your cell phone will also help you know if your loved ones at home are having a good or bad day through their clearly shown facial appearance.

Hot Q&As about linking Security Cameras to Phone

If your phone app isn’t connecting, you need to check the surveillance camera connection and power. Ensure the internet connection is stable. Better still, you can restart the security camera to deal with the issues.

Check the following frequently asked ones and quick answers.

Q1. Can’t connect to my camera via my cell phone

“Phone Apps will not connect. Please assist.” There are anxious users every day on the forum asking for help to connect cameras to the cell phone.

And here are some common troubleshooting tips if you are unable to view cameras on connected app:

  • Check the security camera connection and power
  • Make sure the network connection is stable by testing with other network devices.
  • Reboot the security camera to fix issues
  • Reset the security camera to Its factory default

See more troubleshooting tips: Security Camera Won’t Work – Top 10 Solutions to Fix

Q2. Will hackers control my security camera through the phone?

After you have decided a satisfying security camera that linked to phone, the last thing you may worry about is safety issues. You may wonder if it is possible for hackers to control the camera on your phone.

The short answer is NO, at least not for ZOSI with the private safety protocol. That’s to say no one can access the camera without your permission and the right password.

And last but not least, make sure your camera is not the one in this Unsecured IP Camera List.


With the advancement in technology, it’s apparent that more complex and superior devices are being brought to the market. And surveillance camera is no different. With the best security camera that allows you to follow everything from your phone, you can rest assured that the safety of your properties is guaranteed.