Zosi Wifi NVR Operate Guide

Click to view the WiFi NVR User Manual.

The First Use of the System?

How to Set the Display Resolution of the NVR Output?

How to Change the System Administrator's Password?

How to Test if the NVR's Network is Connected?

How to Modify the NVR System Time?

How to View the Recording Configuration of the Camera?

How to Modify the Camera Name?

How to Adjust the Camera's Tamp Position?

How to Set the Camera Blocking Area?

How to set motion detection (schedule, area and sensitivity)?

How to Set Motion Detection's Recording Schedule?

How to Set the Camera's Night Vision Mode in the System?

How to Set the Siren & Spotlight Alarm Function?

How to View Playback?

How to Back up Videos?

How to Restore Factory Settings?

How to View System Information?

How to View the Hard Disk Information and Format the Hard Disk?

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