Buy DIY Security Cameras Without Installation? Get Your Step-by-Step Guide Now

Buy DIY Security Cameras Without Installation? Get Your Step-by-Step Guide Now

What’s the best home security camera system available without a special installation?

Then the plug-and-play security camera type without any professional installation is gonna be the one you are looking for.

We’ll show you the step-by-step guide to set up security cameras without installation, the overall cost of hiring a security camera installer, and the best DIY security cameras without wiring and drilling holes.

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#1. Security Cameras Without Installation: A Step-by-Step Guide
#2. Overall Security Camera Installation Costs for Hiring Installers
#3. DIY Security Cameras Without Wiring & Drilling Holes

#1. How to Install Security Cameras Outside & Inside by Yourself: A Step-by-Step Guide

When you want to buy DIY security cameras without installation, there are 3 popular types you can consider: battery powered camerasPoE IP cameras and WiFi security cameras.

The 3 types of security cameras need only one cable or even 0 cable (for the battery powered camera type) to get power and data transmission.

You can follow the below guide to set up these security cameras without installation for your home, business, driveway, apartment, etc. just like a breeze.

1. Battery-Powered Security Cameras
2. PoE CCTV Security Cameras
3. WiFi IP Surveillance Cameras

1. Battery Powered IP Security Camera Installation Guide

The wire-free security cameras are usually powered by non-rechargeable/rechargeable batteries or the solar panel.

These easy-to-install outdoor or indoor battery powered security cameras can be installed without screws or drilling holes.

Here we take ZOSI ZNC281 rechargeable powered wireless security camera as an example to show you the installation details.

Step 1. Install the battery to the camera, and make sure this camera is placed within the WiFi range of your router.

Step 2. Download the ZOSI App from App Store or Google Play for your smartphone, and then launch the app.

Step 3. Follow the verbal instructions of the camera to configure it.

Step 4. Pick a name for your camera and create a password.

Bingo! Now you are good to go. Tap the live streaming icon to access the live view!

Typically, you are gonna find a quick start guide in the security camera package, and you can follow this guide to access the camera easily.

This type of security cameras is the most suitable IP cameras without installation. If you want to buy security camera without screws, try this one.

2. PoE IP Security Camera Outdoor & Indoor Installation

PoE security cameras can pass power supply and data transmission via an Ethernet cabling, which offers easier setup compared with old-fashioned wired CCTV ”tanks”.

Since this type of security cameras is linked to the router directly, you’ll get the most strong and reliable Internet connection.

We take ZOSI IPC-2612D PoE camera as an example to show you the whole installation process.

How to Install PoE Security Camera Wiring Outside Your Home

Even you are the first time to install security cameras, you can make it done with just several simple steps. (Oh, bump! Remember to get the waterproof PoE security cameras like R# when you need to mount the camera to the brick outdoors).

Step 1. Decide which position you wanna place your camera.

Step 2. Mount the camera to the place with the mounting hole template and screws in the package.

Step 3. Run the Ethernet wire from the camera to the router. You can buy the Ethernet extension cables for long-distance wiring job.

In order to protect your wiring from being damaged by the animals or cut by malicious people, you can bury the wires when running the security camera wires outside.

We’ve got a start-to-end guide to help you run security camera cables. You’ll get everything you need in the post.

Step 4. Install ZOSI App and launch it on your mobile phone.

When your smartphone and the camera are in the same network, simply say in LAN, the camera will be automatically added to your phone. And you can access the camera at once!

When your mobile phone and the camera are in different network (WAN), you can scan the QR code on the camera or enter the UID of the camera for live view.

A customer shared his own PoE bullet security camera outdoor installation guide on YouTube, which would be helpful for you. Check the video now!

How to Install PoE Security Cameras Indoors

When you install your security cameras inside of your apartment or office, remember to put the Ethernet cables in a place where your family or friends will not walk constantly, in case that they might get tripped by the wires.

Step 1. Mount the camera to the position inside your home with the mounting hole template and screws.

Step 2. Connect your camera to the router with the Ethernet cable provided in the package.
You can hide the security camera cable with the wire guards. Put the cable into the guard, and attach the guard to the wall inside of your home. So no wires are plain in sight.

Step 3. Install ZOSI App and launch it on your mobile phone.

The camera will be automatically added to your smartphone when in LAN. Scan the QR code or enter the UID of the camera to access the camera when in WAN.

You can check this FAQ to see how to find the UID of a ZOSI camera.

A ZOSI fan posted a video on YouTube, showing his PoE security camera DIY installation job inside his house. (He even hid the wires under the desk! A genius!) Check this video now!

3. Wireless CCTV Security Camera Installation Guide

Wireless security cameras without installation transmit the video or audio data via WiFi, typically including single-band and dual-band WiFi camera types.

Single-band WiFi security cameras can only function via a WiFi frequency. So you cannot opt to other WiFi bands if the current band becomes crowded.

Dual-band WiFi security cameras, on the other hand, offers you 2 WiFi options (typically 2.4/5 GHz), so you can choose either of them based on the network situation.

We take the ZOSI ZBC288 WiFi security camera as a typical example to show you the process of setting up a wireless CCTV camera.

Step 1. Place the camera near an outlet. Make sure that the camera is within the WiFi range of your router.

If the power outlet is not available in the position, you can run wires for the outlet providing power for wireless security cameras. (The outlet should be waterproof.)

Step 2. Download the ZOSI App on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The camera will be automatically added to your smartphone when in LAN. Scan the QR code or enter the UID of the camera to access live stream when in WAN.

We came across many questions on forums, such as ”How to install security cameras two or three story house? Can I have the steps for installing home security camera?”

So our DIY lover, Amanda, posted a step-by-step guide to help you DIY installing your security cameras like a pro. Check this guide here>>

The above 3 CCTV security camera types can be installed by yourself, without any professional installation skills.

If you wanna hire a security camera installation company, or an installer, you can check the possible costs below.

#2. Security Camera & System Installation Costs

The cost of security camera installation varies among different security camera types and different countries.

There are 2 main types of security camera installation services available in the market.

1. All-in-one security camera installation service packages: You don’t need to buy security cameras or do any installation job. The companies will come to your house and install the cameras for you.

Wow, seems a perfect deal, right? The cost is that you’ll need to pay monthly fees and sign a long-term contract with the company. The company staff will take back the cameras once the contract ends.

With the same amount of money, you can buy one or even multiple professional DIY security camera systems.

2. Hire an installer security cameras that you’ve already had: You make the lump-sum payment for the security camera installation services only, and you still own you security cameras.

But wait. The security camera installation fees would be costly. You can check the below chart to have an overall impression on CCTV security camera installation cost.

Security Camera Type Main Features Installation Cost
Fake Security Cameras &The cameras record nothing but just give the appearance of video surveillance. $10 — $15
Box Security Cameras A standalone security camera type with a box shape, typically used outside the house $20 — $100
Dome Security Cameras For ceiling mounting $80 — $100
Bullet Security Cameras Small-size footprint cameras $100
Hidden Security Cameras Typically very small and hard to be detected $100-$150

In some cases, the security camera installation costs would be much higher than the DIY security cameras and systems. So why not just go for the DIY security camera type? You can install security cameras by yourself, and most importantly, totally FREE of charge!

You can check the below DIY security cameras without installation and no drilling holes.

#3. Play-and-Go Security Cameras Without Installation & No Drilling Holes

Our fans sent us messages on Facebook, and asked us to recommend a suitable security camera for their old grandmother, or an easy camera for disable veterans, etc.

And many readers also sent emails to us, asking us to introduce cameras for a single female living alone, or for their homes that don’t have much room to wire in house.

We all write them down! That’s the reason why we make a specific part here for our ZOSI family!

You can take a look at the below 2 play-and-go security cameras without screws needed.


You can simply make this camera work by install the battery into the camera, and follow the verbal instructions to set up the camera with your smartphone (as mentioned in the first part).

Even you are non-tech savvy, or live alone far away from your neighbors, you can make this camera work without any help.

You can watch the below video to see the gorgeous scenery captured by this camera (shared by a customer).