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4K vs 1440p vs 1080p vs 720p: Which Resolution Is Right for You?

4K vs 1440p vs 1080p vs 720p Security Cameras, what’s the difference between them? Is it worth buying a 4K IP camera? Read this to learn which camera type best suits your needs.

Differences Between Bullet Dome PTZ Security Cameras

What are the differences between bullet dome PTZ security cameras? What is a bullet, dome, PTZ camera? Read it and know which to choose & the best picks.

What is a Mainstream and Substream?

What is a Substream? A substream allows you to get a high-quality recording, but still view smooth videos over the Internet.

NVR vs DVR: The Difference between NVR and DVR

In this article, our security experts will break down the differences and detail the pros and cons of NVR and DVR, so that you can make an informed decision.

1080p Security Cameras & Systems: Meaning, Comparison & Recommendations

Learn the 1080p security camera meaning and check out the best 1080p indoor & outdoor security camera systems here (with reviews and video samples).

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