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Zosi Releases The AuroraLux Security Camera Featuring True Color Night Vision

zosi auroralux true color night vision camera C186

Zosi, a provider of intelligent security solutions, is excited to introduce its cutting-edge AuroraLux series featuring the C186 camera with true color night vision. With an F1.0 large aperture, 1/1.8” super sensor, and powerful ISP technology, the AuroraLux camera captures the most delicate details in true color, even in low light conditions.

(Pre-orders for this camera are currently available with a 10% discount in the United States and select European countries.) Customers seeking a security solution for dark areas can pre-order the C186 now on the Zosi official website store.

The Key Parts that Power AuroraLux Technology for True Color Night Vision

Zosi’s C186 camera, equipped with the latest AuroraLux technology, captures nighttime images in authentic color. The camera’s F1.0 aperture, 1/1.8” sensor, and ISP technology enable true color night vision, even in complete darkness.

The C186 camera with an F1.0 large aperture can capture four times more light than cameras with an F2.0 aperture. This feature guarantees that the camera captures clear images in dimly lit areas.

Moreover, the C186 camera is equipped with an advanced 1/1.8” sensor and automatic ISP technology, which offers a 115% sensing area compared to a 1/3” sensor, resulting in more vivid colors in nighttime images.

Zosi’s new AuroraLux technology is the result of combining the three key components mentioned above, enabling Zosi users to monitor their surroundings outside their properties, even without additional lighting.

The AuroraLux Camera: Discreet and Suitable for Dark Areas and Overlapping Security Configurations

The Zosi C186 camera is a discreet security option for front yards, porches, and other dimly lit areas around properties, thanks to its ColorX technology and dimmable 3000K warm light.

Home and small business owners can effectively enhance their existing security setup with the Zosi C186 camera. Adding the AuroraLux camera to their surveillance system can create an overlapping security setup and provide an extra layer of protection for their property.

Zosi AuroraLux C186 Camera Features:

5MP AuroraLux Security Camera - C186

  • 3K/5MP Super HD
  • AuroraLux True Color Night Vision
  • 3000K Neighbor-Friendly Warm Light
  • Smart Person/Vehicle Detection
  • Light & Siren Deterrence
  • Two-Way Audio Talk
  • 128GB SD & PoE NVR
  • IP66 Waterproof Design

To learn more about Zosi’s true color night vision technology and AuroraLux camera, please visit the Zosi official website store.

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