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Using IP Camera Scan Download and Connect ZOSI Smart App?

This post includes 6 parts as below.

Part I. IP Camera Connection Diagram

Part II. Personal Account Registration

Part III. Add Device to ZOSI App

Part IV. Change Device Password

Part V. Switch Wired Connection to Wireless Connection

Part VI. App Function Introduction

Before that, Scan the QR code as below to download the ZOSI Smart App.



I. IP Camera Connection Diagram 

For the first time to connect, you need to connect the camera to the router’s LAN port using a network cable. Then follow the diagram below to connect.






II. Personal Account Registration

The following instructions are for the Android APP; instructions for the iOS version are slightly different.

1.  Open Zosi Smart APP. (The APP can be downloaded by scanning the QR Code shown at the very beginning of this post.
2. Click “Register” at the bottom of the interface to register your APP account.
3. Enter your e-mail address and your password.  Click “Get Validation Code ” to get the validation code from your E-mail. Then click “Register‘ to complete the registration process.
Note: Please login your email in advance to get the validation code timely.

III. Add Device to ZOSI App

1. Connect the device with power adapter(12V-1A). Also, connect the device with the wireless router through internet cable, so the device will be in LAN automatically.
2. Login Zosi Smart APP, clicking the “+” upper right corner of the interface to add the device.
3. Select device type “IP Camera” and pick Smart Camera C199. (In this post, we will take ZOSI IP camera C199 as a reference.)




4. Scan the QR code pasted on the device.
5. After filling the required information, click “Next”.

Note: New password is defaulted to “admin“.






6. The device will be connected automatically.  Once ‘Connected Successfully ’ shows up,  click “Add Device“.

Congratulation! The IP Camera connection with the ZOSI App is done successfully now.




IV. Change Device Password

1. Return back to device list, choose the device to go to preview interface.

2. A hint window will show up to remind you to enter a new password. Click OK to continue.

3. Enter the old password(admin) and the new password.

(1) The password can be set by personal preference. Special symbols are forbidden, such as:,.@%
(2) If forget the modified password, please long press the reset button to add the device again.
(3) The device can be used normally after setting a new password.




V. Switch Wired Connection to Wireless Connection  

  1.  Click   in the upper right corner of the interface to enter into device settings.
  2. Choose “WiFi Settings“, and set wireless functionality on the device.



3. Choose the wireless network needed, and input the WiFi Password.

4. Click “Confirm” to complete the process of switch wired connection to wireless connection.





VI. App Function Introduction

1.How to share the added device with family

(1) Click in the upper right corner in preview interface to enter “Device Settings“.

(2) Click “Share Device”.




(3) Select “Invite via QR Code”, and show the QR Code to your families to make them scan it.

Or select “Manually invite”, and input families’ account which was already registered successfully before. ( For account registration, please refers to Part II Personal Account Registration.)

2.Device Information


Intercom: two-way audio which allows you to talk to your family.

Record: click to start recording or stop recording(video recorded can be searched in “Media” below device list).

ScreenShot: click to start screen capture(captures can be searched in “Media” below device list).

Playback: click to view the motion detection video and other video recorded by the camera.





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