Do Fake Security Signs Really Deter Burglars? Some Important Factors Cannot Be Ignored

You probably already know that installing a home security system is one of the best things you can do to keep your home and your family protected. Chances are, you simply cannot afford that kind of cost, or you are wondering if you are getting true value for your money. Then here comes the thing:

You put fake security window stickers or yard signs saying “Under 24 Surveillance”, wishing to stop bad guys in their tracks.

But do these fake security signs really work to deter crime? Think about it from the perspective of a burglar. You are thinking about robbing a home, but you see a line of security signs in the yard. Do you take a chance that those security signs are fakes, or do you simply move on to a less dangerous target?

In this post, I’m discussing three questions:

Do Fake Security Signs Legal? Where to Buy the Best Fake Security Signs and Stickers?

 “Is it illegal to put a fake security sticker in my window?”

Nope. It is not at all illegal, but everyone will know it is fake.

Numerous homeowners turn to dummy security signs, partly due to the high cost of home security monitoring systems that they cannot afford. Truly, these fake security decals sold at Amazon, eBay, and any other online retailers are much cheaper than surveillance cameras. Popular brands like ADT and Brinks home alarm security yard signs and window/door stickers are selling at prices varying from $3.95 to about $26.99. If you have a tight budget, you can try the low-cost home security tips, like purchasing a fake security signage to post around your property, to fool those potential burglars. After all, a fake security sign and sticker is certainly better than none at all.

Do Fake Security Signs and Stickers Really Work? Cons of Home Security Signs?

While you put fake security signs and graphics for your house, yard, and depot, you have doubts like “are fake security signs effective?”

No doubt that faking out burglars with replica signs and stickers is cheap, and far less time-consuming. But, do security signs deter burglars and break-ins? I’m afraid they are not always as effective as you hoped they would be. Fake security signs retailers are trying to make a false impression to you that fake surveillance warning signs and stickers can replace a security camera system to scare off potential thieves. The fact turns out not. I’ve summed up several risks of using security signs:

Risk 1: Fake Security Signage Fails to Fool Savvy Burglars

Adding a fake security sign or some fake security placards and decals to your home may scale off an unsophisticated burglar, but bad guys who are savvier will probably see right through them. The best idea is to use security signs along with home security camera systems.

Analog Camera System

Risk 2: Fake Signs and Stickers Give Homeowners a False Sense of Security

False sense of security makes you less likely to take other more effective measures. With a fake security sign in the front yard, you may be less likely to secure the garage door at night or even lock the front door. And you may neglect locking those windows as a result, when you think that the replica security sticker on the window will keep burglars at bay.

If you do decide to use fake security signs and stickers, do not let it lull you into a false sense of security. Continue to take the common sense security steps you had been using, and do not rely on the security decals alone to protect your home and family.

More Common-Sense Security Tips:

Risk 3: Fake Home Security Signs may Force You into Legal Trouble

There is another drawback to using fake security signs – one that many homeowners fail to recognize. Many of the most popular security companies, including most of the heavy hitters in the industry, prohibit the use of fake signs. Those companies hold copyrights on their logos and the materials that use them, so you could find yourself in legal trouble just for posting a fake sign in your yard.

You could get around this by purchasing a sign advertising a fictitious home monitoring company, and that strategy can be effective. Even so, a savvy criminal may simply Google the name of your purported home monitor, find it is fake and victimize you anywhere.

Risk 4: Fake Security Signs Do Nothing When Someone Intrudes

Another often overlooked risk of using a fake security sign is that nothing will actually happen if someone does break into your home. If the burglar recognizes your security sign as a fake or simply chooses to ignore it, there will be no home monitoring company to assess the situation or call the police. You will be on your own, and by the time someone calls the cops the bad guys could be long gone.

What about Fake Security Cameras?

Some homeowners take the extra step of adding lookalike security cameras to their list of perimeter defenses. They place a few fake security signs in the yard, plaster fake security stickers in every window and follow it up by adding fake security cameras above the entry door and at strategic places around the property.

Those homeowners may think that their fake security cameras are serving as a deterrent, but that may not be the case. Many cheap replica cameras look fake – they may fool a burglar from a distance but they will not stand up to closer scrutiny. If you truly want to protect your home with security cameras, do yourself a favor and opt for the real thing.

Now, It’s Your Decision

Keeping your home and your property safe is your number-one responsibility, and it is not one to be taken lightly. Real security can only be realized using real security deterrent, and this can be a high-quality home security camera.

A home with security cameras is turned out to be 3 times less likely to be targeted than that without a security system. Burglars and those who are intent on home break-ins keep away from security cameras and home surveillance systems. They know that being caught on tape can lead to identification and conviction, and they may not be willing to take a chance on a home with a robust surveillance system.

Good news is, the cost of home surveillance systems and wireless security cameras is dropping every day, making these devices affordable for many average homeowners. And handy tips are also available to help you save money when buying a security camera.

Simply adding a wireless security camera, or a PoE IP camera (Check in the professional security camera store), which are DIY types, can help save a large sum of installation cost. Or you keep following ZOSI to join giveaway activities and win the latest special offers of security cameras (systems).

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