Buy Outdoor PTZ Cameras? Not Just Focus on the Product Pages

Buy Outdoor PTZ Cameras? Not Just Focus on the Product Pages

Outdoor PTZ security cameras are a type of dome cameras with powerful pan tilt zoom function, offering you an effective and cost-saving solution to view multiple areas and wide-range properties with just a single camera.

This comprehensive guide will take you on a tour of all details about outdoor PTZ security cameras, including the types, the unique features, the top picks, the installation guide, etc.

Delve into Outdoor PTZ Security Cameras
#1. Outdoor PTZ Security Camera Detailed Introduction
#2. Outdoor PTZ Surveillance Camera Recommendations
#3. How to Install Outdoor PTZ Security Cameras
#4. Outdoor PTZ Security Camera Troubleshooting

#1. Introduce Outdoor PTZ Security Cameras: Types, Comparison Details & Prices

We would like to introduce the outdoor PTZ security cameras and systems from 3 aspects, so that you can get all the details you want before your purchase.

1. Types
2. Comparison
3. Price

1. Outdoor PTZ Security Camera Types

Outdoor PTZ security cameras and systems can be classified into different types from various perspectives.

Classify Outdoor PTZ Security Cameras Based on Data Transmission Ways

Based on the data transmission ways, there are 2 main types of outdoor PTZ cameras: IP and analog surveillance cameras.

Outdoor pan tilt zoom IP cameras transfer the data signal via Internet, and can work standalone. This kind of security cameras typically includes PoE and wireless IP camera types.

Exterior PTZ analog CCTV cameras use the coaxial wires to connect to the DVR for data transmission. In other words, analog security cameras cannot work standalone. They need the DVR to convert, compress and save the videos.

For simple setup and installation, outdoor PTZ IP security cameras are a better option.

You can check this post to get the full details of IP cameras vs. analog security cameras.

Classify Outdoor PTZ Security Cameras Based on Image Definition

From the perspective image resolution, there are several popular types of outdoor PTZ network IP cameras: 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 5MP and 4K security cameras.

Check the below chart for more details about outdoor PTZ HD megapixel IP cameras.

Camera Type Resolution Named by Vertical Pixels Named by Horizontal Pixels Pixels
HD Security Cameras 1280*720 720p Security Cameras 1MP
Full HD Security Cameras 1920*1080 1080p Security Cameras 2K Security Cameras 2MP
Super HD Security Cameras 2560*1440 1440p Security Cameras 2K Security Cameras 4MP
Super HD Security Cameras 3072*1728 1728p Security Cameras 3K Security Cameras 5MP
Ultra HD Security Cameras 3840*2160 2160p Security Cameras 4K Security Cameras 8MP

You can check the security camera image resolution comparison details hereOutdoor PTZ security cameras with higher definition typically would shoot clearer and sharper images. (There are other elements that may affect the image clarity.)

Classify Outdoor PTZ Security Cameras Based on Zoom Lens

In terms of zoom lens, outdoor PTZ CCTV surveillance cameras can be classified into optical and digital zoom types.

Outdoor PTZ mini dome security cameras with optical zoom offer you ”real” zoom by actually adjusting the lens when zooming in or out.

Outdoor PTZ video web cameras with digital zoom, on the other hand, capture the entire field of an object, and enable you to see what matters for you by cropping out the unnecessary parts. Sometimes you’ll get blurry images.

Outdoor PTZ security cameras with optical zoom will not degrade the image quality when zooming in or out — that’s the main reason why you should choose the optical zoom type.

You can read this post for more details on security cameras optical zooms vs. digital zoom.

Classify Outdoor PTZ Security Cameras Based on PTZ Control

Based on the PTZ control mode, there are 2 kinds of outdoor pan tilt and zoom web security cameras & systems: automatic and manual PTZ cameras.

Outdoor automatic PTZ security cameras enable you to use the client software and smartphone app to make the camera rotate in any directions you want.

Outdoor pan/tilt/zoom dome cameras with manual PTZ control need you to adjust the viewing angle by yourself. Sometimes it would be quite troublesome to climb high to reach the camera for the angle adjustment. So outdoor automatic PTZ security cameras are an easier solution.

2. Outdoor PTZ Security Camera Comparison Details

Compared with fixed and pan tilt security cameras, outdoor PTZ wireless and PoE IP cameras have their outstanding advantages.

Outdoor PTZ vs. Fixed Security Cameras

Compared with the fixed security camera type, the benefits of outdoor IP cameras with PTZ include:

• Wide coverage: With endless pan and tilt rotation, outdoor PTZ IP dome cameras can cover a full 360 degree area. In some cases, 1 or 2 PTZ surveillance cameras can cover the entire large property, which minimizes your costs while maximizing your level of protection.

You can check the below video to see the PTZ in action of an outdoor PoE pan tilt zoom dome camera.


• Zoom function: You can zoom in or out to get more image details or have wider viewing angle without compromising the image clarity.

• Unique preset and patrol functions: By setting up several preset positions, you can see an area quickly and accurately only by selecting the required positions. This function helps you return the outdoor PTZ IR IP cameras to the predetermined positions to restart tracking even you lose track of the project.

The tour function combines preset positions and the duration at each position, enabling you to set up your infrared PTZ outdoor cameras to patrol the predefined areas on autopilot.

• Exceptional auto motion tracking: Some of outdoor PTZ security cameras with auto motion tracking can detect and track the moving objects within the detecting area. This type of PTZ security cameras is great for locations where there are not supposed to be movement.

Auto motion tracking seems a really awesome function. However, outdoor PTZ auto tracking security cameras would fail in several ways.

If there are 2 moving objects coming into the sight of the camera and moving in opposite directions, the camera will only follow the bigger object.

Another failure of this kind of security cameras is that if the camera is following a moving object, and the object stops for a short time, the camera will go back to its preset settings, leaving the object unnoticed.

• Outstanding night vision: Outdoor infrared PTZ security cameras typically would offer longer night vision distance compared with the fixed type. Some excellent long-range night vision PTZ security cameras can even see things clearly from 190ft away.

Outdoor PTZ vs. PT IP Cameras

Adding zoom function into outdoor pan tilt security cameras makes the cameras become the powerful and versatile PTZ cameras.

If you want to recognize small details from a long distance, such as license plates and human faces, and monitor wide-range areas, outdoor IP security cameras with pan tilt zoom are a better choice.

If you just want to monitor the indoor areas, such as your living room, your baby’s room, a pan tilt security camera is enough to meet your security requirements.

3. Outdoor PTZ Security Camera Prices in the Market

The prices of outdoor PTZ security cameras for sale in the market vary among suppliers, the definition, features, types, etc.

Outdoor PTZ Security Camera Price Overview (One Item)

• 720p outdoor analog and IP PTZ security camera price would be $70-$200.
• 1080p wireless and wired outdoor PTZ IP camera price is typically $130-$400.
• 4MP (1440p) & 5MP outdoor day and night PTZ IP camera price is $200-$600.
• The 4K Ultra HD outdoor PTZ security camera price range is $1000-$3000.
• The price of outdoor PoE and WiFi PTZ dome cameras with auto motion tracking is $300-$700.

There are a wide range of outdoor PTZ cameras in the market, including big and small, expensive and cheap cameras. The prices are different among security camera manufacturers and regions.

We recommend one of the best outdoor PTZ security cameras below for your choice, which offers you high quality with a favorable price.

#2. Outdoor PTZ IP Security Camera Recommendations

The below outdoor pan tilt zoom security camera is available in 200+ regions with free shipping.

No matter where you are, you can buy the outdoor PTZ security cameras in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Philippines and other areas on the security camera online store or Amazon to get the high-quality after-sales services and best product warranty.

ZOSI C289 Outdoor PoE PTZ IP Security Camera (Start from $199.99)

As one of the best outdoor PoE PTZ IP HD security cameras, C289 got high praise from the editors of top-tier media and customers.

This camera was rated by VueVille as one of the ”Best Outdoor PTZ IP Cameras 2018″. You can read the C289 outdoor PTZ security IP camera review for more details.

Customers who purchased this camera left reviews on the product page, stating that this camera delivered everything they need. And most of the customers gave 5 stars to this outdoor pan tilt zoom PoE IP camera.

With 5MP high definition, 190ft long range night vision and 4X optical zoom, you can identify objects clearly both day and night from a long distance.

With the solid housing and enclosure, this outdoor PTZ IP camera can withstand heavy rain and brave the extreme cold weather. (A customer left a comment, stating that the camera can perform well even in -45°C.)

If you want an outdoor PTZ camera with audio recording, you can connect the camera to an external microphone to pick up sound and audio.

You can check the gorgeous scenery captured by this outdoor PoE PTZ camera (shared by an adventurer).


#3. Outdoor PTZ Security Camera Installation and Mounting Details

If you want to install outdoor PTZ security cameras for your home, shop, pool area, or mount the cameras to the wall, the roof soffit corner, and other areas, you can follow the below installation guide to get more details.

Before you get to do the installation job, you’ll need to check how the cameras are connected first.

Outdoor PTZ PoE and Wireless Security Camera Connection Diagram


How to Install Outdoor PoE PTZ Security Cameras

Step 1. Mount the camera to the place you want with the provided screws and the mounting template.

Step 2. Drill a hole to run the PoE cable from the camera to your router. You can read this helpful guide to check all the details when running security camera wires.

You can also check the step-by-step security camera installation guide here.

Step 3. Install and launch the security camera software to configure the camera, such as motion detection, position presets, patrol, etc.

How to Install Outdoor Wireless PTZ IP Security Cameras

The installation process of wireless exterior PTZ cameras is almost the same as the PoE type. You just need to plug the camera into the power outlet after mounting it to the wall.

Please note that the wireless outdoor PTZ security cameras need to be installed within the WiFi range of your router, so that you can access the camera remotely. You can use the WiFi range extender to boost the WiFi signal between the camera and the router.

For outdoor automatic PTZ cameras, you can simply use the PTZ control button on your client software on your Mac and PC, or the natty app on your iPhone or Android smartphones.

For outdoor security cameras with manual PTZ control, you’ll need to adjust the pan tilt angle by yourself.

#4. Outdoor PTZ Security Camera Troubleshooting

You can check the detailed answers to the questions you may have when setting up or accessing your outdoor PTZ PoE and WiFi IP security cameras.

1. How to Add Outdoor PTZ Security Cameras to the App, Client, NVR and Third-Party Software

We’ve got step-by-step guidelines to help you add your outdoor PTZ security cameras to the software. Please check the FAQs below:

• How to Add Outdoor PTZ Security Cameras to the App
• How to Add Outdoor PTZ Security Cameras to the Client
• How to Add Outdoor PTZ Security Cameras to the NVR
• How to Add Outdoor PTZ Cameras to the Third-Party Software

2. The PTZ Control in My Outdoor PTZ Security Cameras Is Not Working

Solution 1. Confirm that you’ve used the PTZ control button correctly, or make sure you’ve enabled the PTZ control function.

Solution 2. Use the customized software to control the pan tilt zoom function, since some of the third-party software may not support the PTZ function.

Solution 3. Reset the camera and check if the PTZ control is working.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment below! We are always here to help!