How to Choose IP Cameras: 6 Essential Factors to Know

IP cameras are getting popular in security camera system due to its high performance and flexibility.

So what affect the performance of IP cameras the most? And what should you focus on when you are looking for IP cameras?

You can be a nimble buyer and find the tips here to choose practical security IP cameras.


The lens is the first hurdle of video capture, and the quality of the lens will naturally affect the effect of the video.

There are many kinds of lenses, which have a great influence on the video effect. So, you shall pay attention to the effect of the focal length of the cameras on the video effect. This means that when choosing a security camera, you should consider whether to choose the model of the interchangeable lens, or consider whether to choose the zoom lens (zoom means that the focal length of the lens can be changed).

ZOSI 1080P Wireless IP Camera has lens of 4mm or 6mm for options on different needs. For example, 4mm lens may be used indoors such as home environment, while 6mm lens with larger monitoring coverage can be used outdoors like in the doorway.

Smart 3MP Super HD WiFi Security Camera - C190

  • 2.4/5 GHz WiFi
  • Light & Siren Alarm
  • Color Night Vision
  • AI Human Detection
  • 2-Way Audio


Video compression algorithm

This is the most important factor of IP camera because it directly determines the clarity, fluency and storage space of the video. As a smart buyer, you must get to learn how it work in security camera system.

Nowadays, there are mainly three video compression algorithms for IP cameras on the market: MPEG4, H.264 and H.265.

H.265 (HEVC) is considered to not only improve video quality, but also achieve twice the compression ratio of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (equivalent to a 50% reduction in bit rate for the same picture quality). This means transmit higher quality network video under limited bandwidth, and only need half of the original bandwidth to play the same quality video.

ZOSI self-developed H.265+ video coding technology can further improve compression ratio on the based on H.265 standard and save 80% storage space compared with H.264. Save network and storage resources effectively.

Further Reading: Click here to learn more about H.265/H265+ compression technology.

Dual Stream

Data Rate refers to the data traffic used by a video file in unit time, also called the code rate. It is the most important part of picture quality control in video coding. At the same resolution, the larger the code stream of the video file, the smaller the compression ratio and the better the image quality.

Video transcoding technique is converting a video signal from one format to another. Multi-streaming technology is a solution that automatically brings out relatively optimal decoding quality according to the actual network bandwidth conditions of the users by simultaneously generating a plurality of streaming media data of different code rate and resolutions in the encoding process.

In live steaming application, owing to the diversity of network environments of the visitors located in different network locations, for users with higher network speeds, the live broadcast streaming media transmission with only a certain fixed stream resolution often results in blurry images. The user with low network speed would have a long decoding time and the video is not stable and smooth enough.

To solve this issue between the two, dual stream technology can become one of the simplest and most effective way to enable users to watch and capture clear and smooth live streaming as much as possible.

So-called dual stream is designed to support two video signals for video transmission.  The advantage of dual stream is that it can be more effectively protected against the network congestion by using one stream for storage and another channel stream for viewing.

So, it is best to use 1080P Outdoor Wireless IP Camera to avoid blurry and buffering streaming. This IP Camera enable you to see and capture more fluent image and video in better clarity over effective network bandwidth.

1080P Outdoor Wireless HD & HDR Weaterproof IP67 IP Camera

Front-end Storage

Some IP cameras have an SD card slot or a USB mobile storage interface, which is called front-end storage. Front-end storage is often used in monitoring environments where bandwidth is not sufficient.

ZOSI Mini 360° Two-Way Audio IP Camera has built-in micro SD card slot supports up to 128GB. After inserting a SD card the camera can be set to record via motion detection or time schedule.

2.0MP Wireless Mini 355° Panoramic View Two-Way Audio IP Camera

PIR-wireless-camera with SD Card Slot

For instance, in some situations that are inconvenient to install broadband network or there is no network connection available temporarily, you can make use of the function of front-end storage, enabling you to view and record the surveillance video locally.

Product Line

In most of the larger monitoring systems, you will need to use multiple models. Given that now security camera brands are all having their own Video management software that are infeasible to be compatible with other brands of network cameras.

Therefore, when selecting a brand for a monitoring system, it is necessary to consider whether the brand has a rich product line to cope with various environmental needs and system solving capabilities. Such as support for infrared, support for WIFI wireless, support for POE, support for Pan&tilt, support for zooming, whether there is a video server for integration with some special analog cameras etc.

ZOSI brand covers a variety of security camera system that meet your needs for all kinds of environments.


Most monitoring systems require centralized management, so whether the video management software featuring user-friendly interface and complete functions is also a factor that you should consider when selecting an IP camera.

Check out ZOSI Smart App to discover the excellent features e.g. multi-channel viewing, remote video playback and push notifications for motion event etc.

You can click here to view more guide for ZOSI Smart App and start enjoying 24/7 security protection anytime anywhere.