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Best Business Security Cameras — Don’t Miss Your Perfect Choice

We did a detailed research and interviewed a lot of experts in security camera field, and finally summarized this killer guide to help you buy the best business security cameras and systems.

You can get the most suitable commercial security cameras customized for your big and small business with or without Internet access, and learn the essential details when installing the IP cameras.

Part 1. Best Security Cameras for Your Business
Part 2. Business Security Camera Installation Details
Part 3. Business Security Camera Surveillance & Privacy

Part 1. Best Business Security Cameras & Systems — Outdoor & Indoor, Wireless & PoE Types

No matter what types of commercial CCTV surveillance cameras you want, WiFi cameras or PoE types, you’ll get the best one within minutes.

1. Security Cameras for Your Small Business
2. Surveillance Cameras for Your Big Business
3. Security Cameras for Your Business Without Internet (Even No Power)

1. Buy Security Cameras for Small Business? Try PTZ IP Cameras or 4CH Security Camera Systems

If you want to buy a commercial outdoor & indoor security camera for your small business, such as a convenience store, a small farm, warehouse, tattoo shop, etc. standalone PTZ security cameras or 4CH security camera systems are nice options.

A wired or wireless PTZ commercial video security camera can monitor a wide range of your small business, with its endless pan and tilt function.

Preset and patrol are the unique features of PTZ business security cameras. The pan-tilt-zoom security cameras will only monitor the presets and cruise routes you want, so you can only check the positions you prefer.

A single PTZ security camera can work as multiple fixed security cameras, so you can save your budget. If you want to get local video storage, you can add an NVR later.

You can take a look at the ZND350W2 PTZ commercial-grade HD security camera. The smooth and high-speed pan and tilt function enable you to check the whole area of your small company or enterprise. If you want a commercial video surveillance camera with excellent night vision, try this one.

With a 190ft long-range night vision, you can identify people’s faces, license plates and other details from a long distance. Such clear security camera video footages play an extremely important part if any crimes happen.

You can watch the below video to see the powerful pan tilt zoom function of the ZND350W2 outdoor business security camera.

A 4-channel wired or wireless outdoor commercial security camera system is also a nice bet for your small business. The security camera system package typically include 2 or 4 cameras for covering multiple areas, and 1 NVR for video storage or data backup.

You can check multiple rooms or areas on your smartphone or PC at the same time. The videos will be recorded to the NVR for your later playback. If you own a small business, like a small workshop, office, or a food truck, a 4-channel business CCTV security camera system is enough to cover the essential areas.

4 channel business security camera systems, especially the wireless type, can reach the most ideal balance between the image resolution, the network and the storage space. You don’t need to sacrifice the camera definition for recording more videos.

2. Purchase Best Commercial Security Cameras for Big Business? Pick 8CH or 16CH Security Camera Systems

If you own a big business, such as a 4000sf office, 8CH or 16CH business wired or wireless HD security camera systems are good choices for you.

For an 8-channel commercial IP security camera system, you can add up to 8 cameras at the same time. You can access all of the camera simultaneously. The NVR can help you store the videos so that you can check what happened during your absence.

Here is a complete guide to help you buy the best 8 channel security camera systems for your business.

16 channel business CCTV security camera systems, with 16 ports, enable you to add up to 16 cameras. You large company or enterprise will be covered only with a single commercial CCTV security camera system.

With such versatile business security camera systems installed in your commercial buildings, you can check whether everything is alright by a tap on your smartphone, and get instant alerts if any dangers happen.

3. Get Commercial Security Cameras for Business Without Internet? 3 Options for You

If you want to monitor your big or small business without Internet access, such as construction sites, remote farms, you can try the below top 3 business security camera & system options.

• Complete security camera systems: You can still get 24/7 video surveillance for your business even without WiFi or Internet access. The cameras will connect to the NVR with their proprietary network after powering the devices.

• Standalone security cameras with SD card: Such commercial CCTV security cameras can record the videos when there are motion events. The business security cameras with SD card and audio even can offer you sound & video recording even without available network.

You can buy the above commercial CCTV security cameras and systems in United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy,and Australia, etc. on the security camera online store. You can get the best tech support and best after-sales.

As you may notice, some business security cameras installed in the stores shoot poor quality pictures instead of HD images. The reason lies in that those store owners may still opt to the old-styled analog CCTV cameras.

This type of cheap and old-fashioned business security camera systems typically only offers 720p or 1080p resolution. In order to be able to store more videos, lower-quality filming is normally the most efficient and cheapest way.

That’s the main reason why a lot of security cameras capture blurry images. Besides the trade-off between the video storage and the image definition, the installation environment will also affect the image quality.

When there is no sufficient light around, those traditional CCTV surveillance cameras would not be able to offer clear images, since the sensors in these business security cameras cannot adjust the lights entering into the lens when in dark conditions.

With the advanced technology on security cameras and systems, most night vision security cameras use infrared technology and produce superior images even in utter darkness.

The mature infrared technology makes the security cameras affordable for everyone. You can buy these high-quality IP security cameras for both commercial and home use, without going bankruptcy (just kidding).

In term of reaching the balance of video storage space and image resolution, advanced security camera companies, like ZOSI, keep developing the video compression method and aim to provide clear videos without compromising the storage space too much.

Take the above recommended security cameras and systems as examples. These business security cameras uses H.264 to encode the videos and store the videos in the NVR or other local storage platforms.

Best commercial security cameras with H.264 codecs will not eat up too much storage space, and still offer you clear images. This type of big and small business security cameras can adjust the video streaming based on your network speed, so you can still get fluent live streaming even in bad network condition.

Before you decide what security cameras to go for, you can read some business security camera & system reviews, such as VueVille, NetworkCamera.Reviews, and etc. to check how professional tech editors rated the cameras and systems.

Part 2. Business Security Camera & System Installation Details: Costs & Placement

After you’ve purchased the best big and small business security cameras, the next step is to install them.

If you want to hire a company to do the installation job, the security camera installation fees would be a great budget.

Typically, the 3-4 CCTV outdoor security camera system full setup and installation costs around $1,000, including security camera installation labor cost, while 8 security camera system installation fees may cost $3000-$4000.

That’s why those DIY plug-and-play commercial quality security cameras are a better option (just as recommended in Part 1). You don’t need to spend extra fees on hiring installation companies, which saves your budget greatly.

When installing CCTV security cameras for your business buildings, remember to cover the below essential points, so that you can check everyone, including your employees and visitors, going in and out of your company, and make sure everything goes right.

• The entrances & exits
• The reception areas
• Workplace areas where your employee work
• The supply and storage rooms
• Warehouses
• Parking lots & back alleys
• Other public areas

Please be aware of that business security camera privacy laws only allow video surveillance in the authorized and public areas, and audio recording sometimes is even not allowed.

Avoid installing obvious or hidden business security cameras in the below areas:

• Restrooms
• Dressing rooms
• Locker rooms
• Other areas that are related to personal privacy

There are many benefits of installing CCTV cameras in business, including preventing internal and external

theft, providing evidence if a crime happens, etc. However, laws would have strict legislation on commercial security camera installation.

Part 3. Business Security Cameras Surveillance & Privacy: What You Need to Know

As privacy violation causes the main concern for installing commercial PoE & WiFi security cameras, federal and state laws have strict laws on the placement of surveillance cameras.

As mentioned above, any areas that related to employees’ privacy are NOT allowed to be installed CCTV cameras.

Some state laws even make it illegal to record audio. That’s the reason why a lot of commercial CCTV cameras for sale often lack of audio. You can click here to get a summary of each state’s audio recording laws.

Some of you may ask how long I should keep the video recording. There is no standard length of time that video recordings must be maintained.

However, a retention time of 31 days has commonly been used for most CCTV surveillance applications, and is recommended by the police.

In the event of a crime, such as a break-in or burglary, the video footage may provide valuable clues for the police to investigate the case. The police can review the videos prior to the event and the event itself to get more useful information to catch the bad guy.

If you have any questions about business security cameras, please leave them in the comment below. We are always here to help!

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