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WiFi Setup

The WiFi Setup menu will assist you with getting your NVR connected to your local WiFi network.


  1. Wifi Version – Displays the WiFi version of your NVR
  2. BSSID – Displays connection information from the NVR’s WiFi network.
  3. ESSID – Displays connection information from the NVR’s WiFi network.
    ⚠️Warning: Do not edit the NVR’s ESSID⚠️
  4. Password – Displays your NVR’s ESSID password.
    ⚠️Warning: Do not edit the NVR’s password⚠️
  5. Wifi Channel – Select your WiFi channel. This will be automatically configured when selecting the region. Only change if the cameras are having connection issues with the NVR.
  6. Region – As different regions have different requirements for WiFi systems, you can use this to modify the allowed WiFi channels.
    MKK is for China and will allow channels 1-14 to be used.
    EU is for Europe and will allow channels 1-13 to be used.
    FCC is for North America and will allow channels 1-11 to be used.
  7. Reset – Resets the information back to default settings.

Connect Information

  1. Channel – Displays the channel number.
  2. Mac Address – Displays the MAC address for the connected device.
  3. Rate – Displays rate information for the connected device.
  4. Update – Select this option to update the information in the “Connect Information” menu.

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