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Schedule > Schedule

Specify a schedule for your recordings. All DVRs default to record 24/7 on all cameras. Scheduling works the same whether you are scheduling live recordings or motion detection recordings. Recordings scheduled in the “Schedule” tab will supersede “Motion” recordings, though you will still receive Motion events in the Event > Search menu.


Schedule: Each box represents one hour. Times that will be recorded are marked light blue. Double-click on a date to determine your recording schedule for that day. The default is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  1. Channel List: Select the channel you wish you schedule from the drop down list.
  2. Scheduling Box: Each box represents one hour, from left to right, starting at 12AM – 1AM, and ending at 11PM-12AM. Double click on a one hour block to set the schedule for that day. Light blue boxes, as pictured, indicate that the DVR will be recording during that time.
  3. Copy Button: Copy the settings for one channel to other channels. Select the channels you will copy the settings to by using the “Apply Settings To:” drop down menu. Once you select the channel you will copy the settings to, select the “Copy” button.
  4. Quick Add/Quick Remove: Quickly add or remove one hour boxes from the Scheduling Box.

Set a Schedule Menu

Use this menu to set a more precise schedule than what the Quick Add and Quick Remove tools can offer. To access this menu double-click any square in the scheduling box.


To Set your Schedule:

  1. To set your schedule, select the day of the week you want to schedule from the drop down menu in the top left corner.
  2. Select Add to create a new schedule.
  3. Select Delete to delete an existing schedule.
  4. After selecting “Add” use the drop down menu and specify when you’d like your recording schedule to start and finish.
  5. Confirm your selection by clicking the check mark.

To copy the settings for one channel to other channels:

  1. Select the channels you will copy the settings to by using the “Apply Settings To” drop down menu.
  2. Select the Copy button.


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