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What can You Expect for a WiFi Security Camera Under $50 Dollar?

zosi wifi security camera baby monitor review

This is a ZOSI baby monitor WiFi camera review from Youtube channel AdamDIY.

You can also check out the original video on Youtube, the link is listed down below.

This wireless PTZ home camera, Big eyes boasts 355°wide field of view, easy-to-use design and smart features like two-way audio, intelligent motion tracking, offering all-round, high-quality smart home security.

Here’s the impressive features of Big eyes 1080p PTZ WiFi IP camera include:

Youtuber Adam has tested and experienced a few functions of Big eyes.

Let’s take a look at these together.


Open the box, you will get the camera, power adapter and power cord, a bracket and mounting screw bag, and a Quick Start Guide.

Take a quick look at the camera. There’s a speaker grill for voice intercom on the back of the camera, and downside is the LAN port for Ethernet cable if you want a wired connection and also a power port below that you plug it in for power.

The camera comes with a mounting bracket that has a standard thread in the center so you can put it on a tripod and stand on any flat surface.

Next is to set up the camera, power on the camera, follow the instructions to download the free ZOSI Smart App and connect to the camera.


Experience of the Essential Function

#1. PTZ

First, Adam tried the pan, tilt, zoom function. Big Eyes can rotate 355° horizontally and 90° vertically, covering pretty much the entire room with responsive react.

Check this out:

He also tried the preset point cruise function. This function allows you to set up up to 15 location points to cruise through. So you may set up a few points that need extra attention such as some high-traffic spots, and when you hit those preset points, the camera lens will cruise to the certain zones as you want.

#2. Intelligent Motion Tracking

As you may also be interested in the motion tracking function as Adam was.

Let’s see how the motion tracking works. Turn on the intelligent motion tracking function, the camera will automatically move to track and follow where the sound or movement is.

It’s also so much fun to have:

Adam thinks it is a cool and effective feature especially when you are going on a vacation and do not want to set up a whole security camera system, you can simply place it in the middle of your living room to monitor your home.

#3. Night Vision

In low-light scene, the camera turns on the night vision mode automatically. With IR LEDs on, Big eyes sees and captures everything clear enough in darkness up to 49ft, guarding your home and family every day and night.

#4. Smart Motion Alert

Adam did a little test about motion alerts function. He walked in the office in about 1.5-2 seconds and received an App push notification of motion detection instantly.

#5. SD Card Storage

And last but not least, there are two storage options for your video footage: cloud and SD card storage. Adam checked out the SD card storage.

Use the App to make the lens go all the way up and you will see the hidden Micro SD card slot. You can insert a SD card with maximum 128G capacity and record footage into the card.

Put the SD card into a regular SD card holder and then put it into your computer so you can quickly access and view the pre-recorded video. Adam also compliment the awesome MP4 video format that unlike many other security cameras, which is hard to get the video footage off.

Overall it’s an all-round and affordable security camera for you within a budget of $50 dollar.

ZOSI PTZ WiFi IP camera, Big eyes is currently on sale on its official website for $39.99 per unit.

Original video link:

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