Buy Two Way Audio Security Cameras? Read This Complete Guide Before Your Purchase

Two-way audio security cameras enable you to talk to your children and elderly parents, warn the burglars or intruders verbally, have fun with your pet dog & cat even while you are away from home.

Here you’ll get the deep insights on what exactly security cameras with two way audio are, top 5 features to consider before making your purchase, the best picks, and hot FAQs.

#1. Best Security Camera with Two Way Audio
#2. What Is a Two Way Audio Security Camera
#3. Buy 2-Way Audio IP Cameras: Top 5 Features
#4. Two Way Audio CCTV Camera Hot FAQS
(Get effective solutions to fix 2-way talk camera issues)

#1. Best Two Way Audio Security Cameras & Systems

Let’s cut down to the chase: Here are the best two-way audio security cameras in 2019 if you want a quick answer.

Both two-way audio security cameras listed below win high praise from a lot of professional tech editors and customers — that’s also one of the main reasons why we pick these cameras.

They allow you to listen and talk back via simple taps on the phone app, without additional fees.

Hot Pick 1. Outdoor Security Camera with Two Way Audio

As one of the best wire-free outdoor security cameras with two-way audio, you can install it simply by inserting the battery into the camera.

The bonus point? You don’t have to deal with changing or charging batteries, even though you put the two-way audio outdoor security camera up pretty high.

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If you want to buy an affordable outdoor security camera with two-way audio, this camera would be a nice option.

The weatherproof design in this two-way audio outdoor IP camera enables you to place it in your front door and porch, or the outside of your garage to monitor the visitors and manage the package delivery without going to the door.

You can also use it as an indoor home security camera with two-way audio to talk to your family in real-time and check on them to make sure everything is OK.

Hot Pick 2. Indoor Home Security Camera with Two Way Audio

If you are looking for a two way audio wireless security camera for indoor uses (as a nanny cam, baby monitor or pet camera), this camera won’t let you down.

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The bonus point? You can install this easy two way audio WiFi security IP camera simply by plugging it into the outlet, and it’s pan & tilt enabled for expanded field of view.

So if you are looking for a two-way audio 360° rotatable wireless smart security camera, you may go to check out the E1 Pro that can do 355° pan and 105° tilt.

If you want a wireless two-way audio security camera system, you can buy an NVR for 24/7 video recording. So you won’t miss anything while you are outside or on vacation.

Best Wire Security Camera System with Two Way Audio

What about going wired with a DVR security camera with 2-way audio?

Actually most traditional wire bullet and dome security cameras, especially the outdoor type, will not feature the two-way audio function currently.

Those wire outdoor security cameras are usually installed in high places, such as the eaves. You may not hear the voice clearly since the cameras are installed high above the roof (if the cameras are with bidirectional audio).

If the installation environment is noisy, it’s even more difficult for you to get high-quality two-way communication.

So if you a best wired security camera with two way audio, it would not be the best choice.

For high-quality two-way security cameras, the baby monitors and battery-powered cameras would be a better option.

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#2. What Is a Two-Way Audio IP Security Camera

Wired cameras or WiFi security cameras with two-way audio (also known as 2-way intercom cameras) typically have built-in microphones and speakers so that you can listen and talk to your family in real-time.

So you don’t need to purchase the external microphone or speaker to enable the 2-way audio function.

There are 3 kinds of audio modes in 2-way audio security cameras: simplex, half-duplex and full-duplex audio transmission.

You can have full knowledge of the 3 audio transmission modes in the below chart.

Comparison Listing Simplex Half-Duplex Full-Duplex
Direction of Communication/Transition Unidirectional Two-directional, but only one at a time Two directional simultaneously
Send/Receive You can send data but cannot receive it. You can both send and receive data but only one at a time. You can send and receive data simultaneously.
Performance Full-duplex audio transmission works better than simplex and half-duplex audio modes, as it doubles the utilization of bandwidth.

IP home security cameras with two-way audio use either half-duplex or full-duplex audio transmission mode.

In 2 way audio IP cameras with half-duplex mode, audio is sent in both directions. However, only one party can send or receive audio data at a time, which is similar to a walkie-talkie.

In two way audio cameras with full-duplex mode, both parties can send and receive audio data through two-way audio IP security cameras at the same time.

In other words, you can chat with your family or children similar to the face-to-face talk with the two way audio over IP.

The advantages of CCTV with two-way audio include:

  • You can listen and talk to your kids, your elderly parents, and loved ones anytime you like.
  • You can let a delivery man leave your package in the place you prefer.
  • You can give your pet orders to let your furry friends not rock the boat.
  • You can scare off any potential thieves by the verbal warning.

As you may notice, there are security cameras with audio recording in the market.

Security cameras with audio will only record audio while doing video recording. You cannot talk to your children or family with this type of security camera.

2-way audio video security cameras, on the other hand, offer you real-time communication as well as audio & video recording.

In the market right now, the majority of traditional PoE bullet and dome security cameras, especially the outdoor type, will not have the two-way audio function.

Those PoE outdoor security cameras are usually installed in high places, such as the eaves. You may not hear the voice clearly since the cameras are installed high above the roof (if the cameras are with bidirectional audio).

If the installation environment is noisy, it’s even more difficult for you to get high-quality two-way communication.

So if you want to find PoE security cameras with two-way audio, it would not be the best choice.

For high-quality two-way audio and easy setup, those smart home security cameras with two-way audio, such as baby monitors and battery-powered security cameras, would be a better option.

You can now skip to the next part to check the top 5 essential points when buying the best outdoor & indoor security cameras with two-way audio.

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#3. Buy Two Way Audio IP Security Cameras: 5-Point Checklist

By considering the below important features, you can buy the best two way audio outdoor & indoor camera for your elderly grandparents, or as a baby monitor, for confirming package delivery or monitoring your driveway, aiming at deterring car thefts, etc.

1. Two-Way Audio Quality
2. Waterproof Design
3. Excellent Night Vision
4. Motion Detection Recording
5. Easy DIY Type

1. Buy a Wireless or Wired Security Camera with High-Quality Two Way Audio

The sound quality in a two-way audio network video camera should be your No.1 checking point.

There are 3 key elements you need to pay attention to when buying CCTV cameras with high-quality two-way audio:

  • The volume of the audio of the two-way audio surveillance cameras.
  • The clarity of the audio.
  • If there is any delay in two-way communication.

There are 3 easy ways you can use to check the two-way audio quality of the CCTV surveillance cameras.

Way 1. Read the feedbacks of previous customers to check the overall performance of the two-way audio camera.

Way 2. Check on the audio & video sample of a two-way audio security camera on YouTube.

Let’s take ZOSI C1 as an example. ZOSI staff uploaded a video to its YouTube channel, showing the two-way audio quality. Thus you can see the sound quality before making your order.

Way 3. Check the two-way audio IP camera reviews written by the professional editors of top-tier media.

2. Find a 2 Way Audio Outdoor Security Camera for Outside Environments

Waterproof in security cameras with two-way audio is indispensable when you want to monitor the outside surroundings of your home and business.

Take IP65 outdoor security IP cameras with 2-way intercom as a typical example.

Bi-directional audio security cameras with a weatherproof rating can protect the cameras from water jets and dust.

You can place this kind of two way audio outdoor IP security cameras anywhere without worrying about the rain or snow.

When there are any potential thieves approaching your house, you can hear what’s going on via the speaker, and scare off the invaders via the microphone before they break in.

You can watch the below video to see how an IP65 battery two-way audio security camera braves the rain.

3. Purchase a 2-Way Audio IP Security Camera with Night Vision

The night vision in both outdoor and indoor IP network security cameras with two-way audio is really important.

When you install a PTZ camera with two-way audio and night vision in your baby’s room, you can sing a lullaby via your iPhone or Android smartphones to hush your baby to sleep at night.

You can also check whether your baby has a sound sleep at deep night without having to get up.

If you install a two-way audio pan-tilt night vision security camera, you won’t miss anything happening both day and night.

Burglars are not rare anymore. Your home security at night cannot be ignored. With a WiFi or PoE half-duplex or full-duplex audio security camera with night vision, you can get peace of mind both in daytime and night time.

For example, ZOSI C611, a mini WiFi IP camera with two-way audio function, offers 30ft infrared night vision distance, so you can see things very clearly even in the dark.

This two-way audio camera has black appearance and housing, which is hard to be detected by others. If you want a rather hidden two-way audio security camera, this one is worth a bet.

You can watch the below video that shows the night vision quality of the ZOSI C611 two way audio video security camera (shared by a pet lover).

Another advanced night vision technology used in security cameras is starlight. Starlight security cameras can provide much clearer night vision images than infrared security cameras when in the same light conditions.

You can take a look at the below starlight color night vision video captured by the starlight two-way audio security camera ZOSI C1 (shared by a customer).

4. Get 2-Way Audio Surveillance Security Cameras with Motion Detection Recording

IP security cameras with push notifications and two-way audio can send you real-time app push alerts, email alerts, and sound warnings. You can also get motion detection images or video clips to keep as evidence.

With motion detection alerts and recording, you don’t need to access the camera all the time. You can only view the camera once you receive the push notifications.

There are 2 popular types of IP security camera with two way audio and push. One kind of two-way audio security camera uses a special algorithm to detect motion events.

The other type uses a PIR sensor to detect the temperature of the moving object to sense motions.

The first type of motion detection two-way audio security cameras compare the current frame with the previous one. If the security camera detects any changes, it will send you alerts instantly.

Motion-activated cameras How does it work
Software motion sensor cameras Comparing images
PIR motion sensor cameras Comparing temperatures

Take ZOSI C611 as an example. This indoor wireless security camera with two-way audio can send instant alerts to you when it detects anything unusual based on its inner complicated algorithm.

The PIR motion detection two-way audio surveillance cameras detect changes in the amount of infrared radiation impinging upon the PIR motion sensor, which varies depending on the temperature of the moving objects.

For example, ZOSI C1, a battery-powered security camera with push notifications and two-way audio, detects movements via its built-in PIR sensor. You won’t be bothered by the false alarms triggered by waving tree branches.

5. Purchase DIY Type CCTV System with Two Way Audio

It’s natural that you don’t want to buy a two-way communication IP camera that is too complex to install or operate. DIY security cameras with two-way audio are a nice option for you.

You can choose 2 types of two-way audio security cameras that are very easy to install or set up: battery-powered two-way audio cameras and  WiFi IP cameras with bi-directional audio.

Battery-powered wire-free security cameras with two-way audio are almost the easiest type of security cameras for you to install.

Just place it in your preferable place and all is done. This type of two-way audio security camera is also suitable for securing your property without the Internet or power supply.

Wireless two-way audio cameras only need one cable for power. Just plug the wireless outdoor or indoor security cameras in the power outlet, and you’ve finished the installation step.

When you need to mount your two-way audio security camera to the wall or eave, you should use the accessories, such as a bracket to mount it to the wall firmly.

When you buy two-way audio security cameras, don’t forget to count the above top 5 features in. Thus you will get a nice and high quality two-way video camera that worth your money.

You can buy two-way audio security cameras (bundles) at Amazon, Walmart, eBay, security camera online store or some local distributors/dealers.

#4. Bonus: Solutions to Two-Way Audio Security Camera Problems

We list some common issues that you may have when using two-way audio security cameras. If you have other questions, please leave them in the comment below. We will add your questions in this FAQ list.

Q 1. My Two Way Audio Security Camera Is Not Working

A 1: If you cannot activate the two-way audio of your security camera, you can try the below handy solutions.

Solution 1. Check whether you’ve used the two-way audio function correctly. Most two-way audio security cameras use push-to-talk (PTT) to activate this function.

Solution 2. Keep the camera away from other electronic equipment to avoid feedback.

Solution 3. Check the Internet connection of your two-way audio cameras.

Solution 4. Update your two-way audio camera firmware to the latest version.

Solution 5. Reset your 2-way audio surveillance video cameras.

Q 2. Is It Legal to Have Audio Recording with My Security Cameras

A 2: While the audio recording in video surveillance security cameras can be restricted in some countries, it is a good idea to check with your local authorities. You can check this summary of each state’s audio recording laws here.

Federal law requires that one person must know about the video recording taking place. And laws require that people cannot gather audio from:

  • Eavesdropping
  • Remote recording
  • Other illegal audio recording methods

Audio recording would be an invasion of privacy if you don’t handle it properly. You can turn off the audio recording if it’s not allowed by the local laws.

If you have any questions about two-way audio security cameras or any ideas you wanna share with us, please leave them in the comment below!