Connecting ZOSI DVR to ZOSI View Account – ZOSI View APP

Connecting your ZOSI DVR to your ZOSI View Account

To view your footage from your mobile device, you will need to connect your Zosi View account to your DVR.

Before starting:

  1. Ensure your DVR has a connection to the internet. Plug an active Ethernet Cable into the back of the DVR, and get an “OK” message when you test your internet connection in the Network Network.
  2. Navigate to the Information > System screen so you are able to view your unique Device ID and QR Code. The QR code is also available in the Setup Wizard

The Information > System screen has your unique Device ID and QR codes.

1. Open the Zosi View app and log-in with your Zosi View Username and Password. If you haven’t created an account, please click here


2. Once you’ve logged into your Zosi View account, select the icon in the top left hand corner – a circle with three lines through it. This will reveal another menu.


3. From this newly opened menu select Device Manager


4. Once you’ve opened the Device Manager screen, seen below, select the icon in the top right corner – a plus (+) sign.


5. Once you’ve selected the plus (+) icon, you’ll be taken the Add Device screen, seen below. On the Add Device screen there are several different fields to fill out. 


Adding the Device:

  1. Select a Name for your Zosi DVR. Suggestions include Zosi DVR, Home, or Business.
    1. Click on the field, and input the name using the keyboard.
    2. Select Enter to save changes. 
  2. Ensure you’ve selected the Device ID option, and NOT the IP/Domain option.
  3. Input the DeviceID found on your DVR. You can find the DeviceID on either the Setup Wizard, or in the Information > System screen. The DeviceID is case sensitive. You may either:
    1. Manually type in the characters by tapping the field and using your keyboard OR:
    2. Select the small blue icon at the end of the Device ID row to turn on your phone’s camera so that you’re able to scan the unique QR code found on that same screen.
      1. If you decide to scan the QR code, please ensure the DeviceID in the app matches up with the DeviceID shown on the screen.  
  4. Ensure you’ve input the proper username and password for the DVR. This is NOT your Zosi View account ID. If you’ve created a new user in the User Management screen, you can put those credentials in place of the default admin username and blank password. If these credentials do not match up with the credentials on your DVR you will get an “Invalid Password” error.  The default username is admin and there is no default password – the field is left blank.
  5. Select the amount of channels your DVR has by selecting the proper number from the available buttons.
  6. Select “Add Device”

6. Once you’ve added the device, you’ll be taken back to the Device Manager screen, and should see an “Add Success” message at the bottom of your screen, as well as your DVR listed in your Device Manager.


7. Congratulations. You have added your DVR to your Zosi View account. To view your cameras, tap the DVR to reveal the drop down menu.

Android users can tap directly on the camera to view their footage. Apple users will need to check the box at the end of the row, followed by selecting “Start Preview”.

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