Monitoring Blind Spots That Most People Do Not Know

Home security is getting more and more attention, and people will install security camera systems to improve home security. In practice, even if a family has installed a security camera system, there are still risks of theft due to incomplete surveillance areas and miss monitoring blind spot areas. The following are the details.

In many people’s impressions, thieves tend to sneak into a house when no one is around. However, police data shows that front door break-in account for about 57%; and in most cases, incidents turn out to be “no violence found” since thieves do not have to destroy the door and lock to break into a house. There are quite a few people who suffered great loss because they let the door opened and do not aware the danger.

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According to “Securing Home and Business” by Simon Hakim/Erwin Blackstone, houses without security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by thieves than those installing security systems. Another report from the University of North Carolina also shows that 83% of thieves will think twice before entering a house to check whether there is an alarm system; and 60% of thieves will choose to avoid entering houses equipped with security systems. It can be seen that the visibility and scarring deterrence of security system can effectively reduce the risk of burglary. The owner can monitor the house remotely at any time through the security system. Even if the burglar enters the house, the video evidence can improve police’s efficiency to solve the crime.

Some people will let their windows opened all the time since they figure it is safe to live in the higher building. However, this is a very common mistake. Police data shows that the possibility of burglaries through windows and balconies was 19% and 24% respectively. Among these incidents, very few numbers of them occurred on the first floor while most of them occurred in high-rise residences.

How does the monitoring blind spot area arise?

Many people take family safety very seriously. To improve home security, people will install a security monitoring system, but the data shows that even if a security monitoring system is installed, it is still stolen. why? In fact, this is because the surveillance area is incorrect and there is no surveillance blind spot area. So how does the surveillance blind spot area arise?

Police also reminds that mounting the camera to specific areas, like main roads, entrance and exit gates and elevators will result in the occurrence of blind spots, which includes safety passageway, exterior wall pipe, roof and etc.

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Security cameras should be installed in 5 monitoring blind spots

1. Gate and backyard entrance
You can record who has been in and out of your house. The camera should be mounted in the angle that can see people’s face clearly.

2. Off-street windows
Windows that are not facing onto a busy street or road may be attractive to crooks as there are no prying eyes from the public. In addition to cameras, as an extra safety enforcement, never neglect your windows and keep them closed and locked whenever you go out.

3. Garage
Some people may not think to monitor their garage, but this is often a common access route for burglars. Therefore, whether your garage contains valuable equipment or not, it’s important to keep it safeguarded.

A camera facing the driveway or garage area is great for picking up signs of suspicious activity. Alternatively, you may wish to place the camera inside the garage, pointing it at an angle where the light from the opening door can light up the dark interior.

4. Backyard
Whether it’s a shed bursting with pricey gardening machinery, or a garden full of play equipment for the kids, often our gardens house many expensive items that make them inviting to crooks. To keep this area safe and secure, have a few smartly placed cameras dotted around, along with some security lights.

5. Outdoor buildings
Choose locations like swimming pools, gardens and etc. Camera can be installed on the indoor ceiling or on the roof to achieve a better viewing angle.

Now that you know what the blind spots are monitored by the security camera system, come and improve your home’s security quickly.