Motion Detection Security Cameras: All You Want to Know

Motion Detection – a term often pops out when you browse on the product page of security cameras. Motion detection has become a must-have feature of a smart home security system. What’s the use of it in surveillance system and how does it work? This post will answer all your question about motion detection security cameras: theory of motion detection & major types of motion detection cameras, motion detect customization.

What’s Motion Detection

Motion detection is often used for unattended surveillance cameras and automatic alarm. The images collected by the camera at different frame rates will be calculated and compared by the CPU according to a certain algorithm. When the picture changes, if anyone walks by and the lens is moved, and the number obtained from the calculation and comparison will exceed the threshold and instruct the system to automatically take corresponding processing.

Motion detection can reduce the cost of manual monitoring in public institutions and business locations, and avoid monitoring errors caused by long-term fatigue of stuff on duty, which can greatly improve efficiency and accuracy of surveillance.

Motion detection technology is the basis of motion detection video technology. It has been widely used in various security devices and facilities such as security cameras, dashboard cameras, baby monitors, automatic sampling instrument, and self-identifying access control system etc.

Common motion detection systems also allow users to freely set arming and disarming time, detection sensitivity, and detection area. When it triggers, it should be able to link video recording, trigger alarms and camera move to the corresponding preset position.

What’s the Use of Motion Detection in Security Camera system

The biggest advantage of the smart camera is that it can be connected with App on mobile phones to help you get remote access and control of cameras from far away. Even when you go out, you can view live and check out the image and video captured by your home security system on your phone at any time, which is not available in traditional CCTV system.

However, there is also a new problem coming up: it is impossible for users to stare at their phones all the time. If a burglar broke into your home while you are not using the phone at that time, so you will not be informed in time and can only investigate and obtain evidence by playback the footage later.

Therefore, the first time to notify the motion events or irregular situation to the users and give them early warning, which is the demand for surveillance cameras. And the motion detection function is what you want in security cameras.

Motion Detection Cameras: 2 Major Types

There are two main types of motion detection cameras in a surveillance system: Software-based motion detection and PIR sensor-based motion detection cameras.

  • Software-based motion detection cameras: the optical-based motion sensor detects motion by comparing pixel changes between successive frames and relying on motion algorithm. If a moving object passes by, the different pixels will be counted and the software inside will trigger motion alerts.


  • PIR sensor-based motion detection cameras: it sets off motion alarms by detecting body heat and infrared energy. So when a warm body (like a burglar) passes by, the ambient infrared energy levels will change rapidly and cause motion alerts.


So you may wonder: What’s the farthest PIR distance of security cameras?

It varies between PIR motion activated camera models. Quality products like Security Cameras with PIR Motion Detection can hit up to 32 ft/10m long PIR range even in total darkness, so that you can use it to watch your front door, backyard, driveway, garage, etc. every day and night.


How to Customize Your Motion Detect Setup

ZOSI smart motion detection system allows you to customize your motion detection setup to better fit your practical needs.

#1. Motion Detection Record

ZOSI DVR/NVR(Digital/Network Video Recorders) offers 4 recording modes: continuous record, schedule record, recycle record and motion detection record. Motion detection recording mode supports to record when movement is detected, which allows you to save space on the hard drive.


#2. Motion-Triggered Alerts

Set motion detection, the instant push notifications and email alerts will be sent to your phone via ZOSI Smart App directly as long as the cameras detect moving objects, and buzzer in DVR/NVR triggered by motion will make a sound warning, it will help you monitor smarter and keep you connected to what you cared while you’re away. In order to help you solve the problems sooner, snapshots will come along with the alarming email which enable you to act quickly to deter any hostile intruders.

Among the motion sensor cameras, it is no doubt that PIR motion sensor security cameras are the best type to choose. These cameras use PIR technology Offer much more accurate alerts, which is cost-saving , energy-saving and effective at the same time.


Different from those traditional motion detection security cameras relying on algorithm to calculate the video frame change, PIR motion security cameras detect the changing of temperature in the detecting areas when intruders break in.

When an intruder enters the detecting area of your motion sensor security camera recorder, the intruder can give off infrared heat which cannot be seen by human eyes, but can be picked up and sensed by the PIR motion sensor. In this way, those unnecessary false alarms from things like shadows and tree branches can be greatly eliminated.

#3. Motion Sensitivity

ZOSI security camera system is allowed to set sensitivity area of camera viewing range. As Color and luminance is important for sensitivity, so it’s necessary to adjust its value at specific conditions. Adjust the sensitivity to reduce unnecessary false alarms.


#4. Motion and Privacy Masking Zones

Set up specific zones you need to monitor certain areas and obtain motion alerts from. For example, create motion areas around your driveway or front door, which can minimize unwanted alarms from high-traffic nearby roads.


What’s more, you can also create privacy masking zones to black out certain spots that you don’t want the camera to record. In other words, you can block out selected areas on each screen, this is to grant privacy in situations.

Sometimes there will be areas within a camera’s field of view that you simply do not want it to record. Thankfully, you can use your DVR/NVR to mask out these zones by drawing a square or rectangle over these areas. This is especially useful if one of your cameras can see inside of a window, for example.


Generally speaking, motion detection in security camera system is when someone walks in front of the lens or the lens is moved and a motion alerts will be triggered. The camera system can send out the alarm to the control system and mobile devices.

Whether you’re going on a business trip, out of town for the weekend or just leaving the kids at home for a couple of hours, you can turn on motion detection alarm for a peace of mind. Moreover, you can customize your own motion detection system in several aspects based on your practical needs. In this way, you can keep track of what’s happening in your home or office anytime and anywhere.