Can Parents Put Security Cameras in Children’s Room — It Highly Depends on Specific Cases

Recently we got bumped by a lot of OPs on forums, who were asking the questions like ”Can my parents put a camera in my bedroom? Is it illegal to put a camera in my son or daughter’s room?”

So we decide to write a specific post to provide the detailed answers to whether it’s legal for parents to install CCTV security cameras in children’s room.

Today’s Topics (Welcome to Join in the Discussion):
#1. Can My Parents Install a Security Camera in My Bedroom
#2. What Should I Do If My Parents Put a Camera in My Room
#3. Can You (As a Parent) Install Security Cameras in Your Child’s Room

#1. Can My Parents Put a CCTV Camera in My Room

Whether it’s legal for your parents to put a security camera in your room depends on the individual circumstance.

1. Cases When It’s Legal for Parents to Put a Camera in Children’s Room
2. Circumstances When It’s Illegal for Parents to Install a Camera in a Kid’s Room

Yes, it’s legal for a father or mother to put a CCTV camera in a child’s room in the below circumstances:

1. If children are under 18 or underage, they are considered as minor and dependents and hence they don’t enjoy elaborate privacy laws. So parents have the rights to install the cameras in any rooms they like, except bathrooms, toilets, changing room, etc.

So if you are in the same shoes as the teenager, who asked a questions on Quora① if his or her parents could install a security camera in the bedroom, the answer is ”Yes”.

2. It’s legal for parents to install baby monitors to keep tabs on their infants or kids (typically under the age of 4) in their bedrooms, in the living room, kitchen, etc.

3. It’s legal for a parent to use nanny cams to see whether their kids are being well taken care of by the babysitter with the consent of the babysitter. Please mark that laws have strict rules on audio recording. No one can record audio without the consent of the person being recorded.

4. It’s legal for parents to install security cameras in their own house, including children’s room, kitchen for the legitimate reasons.

For example, if a child is mentally or physically disabled, or seriously ill (such as autism, depression, etc.), his or her parents or guardians have the legal rights to install a camera in the kid’s bedroom to keep him or her safe.

So if you are seeking the answer to the question ”Is it illegal for my parents to put a camera in the kitchen room to spy on me”, the answer is ”It’s legal”.

Now check the situations when it’s illegal for parents to put a camera in a child’s room.

No, it’s illegal for parents to install CCTV surveillance cameras in children’s bedroom in the below situations:

1. It would be illegal for parents to install a hidden spy camera in the room of a young adult over 18.

A person over 18 enjoys the elaborate privacy laws. It would be considered as invasion of privacy to put a camera in an adult’s personal bedroom.

2. It’s illegal for a parent or guardian to place a camera in the bathroom, toilet, changing room, etc. to spy on a kid. It’s an invasion of privacy and can be considered as a prosecutable and punishable felony.

If you have the same question as the Quora OP②, the answer is ”No”.

3. Under no circumstance should parents photograph children undressed using hidden cameras.
Also, your neighbors, roommates, landlord cannot install security cameras in any areas that a person has the reasons to privacy, typically including the below places:

• Restrooms
• Other people’s homes
• Dressing rooms
• Other areas that related to personal privacy

#2. What to Do If Your Parents Install Security Cameras in Your Bedroom

If you find out there is a hidden camera put in your bedroom by your parents, don’t get angry. There would be some specific reasons why your parents do this.
Reason typically include:

• Your parents would like to ensure that you are doing your homework instead of watching TV or playing computer games.

• Your mother & father might suspect you are taking drugs, smoking or doing something they consider dangerous.

• Your parents just want to make sure that you are safe.

• Bad parents (hope you are not in this case) may record their children for illegal reasons (such as child pornography).

You can take the blow helpful ways to deal with the problem.

1. Talk to your parents. You can tell them how you feel when being spied by a camera in the corner. For example, you can say that you are just feeling quite stressed when in a surveillance environment, and request them to remove the camera.

And if your parents install the camera to check if you are doing homework instead of doing anything improper, you can make a promise that you’ll finish your homework on time, and will not do anything dangerous. Sign a guarantee if necessary.

Your parents would be happy to take the camera away from your bedroom once you are well-behaved.

2. Get your relatives involved. If your parents don’t listen to you, you can ask your grandparents, uncles, aunts and other relatives for help.

Your relatives can talk to your parents and help to persuade your guardians to remove the hidden camera from your room.

3. Get a counsellor. You can speak to a counsellor to get some helpful advice from someone without any connections to your parents. In some cases, you may get a low-cost or even free consultation (depending on where you live).

4. Move to another place. If your parents refuse to take away the camera, you can move to your colleage or an apartment when you are over 18. You can enjoy the full privacy rights in a new place.

In some extreme circumstances, it would be the best choice to run away from those creepy parents who would film their children with illegal reasons.

Hope the above tips have answered your question (like the OPs posted the questions on Reddit③④⑤) on how to deal with the situation when parents put a camera in your room, bathroom, dresssing room, etc.

And if you have any questions or ideas, please share with us in the comment below.

#3. Can You (As a Parent) Install Security Cameras in Your Son or Daughter’s Room

You can check if it’s legal to have video cameras for your child’s bedroom in the Part 1.

As the owner of your house, you have every right to install security cameras in your kitchen, living room, garden, and even your child’s room.

But be cautious when you put a camera in your son or daughter’s room. There would be some consequences.

The Consequences of Installing Hidden Cameras in Your Child’s Room

• It might damage the mutual trust between you and your children. Your son or daughter may feel like he or she isn’t trusted, which will affect your and your child’s relation.

• You might go to jail (in some extreme cases). If you photograph your child undressed, the authority may consider that you are against the laws of unlawful surveillance. You might get arrested for that.

So as a worried parent, who just wants to make sure everything is going right about your child, you can try the below useful tips.

How to Balance a Parent’s Rights and the Child’s Rights to Privacy

1. Take a face-to-face talk. Communication is always one of the best ways to deal with such an issue. You can tell your children you are just caring and loving them so much, and just trying to protect them.

You just want to put a camera in their room to keep things on track.

2. See things from your children’s perspective. If you were your child, you would not want your parents to have a camera to keep tab on you 24/7. So if your children request you to remove the camera, you can ”negotiate” with them to reach a win-win situation.

For example, you can promise that you will not ”spy” on them once they finish the homework on time, and are not addicted to computer games, taking drugs, smoking, etc.

Keep in mind that parents and children always need to communicate in order to avoid unnecessary argument or misunderstanding.

If you have any questions or any insights, please leave them in the comment below! We will feature your ideas in this post!


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