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CCTV Camera Types, Features, Uses, Price & Best Picks

CCTV Camera Types, Features, Uses, Price & Best Picks

CCTV camera types evolve very fast to meet your every possible security need in all situations:

No WiFi, No power, No cable, front door, backyard, garden, garage, driveway, you name it.

But at the same time, you may get lost in the endless types of CCTV camera.

We all know the importance to select the right CCTV camera type for the right application and location.

So what’s the best security camera type for home security? Which one should I choose to watch my pets, the livestock or the nanny? What’s best type of security camera for outdoors and indoors?

Today, let’s look into 7 major CCTV camera types, their specifications, uses and prices, and find the best one for you among different security camera types!

CCTV Camera Types List

Note: The above CCTV camera types only touch the IP camera world and leave out the old analog cameras, given that everyone favors IP cameras today for their affordable prices, features and easy setup. IP cameras mainly use security camera wire types of Cat5 or Cat6, or even NO wires at all.

Almost all CCTV camera types from top security camera brands are capable of HD recording (1080p, 4MP or 5MP), remote access, IR night vision, motion detection and sending push notifications via phone.

And some of them, like ZOSI, don’t force you into the cloud storage for extra fees.

Battery Powered Cameras

I put this wireless CCTV camera type top of the list simply because if you don’t know it, you will lose big.

Actually, this security camera type is catching more attention over the recent years for big reasons:

Its setup is no-brainer.

The battery powered innovative design just sets us free from the wring labor! There will be no wire for power, and no wire for data transmission. After putting in all the batteries, the camera is ready to work.

And you don’t need to worry about its battery life. Typically, the battery could last for 4 to 6 months per charge. Or if you want to save the trouble of recharging, a solar panel comes as a handy solution for many battery CCTV camera types to get non-stop power.

And the battery powered security camera type is highly portable!

Think about it. You can place and move the security camera wherever you like, from the baby’s room to the living room or outside your home. So you can always have security wherever you need it most.

Note: The battery powered CCTV camera type is designed for motion detection only and is not capable of 24/7 recording, in order to save its battery life. That’s to say, it will wake up and start to record in a second if anything happens. So when you check the recordings, you’ll only find the event that matters.

Another great design of this CCTV camera type is that they usually come with PIR motion sensor, which is more sensitive to human or animal movements and reduces natural false alarms.

CCTV camera sensor types How does it work
Software motion sensor Compare images and counting the number of different pixels
PIR motion sensor Compare the previous temperature with the new state

PTZ Security Cameras

PTZ security camera is one of the most popular CCTV camera types for home security.

So what are PTZ security cameras? What’s the benefit of this security camera type?

Simply put, PTZ security cameras, also called speed dome cameras, allow you to control the camera pan, tilt and zoom functions remotely via certain surveillance software, like the free ZOSI client.

That’s to say, a PTZ camera has a much larger field of view with typically 90° tilt and 360° pan, and can see far-away objects clearly by zooming in, like the plate number 40 feet away.

And the PTZ function makes this CCTV camera type ideal for outdoors for a full coverage of the backyard, the front door, the garden, the garage, the driveway, etc. You are also free to place it at high positions, like the 3rd floor patio, since you can always zoom in for details.

Attention: Some security camera types advertise themselves with ”manually pan” function. That’s a cheat. You’ll need to adjust it by hand. Real PTZ IP cameras can be set to pan back and forth on a timer.

And PTZ cameras are usually larger (5 inches long) and a little bit higher priced than other types, since they come with more features. And a quality PTZ camera price starts from about $200.

Bullet CCTV Cameras

Bullet security cameras are the most common CCTV camera type that you can normally see on the street, the supermarket, and the neighborhood.

They get the name for their rifle bullet shape, and are also known as lipstick cameras.

The CCTV camera bullet type usually has a strong point for certain spaces, with a viewing angle of about 80° horizontally and 40° vertically. And they are not able to pan or tilt unless you adjust it yourself.

Generally, the bullet CCTV camera type is small, which could be 2.5 to 3 inches long decided by the CCTV camera lens types. So they are easier to hide and are less noticeable if you place it properly.

For example, the bullet cameras with fixed lens are usually smaller than those with zoom lens.

The bullet type of security camera is ideal to be used both outdoors and indoors, and mounted on the walls or ceilings. Additionally, the camera usually has strong water-proof aluminum housing, and all the components are well protected inside for the bullet shape. So there’s no afraid of harsh weather.

Dome IP Cameras

Dome IP camera, as the name suggests, is a type of CCTV camera with a dome cover.

The biggest advantage of this CCTV camera type is that dome cameras are rather deceptive on where they are looking at. You can never tell by looking at it in distance.

However, the dome security camera type does have a fixed viewing angle like 100° just as the bullet cameras, instead of offering you a panoramic and distorted view.

And vandalism may be a prominent worry for this CCTV camera type, with a seemly fragile plastic cover.

What if this CCTV camera type for home catches the burglars’ eye and gets destroyed?

No worries! Get an IK10 rated dome security camera if this really bothers you. They can remain intact against a 10Kg object dropped from 40cm!

Wireless Security Cameras

This CCTV camera type is somewhat misleading to be called “wireless”.

Actually, the wireless CCTV camera type only sends data wirelessly and it still needs a cable for power supply, which set it apart from the truly wire-free CCTV camera types.

However, this type of security camera is still easy to hook up with only one power cable to deal with compared with the traditional analog cameras.

If you are not sure about whether the wireless CCTV camera type will work in a certain location, a good idea is to check it with your smartphone.

CCTV Camera Types, Which One to Choose

There is no winner of the different CCTV camera types. And the best security camera is all about your application and location.

Here is a security camera type comparison to review all the essentials above, which may help you make a quick decision.

Cameras Cable types Lens Advantages Uses
PTZ camera Cat5/6 or power cable Fixed/zoom Pan, tilt & zoom Outdoor open areas & higher locations
Wireless cameras Power cable Fixed/zoom Only one cable, easy to install Indoor & outdoors
Bullet camera Cat5/6 or power cable Fixed/zoom Smaller, easy to hide Indoors & Outdoors
Dome camera Cat5/6 or power cable Fixed/zoom Deceptive viewing angle Indoors & Outdoors
Battery camera No cable Fixed Portable, easy to install Indoors & Outdoors
4G camera No cable Fixed Portable, No WiFi Remote shed, wild, dock, boat, RV, etc.

If you are still confused about the various security camera types for homes, the security camera cable types, or certain security camera type and use, you may check the solution finder or simply leave a comment down below and get quick professional answers!

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