Security Camera Price: Smart Buyer’s Checklist 2023

We’ve all been there: you search and compare security camera prices, hoping to find the most budget-friendly ones.

The good news is that prices of security cameras and systems are more affordable than ever before, with the huge advancement in the security camera filed.

In today’s post, you’ll learn the rough CCTV camera price range, factors that can impact your IP camera prices, and the common security camera price myths you should avoid.

What Do Security Camera Prices Consist of

So to start with, very first, you need to know what the security camera prices include.

In other words, what hidden fees might occur along with the price of security camera devices alone?

Generally, we can split the security camera system price into:

  • Equipment Price. It refers to the price of IP cameras or systems only, which can be found in the product price tag.

The security camera price list in the following part displays various device prices for your information.

  • Installation Cost. The average price for security camera installation can be ZERO or extremely high, depending on whether you go the DIY route or hire an expert.

To get a low security camera price, DIY security cameras and systems are absolutely the most affordable options which can be installed on your own, even if you are not a tech savvy.

In case you need to hire a pro to place your security cameras and systems, there are two ways to charge for the service: by the drop or by the hour.

Both ways can work best for you as long as your installer is upfront with you on what it takes to install, program, train, and any follow-up work performed.

  • Accessories Cost. The price of security camera accessories, such as SD card, power extension cables, batteries, etc. also takes up a portion of the total IP camera price.

Some top security camera brands, however, would offer free essential accessories along with the security cameras, so you don’t need to spend extra money on them.

  • Shipping & Customs Fees. If you want to buy security cameras online from abroad, note that the security camera prices in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Cambodia, etc. might be different due to the varying shipping and customs rules.

In the circumstances where free shipping is offered, remember to check first if your areas are also covered.

  • Professional Monitoring Service Cost. The price of security cameras with monitored security service is relatively higher than those with self-monitoring.

And the 24/7 monitored alarm service price ranges from $9.99 to $60 monthly with additional installation fees.

In return, the add-on expenditures mean you can also get enhanced protection.

In case of any emergencies, these security camera systems with higher prices can alert you and local law enforcement or fire department in real-time.

2021 Security Camera Price Comparison List

“Any ideas about security camera prices? I assume they vary based on brand, location, etc., but I am just trying to get some idea of a price range – even a broad one.”

So, we’ve made this security camera price list to let you know whether certain types of security systems are affordable simply by eyeballing a table, rather than digging through a million websites.

Camera Type Price
DVR Security System $99 – $800
NVR Security System $120 – $1300
CCTV Camera $15 – $200
P2P IP Camera $40 – $300
Battery Security Camera $40 – $150
Solar Security Camera $40 – $200
Cellular Security Camera $130 – $400
Monitored Security Camera $180 – $300
4K Security Camera $130 – $200
Hidden Security Camera $60 – $150
360 Degree Security Camera $35 – $180

What Factors Can Impact Your Security Camera Price

The security camera price might vary with different factors. Below we’ve listed some to help you find the suitable security camera systems at the lowest cost.

1. Brand

The prices of security cameras for home from reliable brands, contrary to your common belief, are NOT always higher than those from unknown brands.

Instead, most reputable security camera brands, like Zosi, would regularly offer coupons, discounts and even free giveaways.

To keep informed of the fist-hand best deals, you may subscribe to the security camera sellers you trust and follow them on social media.

Bonus: Read this to learn more money-saving tips when buying security cameras at a low price.

2. Camera Types

As shown in the CCTV camera price list above, the camera type can also affect the final security camera price you need to pay.

Indoors vs. Outdoors: Compared with indoor security cameras, the outdoor IP cameras often feature compact and weatherproof design (like anti-corrosion mental housings), and wider field of view for better durability and visibility.

So, it’s not hard to understand that the outdoor security cameras price is typically higher than the indoor counterparts.

Wired vs. Wireless: The WiFi security camera price averages about $100 per unit. And you don’t need to shell out more money for the installation as you can simply do it on your own. Another tip to ease your installation is to get a battery powered security camera with absolutely no wires for you to worry about.

However, when it comes to installing wired security cameras, you’ll have to drill holes, run wires and properly place the conduit.

All these troublesome work may require you to hire an expert. And the extra expenses incurred, undoubtedly, lead to a higher wired security camera price.

3. Resolution

“You get what you pay”, this aphorism also applies to the HD security cameras.

The higher the resolution is, the higher the HD CCTV camera price, and the better the image quality you will get.

No wonder the 4K security camera price is higher than the 720p/1080p/1440p ones.

Though higher resolution means you’ll need to invest in more money, it pays to obtain clearer images and more details from a high resolution security camera (should be at least 1080p), especially when you need to identify potential suspects.

4. Purchase Channels

The security camera system price quotes in different locations, like in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Karachi, India, Australia, South Africa, etc., may vary with your specific purchase channels.

For example, if you buy security cameras from your local store or distributors, the security camera price mainly involves the device price and installation cost.

Or in case you want to place orders on the seller’s official website or on such online platforms as Amazon, eBay, etc., note that you might need to bear the duties, taxes and foreign transaction fees charged by your credit card issuing bank.

As the security camera prices are more affordable than ever before, you can easily find one that fits your budgets. Below are the best picks we’ve found to pack the most bang for your buck without compromising performance.

1. Battery Powered Wireless Security Camera with Best Price – Under $150

When it comes to the wireless IP security camera with the best price, Zosi # is truly a winner for less than $130.

It allows you to enjoy rich features at a fraction of the price, including 1080p Full HD, starlight night vision, IP65 weatherproof, flexible powering options (battery powered & solar powered), all of which can’t be found in the counterparts at the same price.

2. Best Overall Security Camera for the Price – Under $100

Zosi C296 works beautifully as an HD security camera with the lowest price and best performance.

At just around $60, this best night vision security camera for the price delivers 4MP/5MP high-resolution images/videos and can see up to 100 feet in total darkness.

If you just want something cheap and affordable that gets the job done, Zosi C296 is absolutely a choice you won’t regret later.

3. Best Security Camera System for the Price – Under $500

The security camera system prices are not always as high as you imagine, and Zosi C225 is just a reasonably priced option that can fit your budget.

Coming with 4 PoE security cameras of a decent price, this best security camera system for the price allows you to do 24/7 recording and save footage onsite with & without the Internet.

Editor’s Tip: You may find more best and cheap security camera options here, whether you are looking for security cameras with lowest price in Lahore, Karachi, Malaysia, Kerala, Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai, Chennai, Nigeria or other locations.

Avoid These Myths About Security Camera Prices

Turns out, what you used to take for granted about security camera prices are not always the truth.

Here we’re going to reveal the common myths about IP camera prices and offer you practical tips about how to choose the most cost-effective security cameras.

1. Security Camera Price Tag ≠ Final Cost You Need to Pay

If you have read through this post carefully, you’ll understand why I put it in the first place.

As is mentioned above, besides the security camera price quotes, you also need to consider the installation cost, shipping and customs fees, accessory expenses, etc.

2. The Advertised Big Security Camera Discounts May Not Be True

$50 off the original IP wireless home security camera price – quite appealing, isn’t it?

WATCH OUT, the advertised big discounts might merely be part of the sellers’ marketing initiative.

Some dishonest sellers may reduce the security camera price based on an increased one, so in fact, you basically get no discounts.

A good way to tell such tricks is to utilize price-comparison sites and apps to compare current and historical prices of IP cameras, so that you can know whether you’ll get the best deals as advertised.

3. Are Cheap Security Cameras of Unknown Brands Worth Buying

Though it is hard to say, the cheap security cameras of unknown brands are all inferior, it’s also an undeniable fact that users often complain about their low quality, short lifespan and no sound technical support.

Yes, the prices of security cameras sold by unknown brands might be low.

But think about your purpose to buy security cameras in the first place.

You certainly don’t want the camera to malfunction when you need it most, and don’t know whom you can resort to when something goes wrong.

And that’s why you should invest in reputable brands, which can offer you both high-quality products and excellent after-sales service.

4. Can Fake Security Cameras Really Keep Burglars Away

Some of you might be induced by the low fake security camera prices, but should you use it or not?

The truth is that those experienced criminals can easily identify a fake/dummy camera, making your home a low-hanging fruit in the eye of potential burglars.

After all, with so many affordable security cameras with decent prices available (like recommended above), I don’t think there are any good reasons not to install a real security camera.

My question: So what other concerns do you have about the security camera prices? Or are there any points we have missed? We’re keen to learn about your thoughts and creative ideas.