Hotel Security Cameras (Systems) — What You Need to Know

Security cameras and systems are essential for hotels, motels, resorts, and other paid lodging establishments.

The importance of CCTV security cameras in these establishments is increasing as hotel crimes are on the rise. According to NYPD data, hotel and motel crime grew by 19.3% between 2011 and 2015. As a guest at a hotel, your personal security should be a top priority since hotel crimes are not uncommon.

Additionally, you may also be concerned about your privacy when staying in a hotel or inn room since news reports have revealed hidden security cameras in some rooms.

As a hotel owner or manager, ensuring that everything is going smoothly is one of your major responsibilities.

Check the main sections below to find the information you need.

FAQs About Hotel/Motel Security Cameras (Systems)

1. Are Security Cameras Allowed in Hotel Rooms?

According to hotel security camera laws, hotel room surveillance is illegal. CCTV security cameras are not allowed in hotel rooms since installing them is a serious privacy violation. Security cameras are legal when mounted or installed in public areas, such as lobbies, elevators, receptions, etc.

2. Are There Security Cameras in Hotel Hallways?

Most hotels have management security camera systems to record and monitor hallways. If hotels don’t have security cameras in the hallways, the entrances and stairwells will be covered by the “digital eyes”.

3. How Can I Check for Security Cameras in Hotel Rooms?

There are several ways to check for hidden cameras in hotel rooms. You can look for unfamiliar power sockets, check for blinking LED lights, or use a signal detector. If you find any security cameras in your hotel room, including Airbnb rental rooms, report it to the police immediately.

4. How Long Do Hotels Keep Video Surveillance Recordings?

There is no standard length of time that video surveillance recordings must be maintained in a hotel. Usually, hotel video recording tapes are kept for about 30-90 days. However, some regulations require that recordings from hotel security cameras in casinos be stored for 6 months or 1 year.

Types of Security Cameras Suitable for Hotel Rooms

If you’re renting an Airbnb room for a business trip, it’s a good idea to have a security camera to watch over your valuables stored in the hotel room. This allows you to check whether cleaners or hotel staff are stealing your valuables, or if thieves are sneaking into your hotel/motel room to steal your laptop and other valuables.

Before deciding which type of security camera to install in your hotel room, it’s important to check local legislation to see if it’s legal to have your own security cameras in your hotel room. Ideally, surveillance security cameras for hotel rooms should be portable, small, have motion detection and offer high definition.

Here are some recommendations for hotel security cameras that meet these requirements:

1. ZOSI 1NC-291

This wire-free, battery-powered security camera is only 4.4 inches long, making it easy to carry. You can view what’s happening in your hotel room on your smartphone anytime, from anywhere. If someone breaks into your hotel room, the camera will detect the motion event and send instant push notifications to your phone.

4MP Wireless Battery Powered PT Secrity Camera - 1NC-291

  • 4MP Super HD
  • Long Battery Life
  • Customize PIR Alert
  • 360° HD View
  • Flexible Mounting
  • Enhanced Night Vision

2. ZOSI 1NC-296

Zosi C296 security camera offers wireless WiFi connectivity. You can place this WiFi PTZ security camera in your hotel room during your absence. With 5MP super HD and starlight night vision, you can get super clear images both day and night.

C296 - Pan Tilt IP Security Cameras

  • 4K Ultra HD/5MP Super HD
  • Starlight Color Night Vision
  • Pan & Tilt
  • PoE/WiFi Connection
  • Light & Siren Alarm
  • Upgraded AI-Powered Detection
  • 2-Way Audio

3. ZOSI 1NC-518

This is a little wireless IP security camera that’s suitable for you to put in your hotel room. Unlike the newest totally wire-free type, you need to use a cable to power this camera.

This wireless security camera is equipped with all of the required features (listed above) but offers you more. This camera offers 3MP Super HD and powerful pan-tilt scanning, which ensures that you can view things extremely clearly without close to the object. If a person invades your hotel room, you can recognize him or her easily.

3MP PTZ Indoor Security Camera - 1NC-518

  • 3MP Super HD
  • 360° Panoramic Vision
  • AI Person Detection and Auto Tracking
  • 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual Band WiFi Connection
  • SD Card Storage & Cloud Storage

Best Hotel CCTV Surveillance Cameras (Systems) for Your Hotel Security

As a hotel/motel owner or manager, ensuring the safety and security of your staff and guests is a top priority.

Hotel CCTV security cameras (systems) can help keep your guests and staff safe from theft and other crimes by allowing you to track visitors and prevent break-ins. They can also be helpful in preventing employee theft.

One of the main purposes of hotel IP CCTV security cameras is to deter criminals from targeting your establishment. The fear of being recorded is often enough to dissuade criminals from attempting to rob or steal from guests.

Another important reason to install security cameras (systems) in your hotel is that they can provide evidence or clues for police to investigate crimes. For example, security cameras in the Cecil hotel elevator recorded Elisa Lam’s strange actions, which were helpful clues for the police.

To cover multiple areas of your hotel and manage your hotel security cameras (systems) conveniently and easily, you should install complete security camera systems.

Popular Hotel Security Camera System – C225 PoE IP Security Camera System

This system has four 4K/5MP Super HD IP cameras and 1 NVR, and you can add 4 more PoE IP cameras based on your needs.

C225 - 4K POE Surveillance Cameras Security Monitor Systems

  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Smart Person/Vehicle Detection
  • Customize Detection Zone
  • Starlight Night Vision
  • 24/7 Video & Audio Recording
  • Access Remotely & Flexibly
  • Two Way Audio

With multiple IP cameras installed in public areas, you can view almost every corner on your smartphone, PC, Mac, etc. Videos will be recorded to the NVR, ensuring that you won’t miss anything important.

If a break-in occurs in your hotel, you can review the recorded footage to catch the culprit with the help of the police.


Hotel crime is on the rise, including hotel room robbery, drugs, break-ins, and theft. More and more hotels, such as the Marriott Hotel and Mayflower Hotel, are installing security cameras to record 24/7 in case of any important incidents.

However, under no circumstances should you install CCTV security cameras in hotel rooms, dressing rooms, restrooms, and other private areas.

Understanding the surveillance in public areas and privacy can help you avoid unnecessary potential troubles in the long run.