Casino Security Cameras — The Best Kind of

Where there is money, there are bound to be thefts — that’s the way Hollywood movies tell it.

As a casino owner, the security of casinos — the places that are full of cash and the breeding ground for theft, cheating and other crimes, should be your priority.

The eye in the sky — casino security cameras (systems) is definitely one of the most effective security measures to secure your casinos or gambling houses.

You can get the best security cameras (systems) for your casino from the top CCTV camera brand, and view important areas you should install casino grade/quality security cameras.

#1. Choose the Best Casino Video Cameras (Systems) for Your Casino

There are some important features you need to focus on when you buy security cameras for your casino. Here are top elements you need to bear in mind when in search of security cameras for your casino.

1. Choose IP Security Cameras (Systems)
2. Invest in PTZ IP Cameras or Complete Security Camera Systems

1. Buy IP Security Cameras (Systems) for Your Casino/Poker Room

There are 3 common kinds of security cameras in the market: IP security cameras, Analog cameras and CCTV cameras.

IP security cameras outweigh other 2 types of home/business security cameras in many ways. Casino IP security cameras can offer you much clearer images/videos. And this type of security camera can offer you more functions, such as motion detection, email alerts, app push notifications, etc.

You can get more information in the comparison of IP cameras, Analog cameras and CCTV cameras.

As you may know, some Las Vegas or Macao casino security cameras are still DVR Analog type. Some security cameras used in the casino are even VCR type.

It’s really essential for you to upgrade your casino security cameras into the IP type. Casino IP security cameras can help you read license plate numbers, and recognize a person’s face in a certain distance. Clear images and videos are really helpful to keep as evidence if the casino dealers or gamblers cheat in your poker rooms, or if there are any unusual activities.

2. Choose PTZ IP Security Cameras or Complete Security Camera Systems for Your Casino

You can buy standalone security cameras or complete security camera systems to monitor your casino.

Standalone IP Security Cameras

When you buy all-in-one IP security cameras for your casino, remember to buy PTZ IP camera type. PTZ IP security cameras can rotate 360° and can cover a wide range of your casino. One PTZ IP security camera is equal to multiple fixed IP security cameras system.

You can set up preset positions and patrol or cruise to monitor your casino with PTZ security cameras. It saves your budget when you only invest in standalone IP security cameras for your casino, gambling tables, poker rooms, etc.

Bump: You may opt to buy dome security cameras system for your casino. This type of security cameras is nearly impossible for people to tell which direction they are monitoring. And dome security cameras can be installed to the ceiling of your casino, which is helpful to monitor and record the dealers or gamblers playing cards or card counting.

Complete IP Security Camera Systems

Complete NVR security camera systems are the best option for you to secure your casino, hotels, hallways 24/7.

All of the video tapes or footages will be saved on the NVR, which you can review everything happened in your casino parking lots, halls, areas of slot machines, etc.

If there are car break-ins happened in your casino parking lot, you can check the recorded videos to find the criminal for your dealers or customers.

A complete casino camera system typically includes multiple IP security cameras, which is very convenient for you or your casino staff to manage or monitor the whole casino security cameras in the casino surveillance room.

#2. Important Casino Areas to Install Security Cameras (Systems)

You may notice that the casinos have security cameras almost EVERYWHERE. However, you cannot just install security cameras randomly.

You should make sure that the below areas in your casino are covered and protected by IP security cameras:

  • Entrances. Place IP security cameras at your casino entrances and exits to capture footages of all dealers, gamblers or customers coming and going in/out of your casino.
  • Cashier areas. One of the most important areas at your casino should be the place where it is full of currency and chips. Remember to utilize high definition IP security cameras to monitor areas where a large amount of currency and chips are exchanged or stored.
  • Open areas. Cover all of the open areas, including hotel hallways, restaurants, retail shops, gaming floor, escalators, parking lots, etc., with IP security cameras, so the security department of your casino can spot unusual activities.
  • Gaming facilities. Make sure that your casino security cameras can monitor and record the gaming/gambling facilities, such as gaming tables, slots, etc., to watch for instances of cheating and suspicious behavior.

As a casino owner or manager, you should provide casino surveillance training to make sure your security staff will live up to your expectations on monitoring your casino.

When it comes to casino security, you should never gamble.

#3. Casino Security Cameras — Hottest Questions You May Have

Are you curious about casino security cameras? Here are some hottest questions you may have concerning casino security cameras (systems).

1. Why There Are so Many Security Cameras in the Casino
2. How Long Do Casinos Keep Their Surveillance Tapes/Videos/Footages
3. What Are Some Advanced Features of Casino Security Cameras

1. Reasons Why There Are Many Security Cameras at Casinos

Why there are hundreds of security cameras in Las Vegas (US), Macao casinos?

One of the main reasons for installing security cameras (systems) at casinos is that they can prevent cheating, theft, robbery, rape and other crimes.

As you may know, the security cameras at the Valley River Casino helped convict a man of robbing customers. The Reef Casino Candid security camera caught sexual harassment.

These are some examples that indicate the effectiveness of casino security cameras. That’s why Skagit casino resort and other casinos choose to add more security cameras at their casinos, poker rooms and slot machines.

“You are being watched from the second you enter a casino by “the eye in the sky”, a staff once working in a casino surveillance department said, “Every slot machine is covered by security cameras, so the surveillance team could review footages to find a thief’s appearance.”

The casinos have security cameras EVERYWHERE on the gambling floor. The security staff watch the gamblers and catch any attempts at cheating.

Another important reason to install security cameras at the casinos is gaming regulations. The gaming regulations require dedicated coverage of each table game and each cashier, with security cameras.

2. How Long Do Casinos Keep Their Surveillance Tapes/Videos

How long are video recordings or surveillance footages kept/backed up by casinos? What quality is it stored in?

The time of casino security camera video footages being kept varies, which depends on the sensitivity level of the footages and the gaming regulations on video recordings.

Some gaming regulations require casinos to keep surveillance tapes for 6 months or 1 year. After that, it’s up to casino owners whether they want to keep them or not.

The video quality or video encodc being kept also varies among casinos. Some casinos store videos at standard 4:3 @ 480p, 60fps to 720p high definition, while some counterparts use H.264 IP security cameras to record video streaming. The videos recorded by H.264 IP security cameras are much clearer compared with Analog cameras.

3. What Are Some Advanced Features of Casino Security Cameras

With the advanced technology of security cameras, there are some excellent features of casino security cameras you will be interested in.

Facial Recognition

Some casinos implement facial recognition technology to alert the casino managers when the security cameras detect black-booked players/gamblers. When someone gets arrested by the Gaming Commission (Nevada) or the casinos in Las Vegas, etc., the person’s photo will be uploaded into a database and mapped for identification. The CCTV security camera system can be tied into this database to find prohibited people.

Auto Tracking

The auto tracking function in casino security cameras is really helpful, which is very useful to monitor whether the staff working at the casino steal money. Wherever the staff moves, the security camera will keep tracking. Every movement will be monitored and recorded.