Security Cameras with Audio: Types, Best Picks with Videos & Laws

Buying an indoor or outdoor security camera with audio is a wise choice, if you want video and audio recording or if you need two-way audio communications to talk with your family/pets while you are away.

Now with so many wireless security cameras with audio and PoE (wired) ones in the market, it can be hard for you to find the best home security cameras with audio in a breeze. Which is why today, I’m giving you some expert advice…

Keep reading and you’ll on the right path to locate the best security cameras with audio tailored to your needs.

3 Common Types of Security Cameras with Audio

First off, let’s start with the 3 common types of security cameras with audio for sale now:

  • Security cameras with a built-in microphone: This is the most common type of indoor and outdoor security cameras with audio that can record both videos and sound as well.
  • Security cameras that support an external microphone: Such type of security camera with audio recording comes with an audio-input connector, to which you can add an external microphone for video and audio recording.
  • Security cameras with two-way audio: The last but also widely-used kind is the security cameras with built-in microphone and speaker, through which you can listen to and talk with the visitors at your front door or your family without the need to physically be there, like the ZOSI C1 WiFi security camera with two-way audio .

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When a mailman comes to your front door, you will receive instant push notifications from your security camera with two-way audio. Then you can log into the app and watch the live stream of your front porch, telling the mailman to leave your package at the door.

How to Choose a Suitable Security Camera with Audio

When selecting security cameras with audio, firstly you should know which type (recommended above) fits you most. And then you can take the following factors into consideration to make your final decision.

1. HD Security Cameras with Audio

The resolution of a good security camera with audio should be at least 1080p or 1920p (5-megapixel). It will enable you to see live videos in sharper and clearer images.

An HD security camera with audio can also increase the chance for you to identify the face of a suspect and the license plate numbers, especially when the video footage is needed as the evidence to lodge claims.

2. Security Cameras with Audio and Night Vision

The wired and wireless security cameras with audio should at least have IR LEDs and IR filters to guarantee high-quality night vision.

The night vision distance of the security cameras with audio for home is also a factor you should check out, which signifies how far the cameras can see even in total darkness.

Some high-end wireless security cameras with audio, like ZOSI C1, can also deliver true color images at night to give you more vivid details (click here to learn more about color night vision security cameras).

3. Indoor or Outdoor Security Cameras with Audio

For the indoor security cameras with audio, they are designed “not waterproof” and are commonly used inside your home and offices.

While the outdoor security cameras with audio are ideal to be placed both inside and outside.

Waterproof is the NO.1 feature for a wireless outdoor security camera with audio. An IP65 or IP66 outdoor security camera with two-way audio is capable to brave all the elements.

If you want to know if a wired or wireless security camera with audio can tolerate extreme cold or heat, check out the camera working temperature in the product specifications.

The ZOSI C1 outdoor security camera with audio stands firmly in the heavy snow. It is capable to withstand various harsh weather conditions, including freezing cold and extreme heat, providing you with peace of mind day and night.

4. Home Security Cameras with Good Audio Quality

Though many security cameras are advertised to feature audio recording, not all of them possess the excellent audio quality to your expectations.

To quickly find the best security cameras with audio, you may look through the user reviews of the security camera systems with audio to see if there are any complaints about the microphone sensitivity or the sound noise.

And, it’s much better if there are video samples of security cameras with audio recording (like the ZOSI C1 above), so that you can directly tell the audio quality of the cameras.

5. Find a Trusted Brand of Security Cameras with Audio and Video

When searching around the security cameras (systems) with audio, you should also pay attention to whether the brand is reliable enough.

This will determine if the home security cameras with audio are of high quality and if you have a warranty or not. Here are the key factors of a trusted brand.

  • Offer a full range of security products
  • Have 24/7 service and free support
  • Guarantee 2-year warranty and 30-day (more or less) return
  • Get good reviews in the industry
  • Get high praise from consumers

ZOSI, for example, with a customer base of more than 2,000,000+ families from 200+ countries & regions worldwide, offers a wide range of high-quality wired and wireless security camera with audio.

It also offers 2-year limited warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-to-1 online support, eliminating all your concerns about after-sales service.

Top-Rated Wired & Wireless Security Cameras with Audio

After a thorough comparison of multiple top-rated security cameras with audio, here we’ve picked up 4 best indoor and outdoor security cameras (systems) with audio.

1. Top-Rated Indoor Security Camera with Audio – ZOSI C611

The indoor wireless security camera with two-way audio ZOSI C611 is one of the most popular home security cameras this year.

It allows you to see real-time videos in Full HD on your mobile phones or tablets, and to communicate with the ones around the camera.

For parents, you can use this indoor security camera with audio as a baby monitor to check if your kids are safe back from school, and talk with them while you are in your office room.

For pet owners, you can take it as a pet security camera with two-way audio. Checking what the dog is up to and letting the pet hear your voice (saying hi from work) are really cool things to both you and the pet. Even though you leave your four-legged family member home, you can get long peace of mind.

Below is a night vision video shared by a user of this indoor security camera with audio.

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2. High Quality Wireless Security Camera with Two-Way Audio – ZOSI C1

As a wireless security camera with two-way audio, ZOSI C1 makes it an easy task for you to listen to and talk with your loved ones from thousands of miles away.

When motion movement is detected, you can log in to the app to watch the live viewing and scare away the potential burglars with the audio function.

Better yet, this wireless security camera also comes with the audio alarm (siren), which also serves as a powerful deterrent against bandits.

Boasting 100% wire-free, this rechargeable battery powered outdoor security camera with audio requires no wires and no drilling holes – super easy to install even you’re a tech layman.

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3. Best Value Outdoor Security Camera with Audio – ZOSI C306

If you are looking for the best-value security cameras with audio recording that can get the job done, ZOSI C289 should absolutely top your wish list.

Featured with a built-in microphone and IP66 waterproof rating, this outdoor security camera with audio is capable to record crystal clear videos as well as high-quality sound with no noise.

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Or in case you need a security camera system with audio, take a look at this home security camera system with audio ZOSI C301, which consists of 4 ZOSI C306 cameras and an NVR for video storage.

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Wait, Is Audio Recording Legal in Your Location

Before you employ a security camera with audio for your application, don’t forget to check the audio recording laws in your state.

Video only recording without permission is regarded as legal in most cases, as long as you don’t invade the privacy of the person you’re recording.

But the usage of wired and wireless security cameras with audio is subject to stricter laws and regulations.

For example, using hidden security cameras with audio is almost always illegal in most states. Normally at least one-party consent is required for audio recording.

And one universal rule you should obey is that, you can’t install security cameras with audio recording in places where privacy is expected, such as the bathrooms, bedrooms, toilets, dressing rooms, etc.

To make sure the home security cameras with audio is legal in your place, you may research the related laws and regulations (local & state) online and consult an attorney for double insurance.

Don’t worry, though, if you want to disable the audio recording function. Taking the indoor wireless security camera with audio ZOSI C611 as example, you simply need to log into the ZOSI APP, go to the “Device Settings” > “Record Encode” and untick the box before “Record Audio” (shown as the picture below).

If you have any more questions about the security cameras with audio, please leave your comment below and I’ll reply to you as soon as I can.