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Basic > System

The Basic > System menu enables you to change the date and time settings for your Zosi DVR, along with other customization options.


Basic > System Menu

The Basic > System menu contains several settings to personalize your Zosi DVR.

The options, from top to bottom are as follows:

  1. System Type: The name of your Zosi device. Left-click to bring up the virtual keyboard to change the device name. Confirm and save changes by selecting the enter button.

  2. System Number: The default is 0, or you can manually enter a system number. Left-click to bring up the virtual number pad to change the system number. Confirm and save changes by selecting the OK button.

  3. Video Format: The option is set by the manufacturer depending on the region. The default is locked to AUTO to ensure regional compatibility.

  4. Password Check: Select whether you want to protect DVR access with a password. If selected you will need to input the password when accessing the DVR’s menus.

  5. Show System Time: Select whether to display the current time on the screen. The default is set to enable time display on the screen.

  6. Max Online Users: Select how many users can simultaneously access the DVR through the Mobile App. The default is set to 10.

  7. Video Output: Select the output resolution. The DVR will default to outputting the highest resolution the DVR is capable of.

  8. Language: Select the language you want the menus to be displayed in.

  9. Logout After [Minutes]: Determine how long you want to stay logged into your Zosi DVR system before automatically logging out.

  10. Setup Wizard: Select whether you want to Setup Wizard to appear the next time the DVR is powered on.


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